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This is me and my Dnepr MT-11, Fidelma. She's a 1990 MT-11. I have a K750 tank on her, AVON tyres, K68 carbs a two-into-two exhaust and a Type III Electronic Ignition. She runs sweet and hums along nicely at 80-90 Km/h - perfect for the backroads. She's called Fidelma because she was a Cuban export bike to begin with that never made it to Cuba (she has a Spanish ID plate).

After over two years learning the ropes with this bike it is now reliable. It took this long because I had absolutely no mechanical abilities when I got the bike. Now I can tune it up, remove the heads, adjust the valves, set the timing, and pretty much anything else that is ever required. That's why I bought the bike - I wanted to learn. It has worked as planned!

Here is a picture of the bike just after I got it and installed the K750 tank. I ran it as a solo for a while, and it handled fine. I even bought a 3.89 Final Drive for it to replace the 4.62 Final Drive that is standard on the Dnepr MT-11. The 3.89 gave me a higher top speed (around 110 Km/h) but I decided to go back to the hack (sidecar) because it is so much fun....

I've had some great fun messing with this bike. I've repainted it twice - from black to green to black - and I might paint it again. They are very easy to paint - tank, mudguards and hack tub. seven rattle cans and you've got a new bike.... Next time I'll paint it grey or a proper OD green.

The K63T carbs that were on the bike, along with the throttle cables, were crap. Rough idle, no fixed mixture setting and generally poor running. The K68 cars (seen below) cost around €80 ($100) and sorted those problems out, once I got some new throttle cables.

The bike has holed a piston once, but that was because of the old carbs, bad mixutre, loose airtubes and incorrectly set timing. That'll do it every time... I've spent a lot of time 'messing' with the bike and getting to know it.

Right now, and for the last 600Km+ she's been running real sweet....

If you have any questions, and I know the answer, I'll gladly help... just click and type...