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2015-05-19: www.tinbrooketales.com moving to www.tinbrooketales.se"

Going native with the URL: www.tinbrooketales.se
The domain name provider for the ".com" suddenly wanted extra money for the DNS service.
(they kindly announced this the day after the .com was paid for another year and if you donīt pay the DNS bill
the ".com" will be parked a month from now.... f**k em... :) )

2014-10-23: Premiere! The music video "In memory of ghosts"

A sparetime project based around learning the open source program Blender ended up with
this little beauty. Hope you like it. :)

2010-03-04: Listen to Helena Josefsson!

She is one of those people that will change the world in the future by just being herself!

Helena Josefsson


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