Last update: 3 March 2006
Rebel blaster

This project is still not finished but this page will be updated when things develop.

Things on my to-do-list:

  • Backpack
  • New stuff for the bandolier
  • Redesign this page...


All parts of the helmet are custom made. The "metal" shape around the head was made by vacuum forming plastic around a mold. Measurements and description found here.
The earcups was made by heating 2 mm plastic and pressing it by hand over the ear cup mold.
The weathering (scratches) was done by simply spraying the first 2-3 layers with silver paint and black paint before doing the green. When it dried up a little I simply scraped the green layer with a knife.
The soft part of the helmet was actually done from a baby hat pattern scaled up!
Have recoloured my helmet to look more like the movie version.
The Rebel patch is of course my own idea and never seen in the film. The patch was weathered with ash.
New pouch found for the belt. As far as I know it's not one of the models used in the film but I think the style fits.



Added a new detail to my bandolier. This light came with the M16 - A4 Soft Air Gun I use to make my blaster. Repainted and attached to the bandolier. It's possible to slide it of the thing that it's mounted on so that you can carry it in your hand. But since it will rest on the back of my shoulder it's far cooler to just tug the bandolier and make it sit on top of the shoulder, Predator style... :-)



Old spats
Spats was a pair of cover all legs cut off and redesigned. Problem with those were that they kept sagging and going under the heel of my boot.
New spat prototype 1
New spats
The new ones are sewn with material from an old military sack (left picture). Click for pattern (PDF-file 0,5 Mb, last version 1 March 2006).
New spats top view
Note that they are designed as a right and a left leg so that the overlap is allways going on the outside of the leg.
Israeli Army Desert boots straight from Israel. Cartridges made from wood.


Picture of the actual prop used in ROTJ.
This is what my gun look like before the modifications.
The barrel have been cleared from sight and grip, the rest of the original barrel is still kept inside the white tube to ensure that the gun will still be operational. In this picture you can see the unpainted: main barrel, top barrel, new sight, under-grip and parts of the forward mag.
Some painting done! Nothing is attached yet, just placed on it's app. position.
The parts has been attached and a "flash supressor" and a "single point scope" are started. The ribbed part under the main barrel is a piece of rubber tubing, will be replaced with wood later on.
Shoulder pad on the T-stock done, painted and added. New Flash supressor done (not attached yet). Some painting on the rest of the gun done too.
No big changes. Attached the flash-thing, started on the stock-add on-thing. And added a laser (inside the ribbed part under the main barrel)!
Red dot on white armour seems to work...

Most of the details are done now. A lot of the stuff on top of the blaster are not attached yet and they also need some paint. The Single Point scope will have to wait, tube version will do for now.
Done! For now at least. Still missing a real Single Point scope, sling and attachment rings for the sling, wooden ribbed undergrip plus some other details I want to redo.

Modifications done so far:

  • Mag removed
  • Barrel grip removed
  • Sight sawn of (plus some extra sanding)
  • Stock sliding part removed (pull the adjustment screw with a plier and slide it off)
  • Upper handle sawn off
  • Piece of plastic glued on to cover text that says "...Air Gun."-something
  • 32 mm pipe attached
  • 15 mm copper pipe attached
  • Made extra mag of two plastic sheets and a piece of wood between
  • Under-grip is a pice of plastic bent and glued around half a piece of 32 mm pipe
  • Ribbed grip is a rubber tube cut open on top
  • Sight is pice of plastic cut to shape and bent around the barrel tip
  • Shoulder pad on T-stock made out of wood and a plastic sheet on each side
  • Flash supressor done with 15 mm copper tube plus 16 mm plastic tube
  • Laser added inside the ribbed tube under the main barrel
  • T-shaped maount on top of the gun
  • Made scope and grebblies