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  • More Angry Breed news: The guys are working on some new material including a vocal version of "Sickle Girl" which you can check out here!

  • A new Angry Breed T-shirt design is now available in the shirt store! Rocky Arachnid cartoon by bitchen cartoonist Shawn Dickinson!



  • Check out the live version of the Surfites doing "Thou Shalt Drag" on the SJ Festival. Looks like Ben and his guys put on a great show!

  • The Surfites will make a special appearance at the 2014 Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Italy! This is an authorized live version of the band consisting of members from great French surf bands Les Agamemnonz and Les Arondes.


  • The Surf Nut EP is now also available in Europe through Goofin' Records and Butterfly Records. And check out a great review from Tiki Magazine!

  • The Surfites/Thunderchiefs 7" split EP Surf Nut! is now out! Order your copy today!

  • The Sounds of Fuzz EP is finally available in the U.S. through Double Crown Records.

  • Check out a YouTube video featuring short sound clips of the two Surfites songs for the upcoming Surf Nut! EP! Record due to be out in April/May.

  • A new split 7" EP in the works, this time it's the Surfites teaming up with one of the best current surf bands around, The Thunderchiefs! Due to be out this spring as a joint label release between Double Crown Records and Wormtone Records.

  • The Sounds of Fuzz EP has got a great review in the new issue of Shindig Magazine. More rave reviews here and here.


  • Check out the new Angry Breed T-shirts! Lots of cool variations to choose from!


  • OUT NOW!! The Angry Breed / Hangee V split Sounds of Fuzz is now out and available to order directly from Surfin'Ki Records! The 4-song 7" EP features two new songs for each band along with some bitchen cover artwork by boss cartoonist Shawn Dickinson.

  • Check out a promo video featuring the song "Sickle Girl" from the upcoming Angry Breed / Hangee V split 7" EP coming September 24th on Surfin'Ki Records!

    The Angry Breed

  • The Surfites' latest 7" have been selected as one of Radio 3 El Sotano's favorite 2011 singles. Check out the show which aired on Spanish national radio.

  • Mad Fabricators Society Volume 6 DVD including some soundtrack music from The Surfites and side project The Royal Vikings is now available.


  • Side project The Angry Breed will be doing a split 45 with Italian fuzz masters The Hangee V!

  • New Surfites 45 out now! Check out this YouTube clip to hear what it sounds like and then get your copy at Double Crown Records!

    Here She Comes Again / Theme For Surfers

  • Second volume Songs The Hideout Taught Us of the GaragePunk comps is now out and includes "Danger Ahead '66" by side project The Angry Breed.

  • First volume in the GaragePunk Hideout comp series including "Surf Reveille" by The Surfites is now out: It Came From The Hideout.

  • A Surfites 45 rpm single coming on Double Crown Records this summer!

  • Check out The Surfites and The Angry Breed at the GaragePunk Hideout.


  • The third volume in the Seasonal Favorites series is now out on Double Crown, including a track from The Surfites as well as a track from one of their side projects, The Excelsiors.

  • The new album The Surfites & Co. is now out and can be ordered directly from Double Crown Records! Check out a review posted at Instrorama A Go-Go.

    Click to order the CD today!

  • The song "Ankle Busters" from The Surfites' upcoming album has been added to their MySpace. Update: 3 more songs added.

  • Check out a promo video for The Surfites' 3rd album The Surfites & Co. due to be out this summer on Double Crown!


  • New album in the works, coming spring 2010 on Double Crown Records!

  • Check out the new Surfites T-shirts! Logo designed by Mike Guerrero of the Thunderchiefs.


  • Yet another review of Escapades in Space, this time by Rock Sound magazine Italy.

  • The Jalopy Journal have posted a blurb on the "Thou Shalt Drag" video.

  • Another review of Escapades in Space can be found at Java's Bachelor Pad.

  • Mad Fabricators Society Volume 5.5 DVD including music by The Surfites is now available for presale orders. Check out a teaser clip on YouTube.


  • Reviews of Escapades in Space can be found at the following websites: The Paisley Umbrella, Instrorama A Go-Go and Reverb Central.

  • Escapades in Space is now also available for purchase from Get Hip, Raucous Records and Soundflat Mailorder.

  • A video of "Space Mover" from the new album can be viewed on YouTube.

  • The new CD is now in stock at Double Crown as well as CD Baby!

  • Escapades in Space is now available for pre-order directly from Double Crown Records!

    Click to order the CD today!

  • Two songs from The Surfites' upcoming album has been added to their MySpace.

  • Hot rod surf comp Wild Ride! including "Thou Shalt Drag" by The Surfites is now out on Go-Kustom Records.

  • The Surfites' upcoming album Escapades in Space is set for an August release!

  • The Surfites are currently working on material for their next album, due to be out this summer on Double Crown Records.


  • The second volume of Seasonal Favorites is now out on Double Crown, including "Saint Nick's AA Fueler" by The Surfites.

  • A video of "Thou Shalt Drag" is now up on YouTube.

  • New contest! Enter today and win two various artists CD compilations, both including a track each from The Surfites.

  • According to the record label, sales are going very well and the Big Pounder CD is already one of their biggest sellers in recent years!

  • The Surfites' Big Pounder CD is now out on Double Crown Records! The album contains "16 swingin' tunes for the tuffest of gremmies" and features boss front cover art by California lowbrow artist Miles Thompson. Order your copy today!
    Click to order the CD today!
  • Check out two promo videos on YouTube for the upcoming Big Pounder CD.

  • The new volume of the Japanese Wild Sazanami Beat! compilation series including "Surfville" by The Surfites due to be out on February 25th.

  • The Surfites' debut album Big Pounder set to be released in March!


  • The reissue of Seasonal Favorites Vol. 1 surf/garage Christmas compilation with 3 bonus tracks including "Santa Claus Goes Surfin" by The Surfites is now out on Double Crown.

  • The Surfites' debut album will be released on Double Crown Records early next year! Get prepared for an album full of boss original surf'n'drag numbers!

  • The Surfites' Contest is launched! Enter today and win a CD!

  • A work-in-progress front cover for The Surfites' debut album can be seen at the Double Crown Records weblog.


  • An interview with Klas Fjellgren of The Surfites is posted at the Dead By Mono webzine.

  • The Big Wave Riders surf/instro compilation including "Drag-u-la Beat" by The Surfites is now out on Deep Eddy Records.