JANNE HELANDER STAR WARS is published by Serieförlaget/Egmont Kärnan AB.
Editor, translator and letterer: Janne Helander.
Snail-Mail: STAR WARS, Box 70 272, 107 22 Stockholm (Sweden)

PressData, who handles the subscriptions for all the Egmont books, does not accept any new subscription orders for STAR WARS at present. Those who already are subscribers, however, will still receive the book until the subscription expires. For other subscription queries and address changes, contact PressData.
Snail-Mail: PressData, Box 3263, 103 65 Stockholm (Sweden)
Phone: 08-799 63 05 (within Sweden)
Fax: 08-98 45 72 (within Sweden)

If you still want the book sent to you by mail, you can subscribe to it via a comic shop. I would recommend Comics Heaven in Stockholm.
Phone: 08-20 25 16 (within Sweden)

Make sure that you ask for the Swedish STAR WARS comic book in order to avoid any misunderstandings.