1973 164 front end with 240 framework, 1987 240 doors, 1984- 240 side turn signal lamps, 1986- 240 rear door exterior, windshield trim moulding, external mirrors, steering column/wheel, mudflaps, 1984 245 Turbo leather interior, rear mounted battery, 1981- 245 taillights, 1999 S80 front emblem (!), 1991- 240 windshield.
Interior, August 2001.
Volvo 960 B6304F DOHC 24 valve six cylinder inline, 2.922 l, 204 hp/267 Nm DIN. Bosch Motronic 1.8 fuel injection system, direct ignition system, all alloy, 182 kg.
Engine bay thumbnail, 20030315
Volvo 960 AW 30-43 LE four speed automatic with lockup, electronically controlled and synchronized with engine control system. Custom designed "black box" performing speed signal conversions for engine, transmission, cruise and speedometer.

Rear suspension (240 live axle): 1031 3.73:1 differential, 940 speedometer sensor, 21 mm sway bar, lowering springs, Sachs gas shocks, Volvo 20 mm spacers

Front suspension (240 McPherson): Volvo R-sport shocks, 23 mm sway bar, lowering springs

Brake system: 240 262 mm ventilated front rotors, 240 master cylinder, Girling 1:4 brake booster, Girling front calipers, ATE rear calipers

AC system: semi automatic electronic temperature control, 240 -1990 evaporator/expansion valve/heater valve, 740 condenser/accumulator, 960 compressor, R134a refrigerant

Weight/distribution: 1580 kg with full gas tank, 49.4/50.6% front/rear axle

Wheel base: 2.74 m

Tracking front/rear: 1420/1390 mm (1975 164 25 mm offset rims)

AC, power steering, power seats with driver's side three position memory, all keyless alarm/lock (including gas filling hatch)/go system, cruise control, power windows front/rear, heated seats, leather interior, rear headrests, external temperature gauge, electrically controlled/heated mirrors, headlight wash/wipers, automatic headlights, cargo cover, cargo protection guard, delayed interior dome light shutoff, front center arm rest with front/rear cup holders.
How fast?

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62.5 mph) <8.3 seconds, measurement performed with G sensor, start at idle rpm. (Volvo 960 record by manufacturer: 9.1 seconds)

Top speed >200 km/h (125 mph)

Fuel consumption average 1.18 l/10 km (calculated exact figure, equals 19.9 miles/gallon), approx highway 1.0-1.1 l/10 km, town 1.3-1.4 l/10 km

January 2000January 2000January 2000January 2000January 2000Volvo 960 B6304F/AW 30-43LE drivetrain. Picture by Volvo.Volvo 164 B30A engine. Picture by Volvo.Engine bay of the original 145, equipped with power steering. July 1998.1971 VW 1600E, the by far most weird car I've ever owned. And by quality means the worst - but you were never bored in that car. March 1996.Low mileage 1600..? No, just the odometer of the VW after its second turn. Anyone spotting similarities to the new VW Polo/Lupo instrument cluster, btw? March 1996.Start learning complex things early and you'll develop great skills... The car is my 121 and the little feller is me. I did not drive the car, however. 1977.Original interior of the 121. Winter 1986.The 121 before beginning restoration. Winter 1986.Volvo S40 BTCC replica at a local carneval. Spring 1996.Rear side window of the BTCC replica. That driver suffered no lack of self confidence. Roughly translated: Who the h*ll is Rydell, regarding former swedish BTCC S40 driver Rickard Rydell.Volvo states the S80 will be available with 4WD in 2002. I caught this one through my windscreen during the autumn of 1999.
August 2001