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Congratulations to the following 3 winners!

  • D. Gregory, USA.
  • R. Thums, USA.
  • A. Hoffman, USA.

    Thanks all who participated!

    (The correct answers are marked in bold face below)

    The Surfites Contest #2


  • Answer the 5 questions below correctly and win copies of the Seasonal Favorites vol. 1 and Big Wave Riders various artists CD compilations, both including a track each from the Surfites.

    3 lucky winners will get both CDs sent to them by postal mail.

    1. What is the name of the Surfites' piano player?

    a. Benny
    b. Henry
    c. Kenny

    2. Where does the Surfites come from?

    a. Norway
    b. Uganda
    c. Sweden

    3. What year did the Surfites form?

    a. 2003
    b. 1989
    c. 1964

    4. Which label released the Surfites' "Big Pounder" album?

    a. Double Trouble Records
    b. Double Crown Records
    c. Titan Records

    5. Who built the Surfite showcar?

    a. Ed Roth
    b. Gary Usher
    c. George Barris

    (Hint: The correct answers can be easy found on the Surfites MySpace).

    To enter the contest, just e-mail your answers and street address to [contest has ended] before the end of July 18, 2007.

    Good Luck!

    Only one entry per contender/address allowed. The 3 winners will be drawn from the correctly answered replies. Winners will be contacted by e-mail as well as announced on the Surfites website after the contest has ended.