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        Är Rammstein Nazister?


  SVAR: Nej, Rammstein är inte nazister. Läs detta taget från tidningen
      ”Hit Parader”:
Unfortunately, considering the band's staunch approach, and their reliance on both German language and heritage to inspire their music, the haunting images of their nation's war-like past have followed Rammstein around virtually from day one. Even the German media has set out to uncover the true meanings behind some of Rammstein's more controversial and mysterious songs- with no evidence what-so-ever of oft-rumoured Nazi-leanings ever even showing up. The band's members themselves are as confounded as anyone as to where these obviously false allegations first started. Some believe it may have to do with the cover art of their 1995 debut disc, Herzeleid, where the six shirtless, well-toned band members come across as poster boys for some new "master race." Other group members insist it's just the German media doing their best to cause trouble.

"It has been so silly," Flake explained. "That was just a photo of us- not some political statement! The German media sometimes gets carried away with such things. There was even one critic who said that the way Till rolls his 'r's' when he sings is supposed to mimic the way that Hitler used to speak! How silly can they get? We've never written a political song in our life, and we probably never will. It's just reverse discrimination because we are German. Kraftwerk had the same thing happen to them twenty years ago. If we were Spanish or Dutch, there would be no problem."


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