The Diezel Smelling Aftershock will be limited to 300 copies and are handnumbered.You will also get with it : Signed poster , a cool  sticker and  guitarpick.

Diezel Package 3 track EP

it's time to order ''A Diezel Smelling Aftershock''









This EP contains 3 tracks: King of Doom  ,  A Pork Named Jack  , Speedhead ( 2014)

Recorded at IF Studios with highly acclaimed producer Roberto Laghi ( In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch etc ) & mixed by Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg/Sweden.

Some great reviews on their comeback album ''Boogie from Hell''. You can order this awesome album by clicking on the title above.

 Reviews on Boogie from Hell:

Rocktribune (Belgium) 85 out 100

RockHard (Germany)  9.5 out 10 (Germany) 14 out 15

Lords of Metal Ezine (Hol) 82 out 100

Wings of Death Ezine (Hol) 85 out 100

Swedish Magazines

Close Up Magazine  9 out 10
Sweden Rock Magazine  7 out 10
Rocknytt Webzine  7 out 10
Artrock Webzine 9 out 10


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Boogie-Metal combo Transport League from Gothenburg-Sweden are releasing a EP named “ A Diezel Smelling Aftershock” on February 10th 2014 !