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Pigi of The Hangee V (photo by Unsteady Freddie)

(All comments originally posted on The Surfites' MySpace page)

Surf Zombies wrote: LOVE YOUR STUFF! Canibal Monkeys wrote: Excelent Sound!!! Far From The City wrote: I'v just bought and listened to your CD "Escapades In Space". I love your music!! Guido Martin & Friends wrote: Cool tunes! The Agamemnonz wrote: This new album is really great and as brilliant as the two others. The Terrorsaurs wrote: Your stuff is really spot on! Bikini.com wrote: Surfites - you guys rock!! Meni Tsaroucha wrote: Excellent! Common Dead wrote: YOU KICK ASS! Radio Free Bakersfield wrote: Dig the Angry Breed & Excelsiors on this week's RFB! Alter Boys wrote: GNARLY! The Verbtones wrote: I love it!!! Surfuri wrote: Nice sound, guys! The Hangee V wrote: Just got your new cd and listening to it, awesome work! Las Ruedas wrote: Muy buena musica. Felicidades The Surfites. Roooy! wrote: Wow your new tunes are amazing!!! The Sensibles wrote: I love your songs! The Cutback Fakies wrote: Great songs.. King's Pawn Three wrote: So much fun! Jim wrote: hope the coming album will be also on vinyl.... Ed "BIG DADDY" Roth wrote: Keep Surfin' SURFITES! El Woodman wrote: ankle busters!! ankle busters!!! yiiiiiiija! great song! incredible sound! i wanna the new album rigth now!!! Doctor Octopus wrote: Graet Sounds!!! Coooooooool!!! We love your Sounds. Bob wrote: Can't wait. Sounds great so far. Roger wrote: love your music Frantic Vermin wrote: Really dig your style guys! Ace! LMLN wrote: J'adore, musique, personnage, style, ambiance Los T�rmicos wrote: when are you going to play in Spain!? Jonni & Jooli wrote: UR GR8. Stargazer wrote: can't wait for the new CD!! Moody Lyons wrote: can't stop listening to Jack the Bear. And the new stuff sounds like it's gonna be killer! Meni wrote: Great music! Devlar Surf Sessions wrote: WHY DON'T WE HAVE YOUR MUSIC???? S.H.O.C.K. wrote: Any chance to see you in M�xico City someday? Terrorismo Tropical wrote: goood fuking music dudes!! 712 Boneyard wrote: Looking Forward to the new Album! Marty wrote: Surftastic sounds, Dick Dale would be proud of you guys. Unay wrote: yeaahh !! i love surf music !! Tiger Lily wrote: FUCK YES!! YOU GUYS ARE DA SHIZZNITZ!!! Lauren wrote: Ahaha Dope! Still Chase wrote: the preview for the new album sounds awesome guys!!! El Woodman wrote: YES! Alkao wrote: very nice reverb Pauly Poo wrote: looking forward to the new album Noseride wrote: fucking great sound Tim wrote: Where's the VINYL?! Chicken Bone Chopper wrote: So rad!!! The Abstinence wrote: very good style of surfing the surfites! The Mighty Surf Lords wrote: Can't wait to get your new CD!!! Samosurfer wrote: Smooth sounds Surfites. So sensible such spacey superness! Punk Rock wrote: wow sounds like some great music! Kitschy Kitschy Cool wrote: AWESOME!!! Margo wrote: Sounds great! Gasolines wrote: COOL!!!!! Wayne wrote: Great Surf Grinders wrote: we love your songs!!!!!! very good!!!!!! you destroy!!!!! Mona von Strangle wrote: Great Musik! Radio Free Bakersfield wrote: Send me a copy, por favor! Craig wrote: ya the angry breed AZ FlowerChild wrote: Great tunes! Thee Tinkees wrote: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of you guys!!! grate sounds, grate tunes anda grate style too!! Eighteen Nightmares wrote: sounds awesome! Just Charlie wrote: Man, such good tunes!!!!!! Shawn Dickinson wrote: Sounds like the new album is gonna rock! I can't wait! Tiki Tena wrote: Can't wait! Cheap Beer and BBQ Radio wrote: I love your tunes! Hope to play you guys on my new podcast! The Barbwires wrote: sounds great as usual!!! The Verbtones wrote: Guys I am so looking forward to the the new album!!!! My favorites! The Hangee V wrote: Wow! What great samples! Can't wait to hear your whole next Lp! The Dr. Watson Band wrote: Cool tunes. Shoot The Pier wrote: Great sound Surfites! Festival Surforama wrote: Your sounds are really cool!!!! we love your band... We are are your fans!! Arlette wrote: Thank you guys for putting up Space Encounter! That's my fave song off the CD! Tony wrote: I like your Rick Griffin, Surfer toons style. Wilson wrote: MUY BUENA BANDA StratoGeezer wrote: Friggin totally cool guys - great work! Pony Boy wrote: You guys are too cool! Once I have money to burn i'm getting your merch! Keep doing what your doing! Surfers Club wrote: Good music! Los Horrendos wrote: GREAT songs! The Shangs wrote: Love the sounds! Dooble Trooble wrote: J'adore votre musique, bonne route � vous. George wrote: BOSS! Martha wrote: I'm diggin' your new t-shirts! Hemi Cuda wrote: Sweet sound guys Asdeoros wrote: good sounds!!! El Woodman wrote: WOW! YOUR T-SHIRT IS COOL!! YEAH THE SURFITES RULES!!!!! Them Slack Jawed Sons of Bitches wrote: damn, that is a boss shirt! Christina wrote: oooo i want a shirt!!!!! The Sir Finks wrote: Boss, indeed! Dig the shirts! The Pancakes wrote: yeah WE LOVE YOUR SOUND !!! The Tormentos wrote: you guys are the best! Jeffery Albergo & the Neon Cat wrote: killer new tee shirts. The Hangee V wrote: Cool new tshirt Fyrepyle wrote: killer sounds Blue Gulf wrote: YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! Mick wrote: Like, way gone man. Your tunes are out there. It's Friday night, I'm traveling to space. JR Reverb Cat wrote: Love your music guys. Live & Jive wrote: LOVE IT!!! Amazingly beautiful music.. Radio Free Bakersfield wrote: Dig the Surfites on this week's RFB! Laundromat Vacation wrote: The Surfites Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockhouse Trio Rich wrote: HI ! surfites men, very good sound, realy 60's Phillip wrote: Stellar sounds..Oh how I miss my reverb tank. Gasolines wrote: Space Mover!! is really cool!! Can�bal Monkeys wrote: Space Mover... Awesome Song, Excelent Video!!! Angels wrote: muy chulo Sam Gambino Art wrote: Rock on Surfites! Surfrider wrote: GREAT REVER! GREAT SOUND! Doctor Love wrote: very out of this world...surf's up in space..fab...... Molly Dee wrote: Great music, guys The Ox wrote: I will looking for the new album! Intoxica Radio with Howie Pyro wrote: love the video! Kelly Krakatoa wrote: GREAT! I LOVE SURFITES SOUND! Vocokesh wrote: Groovy, man...the video is 'out of this world!!!!!!!' The 13th Floor Club Oslo wrote: Utrolig kul video! Rob wrote: The "Space Mover" video is super! Not in Service wrote: "Space Mover" is rockin' !!! Rod wrote: Hey, I love that video for "Space Mover"! The Optic Nerves wrote: Great video & a great tune! Wayne wrote: Space Mover is a great track! Flapper wrote: great song and footage for it The Martini Kings wrote: killer sound!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tormentos wrote: you..re the best! The Aquaholics wrote: cool vid! Johnny wrote: me gusta, me gusta el video, la m�sica y el estilillo vuestro. Mr. Cigarette Butt wrote: the video is so fuckin'great! The Tarantinos NYC wrote: Cool tune and video! Telekrimen wrote: hey great video.. Terry Lowe wrote: great stuff Gone-Surfing.com wrote: Hey hey surfin' bird! Keep up the good work you're doing. Absolutely loving it! The Sabre Jets wrote: Just listened to Tortuga.... Man that's wet! The Goners wrote: awesome tunes cheers!!!!! The Reefriders wrote: Both Big Pounder and your new record Escapades in Space are really great. You guys have such a great sound. Hope you guys get to tour the US...and be sure to visit California. Thee Jaguar Sharks wrote: Great Sound Surfites. Phantom wrote: WONDERFUL MUSIC AND WONDERFUL PAGE! Juvenile Delinquent wrote: You Rock! Patt Murphy wrote: You guys are awesome. Hell-Racer wrote: Great reverb sounds! Tiki Hana wrote: Keep playin' those gr8t tunes! Wadge wrote: Love that crazy sound! Gone-Surfing.com wrote: LOVE your surfvibed musicstyle! "Tortuga" is fantastic, good vibes all around! frankenberry wrote: cool music & good vibes Johnny Kahuna wrote: Man your sound is Rockin', Johnny Kahuna digs the Surfites The Hangee V wrote: Finally the cd arrived: fabulous!!! The Surfanimals wrote: very good songs Messer Chups wrote: like your reverb sound..surf's up! viv wrote: I like Little Rocket Mill a lot BUM wrote: love the new stuff Death Proof Nova wrote: I just received "Big Pounder" a couple of days ago and I love it!! Thanks for the great music. Doctor Love wrote: very cool Hangee V wrote: Finally these days will arrive with Santa Klaus your new masterpiece, can't wait to listen to it! The Incognitoes wrote: The Surfites Rule Most Others Drool. Madame Wong wrote: Turn that reverb up boys! Sotano Radio wrote: Surfites on the air!! Boogie Nazis wrote: you guys rule! Brian wrote: The music world needs a lot more groups like you. Keep up the good vibes dudes! Radio Free Bakersfield wrote: Check out the Surfites on this week's RFB! The Concaves wrote: Cool Music-Dripping Reverb, Nice guitar Tone, Great work guys Peterson wrote: I just Received your latest CD, Once again another Great Job Viv wrote: Dear Surfites, I love your new tracks! Pauly Poo! wrote: the new album is on my wish list i will be getting it soon sounds great Death Proof Nova wrote: I love your music!! Steve - VolksRods.com wrote: Nice! I'm all over the new tunes! Monica wrote: huhu yeah!! new album uhuh u Golden Tiki wrote: Love your tunes! Acid Beach Party wrote: Surftastic sounds from the Surfites! Felix Zee Kat wrote: I'm getting me your CD. Tiki Tena wrote: Wow. I can't wait until I get a CD. Mania Movie wrote: You are so COOL i love your music!!!!!!!! Lorenzo SurferJoeMusic.com wrote: Great to see the new album!!! I want it asap. The Beatnik Bombers wrote: Dig your tunes, killer grooves Surf Rock Cafe wrote: Love the new tunes!! Tip Top Atomic Shop wrote: I just went out and ordered the new CD. Cant wait to hear the whole thing. Keep the great tunes coming. Los Justicieros: Congratulations for the new cosmic album. It sounds great. Jaguar & The Savanas wrote: My next order will have your latest CD!!! Alkao wrote: love your sounds SPF-4 wrote: The new stuff sounds great!!! The Pegs wrote: we love the Surfites... so so good! WaveSauce wrote: Lovin' your music. NightClouds wrote: The Surfites - you guys are rippin'! You've got the right sound, the right vintage amps - it all works. We'd love to hear you live. The Surf Demons wrote: wow....awesome, perfect surf tone! kick ass logo too i love it, keep it up guys you rule. The Maharajas wrote: J�klar vilket perfekt surfsound ni har! StratoGeezer wrote: Friggin' Cool!! On the other coast wrote Man i've heard the new song on YouTube, you guys are so awesome! Secret Samurai wrote: Love the new album guys. Great work!! Mark wrote: new Cd is great! Tiki Tena wrote: I can't wait to get the new album! M.G. wrote: Great work on the new record! I'm digging it! The Del Reys wrote: great cover art!!!!! Erik / DJ viking wrote: the new album looks outer SPACE! try to get him with my next order for SURE! bIGwAvEDave wrote: Love yours sounds. The Scandinavians play American music better than we do. How can that be? ;-) Il Santo wrote: Finally I'm with "Big Pounder" in my collection. Your sound is amazing, incredible... I love your style and your songs! I'm looking for the new LP. Pauly Poo! wrote: love the two new songs can't wait to get the new cd Matt the Surf Guy wrote: New tracks are great but what else would I expect. I look forward to hearing the whole album. The Hangee V wrote: Great new song, lookin forward for your new lp! Tim Oestmann wrote: What a great sound you've got - and artwork! The Norvins wrote: Great stuff! Shooting Star wrote: Very cool tunes! Still Chase wrote: U GUYS ARE REALLY AWSOME!! Christina wrote: MMuuuah! LUFF YOU GUYS Mystere Tutle wrote: great surf M.G. wrote: hey fellas, dig the new track! SurfGuitar101 wrote: Cool new track! Kelly Krakatoa wrote: Comet's Tail it's great! Dirk wrote: Your Music rocks...! NightClouds wrote: You guys sound great! Big Pounder sounds very cool. The Confidents wrote: great surf! Erik / DJ viking wrote: just get your BIG POUNDER cd from cdbaby and its A relaxing surf BLAST!!! for a great summer breezzz...looking forward for some more... The Surfin' Burritos wrote: Pure surf sound, Surfites. Surfraptor wrote: Still play your stuff from the old Daytonas to Big Pounder, absolutely stunning reverb sound, you are one of the best! Bigger Better Deal wrote: Love the tunes. Jenny Mortamur wrote: AWESOME SURFITES! Monica wrote: uhuh very good music hahah Miikel wrote: Still digging your sounds! Dirk wrote: Your Sound is great. Surf Rock Cafe wrote: u rule! New York to Tokyo wrote: Great sounds! Mongomen wrote: Fantastiska toner! Anne wrote: I LOVE your music. Javier wrote: Awesooooome music guys !!! Anne wrote: I love your Brilliant sound! Walter Clerici wrote: Great sound! I Was A Teenage Alien wrote: SUPER SOUND !!!! Roby wrote: We like your music!!!! We hope to see you soon in Lake of Como Italy. Mr. Allison wrote: Hey, I love the SURFITES!!!! Mag wrote: i like your band and music, great great! Bilkos Krazy Combo wrote: great tunes! Mr. Allison wrote: I love the Surfites more than any one man should! Surfadelica wrote: Excellent music, The Surfites! I really admire your work and dedication! Doc' J.P.P. wrote: Great Music : Surf by The SURFITES ! Radioactive 13 wrote: I finally listen to your music, I must admit that your stuff really rocks! Whiskey Sournotes wrote: VERY cool music, Surfites! Surf Rock Cafe wrote: Thou Shalt Drag was the Surf Song of the year as far as we're concerned! Les Arondes wrote: What about some gigs in france, we're waiting for you !!! Suck wrote: You are really cool! The sound of the reverb and echo seems to be totally a creature. I let you sound all over the world, and give me rock'n roll from now on! Mutant Surf Aliens wrote: Love the sound The TakeOffs wrote: You guys are one of the GREAT surf bands! The Hangee V wrote: You are always the best! Staccato wrote: Great sounds and vibes...dig it..!! Carmen Lee wrote: cool sounds! Al wrote: You guys rock, Daddy-O! The Mean Things wrote: Finks and Weird-Ohs au-go-go! French Freaks dig it! Kyle wrote: Still diggin' "Big Pounder" ! one of my favs! REED's wrote: WE DIG YOUR MUSIC!! Los Kahunas wrote: guys, you sound great !!! Pauly Poo! wrote: still lovin the album Radio Rumpus Room wrote: We're really diggin' the album -- keep it up! Teenage Cavegirl wrote: eii really love it! :) when you'll play in barcelona? Mr.Allison wrote: Hey, I dig the new tracks! Surfites Rule!!!!! The Vanduras wrote: You guys get it! Jaguar & The Savanas wrote: I thought you were an original sixties band! Jim wrote: dig your sounds, and your videos. Les Stèles wrote: super surf!!! Screamin Lord Gazza wrote: SURF IS IN SCHOOL IS OUT! The Wavers wrote: your surfin' is bigger!!! when you will come in italy?? La Ruota di Scorta aka Autogatto wrote: very good music Los Longboards wrote: The Surfites rock! psychogreg81 wrote: GREAT SOUND Viv wrote: You play a very romantic kind of surf!! Michael T. Kirstein wrote: The Surfites are rockin' in Stockholm! Moncada wrote: You guys rock! Fuzz Face wrote: Great sound! Mark wrote: You guys are awesome! Danger and the Daredevils! wrote: You boys are astounding! Long live Big Daddy Roth! Long live the Surfites! Scuba Matt wrote: Hey Surfites excellent disc. I got mine Saturday. Cool stuff. Keep it drippin. Cool Cat wrote: Reminds me of the old days! DJ Mr.Splendid wrote: Great Stuff ! Always loved the Daytonas but you sound even better. I hope you'll make it to Berlin one day. Radio Rumpus Room wrote: We are hugely diggin' -- and playin' -- the Surfites disc. Spot-on surf'n'drag sounds by folks who obviously understand this stuff. Andy wrote: Surfs up dudes! Surfs up! Mollythemonster wrote: GREAT BAND!!!!! The Hangee V wrote: Your cd is still on my player! Surf Rock Cafe wrote: Thou Shalt Drag - is a masterpiece!! Great work! m�shaboom'�' wrote: heyaa! very cool sound!! i love it :) Trevor wrote: I have your CD and I'm listening to it now as I post this! Awesome Dudes! Lalle G.Rockt wrote: Super Music Geisya Pussy wrote: GREAT The Surfites!!!!! Kelly Krakatoa wrote: Great, Great, Great SURF BAND! Chica Z wrote: Love the music! SurfGuitar 101 wrote: I dig your new CD! The Krontjong Devils wrote: BIG POUNDER IS A HIT! Fujiyama Monsters wrote: The Surfites is cool surf sound!!! Grumpy Gus wrote: You guys give me a little vacation to the beach everytime I listen to ya. Trevor wrote: Can't wait to get your CD's! Pauly Poo! wrote: love your sound, i've just ordered your cd can't wait to get it :o) The Octomen wrote: Got my copy of Big Pounder reserved at Amazon.com I can't wait you fellas are awesome!! Max Mala wrote: buen trabajo! Dr. SuRfJeS wrote: YEPA YEPA YEPA, I NEED YOUR T-SHIRT, IS VERY EXELENT, THE MUSIC IS FANTASTIC. Kemakeur wrote: Great retro surf,,clasical,,we are your fans. Coral Reefer wrote: great tunes! Action Jackson wrote: I LOVE FLEABAG IT IS SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS ARE GREAT Oliver wrote: very good music! Outsyde Inn wrote: "Thou Shalt Drag" is a blast! The Del-Vamps wrote: The Surfites rock the surf scene! Natali wrote: Surfites, one of the best surf band!!! 3 Balls of Fire wrote: ya'all rock!!!! Pigi wrote: Finally I got the cd, it's fantastic!!! You are the "new dimension"!!! Peterson 62 wrote: I received your Cd today, haven't heard the whole thing yet, But what I did hear, This CD is kickin.... Great Job Guys Craig wrote: wuts up man ur guys music is sick Backwoods Beachparty wrote: the disc is killer! Marcus Maximus wrote: Cool tunes... The Secret Avengers wrote: Very a great sound!! Surf PHX wrote: i think you guys are great!!! Kevin Edward Herdeman wrote: killer surf action! The Lightning Rods wrote: Haloooooooooooooooo, 'Surfites, kowabungaaaaaaaa, congratulations on your stoking superb looking CD Herrera & The Handouts wrote: Dig your sounds! Silver Freaks wrote: Your songs are great!!!!!. your video is so fun. I feel fine, with your sounds i�m surfin the waves!! Surf Kamikaze wrote: Just got your Album... and.. WOW! Yes!.. it's a real BIG Pounder!! Keep on with your great work! Los Torperros wrote: great sound there Supa Sank! wrote: Really cool sound. Nitro wrote: The Surfites are the Real Deal. The Star & Key Of The Indian Ocean wrote: I 've just have your album , Great music ! The Thunderchiefs wrote: Bitchin' new LP!!! Big Pounder! it's a HIT! Margo wrote: Please come to central Massachusetts sometime! Kung-Fu Monkeys wrote: YEEEEHAAAAAWWWWW...Great Great sounds. Nuuska wrote: cool music & great songs! Miss SpacePafpaf wrote: I love your music! Tiki Tena wrote: I just got my CD two days ago. It's EXCELLENT! I'm in trad heaven with this CD. I totally dig the drippy surf/drag sound you've got going. I think the new CD is a must-have for trad fans. Zuckmaster wrote: I definitely love your fat SurfSound!!! Are you planning to play in Germany? I would be there... Lifeguard Knifefight wrote: This new stuff totally rules! I'm ordering a copy! Pigi Hangeev wrote: Yeah! Can't wait to hearin it!!! Kevin wrote: Bravo Surfites! Love the CD. Erik / DJ viking wrote: the CD sounds GREAT!!! I will get a order for these BIG waves... M.G. wrote: The new CD is BITCHIN! GREAT job, fellers!!! J L wrote: Love your sound! Scuba Matt wrote: You Guys Are Great. Excellent Tone and Original Songs SuRfJeS wrote: hi, your music is very good, is cool, and surfer_ funny, yeea. you are the # 1 my favorits. Bill wrote: can't wait till your album comes out! The Concaves wrote: Really like your music. Yous have a great classic surf sound. Kahuna Kaventzmann wrote: Hey, congratulations! Miles Kooch-ee-koo artwork is a great choice for the album cover!! Backwoods Beachparty wrote: killer tracks! Loka wrote: I do really like your sound. 1,2,3,4 GO!!! wrote: great sounds around here.... Brettly wrote: Big Pounder is one of my new favorite surf tunes. You guys certainly know how to do it up right with the reverb drenched guitars! M.G. wrote: Looking forward to the new CD! Tarra Rubato wrote: Your sound is hot! The Delreys wrote: You guys sound great.. Keep it up.. Brandon Johnson wrote: your music is epic i must say. Los Lovers wrote: Hey kids! We love your music The Skull Surfers wrote: Cool stuff Surfites!! Love the tunes! Rob and the Invisibles wrote: You guys sound great. I love "Big Pounder". Paul Paterson wrote: Cool sounds. Chongolio wrote: I am lookin' forward to hearin' your new CD! Jon wrote: Will there be pre-order available for the album? Al wrote: your sounding great, I hear the waves in Sweeden are pretty good if you have a warm wetsuit! Waikiki Kuks wrote: Your sound is SOOOOO WET!!!! I like it! Psicoastenia wrote: fantastic sound! Jason wrote: Your music is excellent !!!!! Nitro wrote: the Surfites are smokin' !!! Brit wrote: you guys are awesome!! Pigi Hangeev wrote: Hope Santa C. bring your new Lp under my christmas tree! Mark Baertschi wrote: Hey Surfites, I dig your sounds!! Twang wrote: You guys ROCK! The TakeOffs wrote: You guys sound GREAT for not having any waves!! Alix� wrote: Awesome music... The Shankers wrote: You guys sound awesome Fictivesquid wrote: Some really rightous twang, dudes! sTeven with a v wrote: greaT sound, inland surfing sucks eh!! oh, for an ocean!! Jon wrote: This is great! Phillip wrote: The Surfites are one of the tightest surf bands out there! Judy Jetson wrote: The surf is soundin' mighty fine in Sweden!! The Bomboras wrote: Cool sound. You guys kinda remind me of the New Dimensions. Dunlop Devils wrote: Hey guys, great tunes! Teenage Cavegirl wrote: Your cartoons are pretty I love it. The Retromantics wrote: Great tunes! Ghoulapalooza TV wrote: So, how does one say "You guys are frickin awesome!" in Swedish? :-) Great stuff! Devlar Surf Sessions wrote: THE SURFITES ROCK!!! Big Toe wrote: I dig your groovy sound!! Shawn Conn wrote: Sweet surfin sound that I love!! Bedford wrote: You guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Born Losers wrote: That's a really Kool Sound you have!! Cheepskates Live wrote: Great tunes and REVERB!!!!! Clarita wrote: Classy style! I like it a lot! The Longboards wrote: THE SURFITES SOUND IS VERU COOL The Sidemen wrote: GREAT stuff! The Tremulators wrote: You guys sound great! Wheeler wrote: You guys rip. Girl without a planet wrote: Love the sound! Pigi Hangeev wrote: Please, let me know when your lp is out, I look forward to have it! The Solar Waves wrote: Hey, good stuff! Sounds really cool. JL Nitro wrote: TOP FUEL RULES and so do the Surfites!!!!! Ines wrote: awesome tunes!!! Jimenez Del Oso wrote: Your country is cold, but your music is something hotty���� Eddy Tornado et les Scandaleux wrote: Great stuff, you Surfites!! The Phantom Keys wrote: Amazing surf superreverb!! tunesss!! We dig it!! Haley wrote: Love your music... authentic sound and very cool! The Thunderchiefs wrote: Ya'll shoot the curl with the best off em'. I dig the Griffin-esc cartoons! Mr. Gasser wrote: You are surfy finky kooly kool dude-e-O's! Black Dolly wrote: Luv your music! Come soon in Italy! Lucky 13 wrote: Great stuff! Nostalgic Pussy wrote: I love your music. Green Circles wrote: You gremmies really are out of control. That's a great track you've loaded here. Nico wrote: I dig your sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Octane 365 wrote: The Surfites are Outa-Site Vegas Art Boy wrote: Great sound! Amity wrote: Hop on over the pond to Texas...will ya?! The Ricky Band wrote: u rule Mike wrote: I grew up on The Lively Ones, Dick Dale, and the Ventures. You guys keep their sound alive with your style of music. Keep it up. Jude wrote: Cool sounds! Dark Knight wrote: You Guys sound Great! Aqualads wrote: Putting the rock back into Surf Rock! You guys are awesome! Jason And The Retronauts wrote: The tunes sounds great!! Tiki Kim wrote: You guys have great music. Hollywood Hank wrote: Sounds extremely great. The Strange Tones wrote: Great tunes. Firecrackers wrote: Love your sound. Lizzy wrote: I'm liking your tunes. Keep 'em coming! Steve aka Bananabobs wrote: You guys make Dick Dale sound like he played his axe upside down! You would rock the beach here! The Exotics wrote: Sounds boss!!! Pauly Poo! wrote: Hi Surfites, you sound great! The Moon-Rays wrote: THE SURFITES ROCK, DADDY-O!!!! TDDO wrote: Hey great reverberations you got there, really dig it! Chucho's Buttercup wrote: GREAT STUFF.........IM TELLING YOU. YOU GUYS SOUND AWESOME! The Monosylobics wrote: We freakin love you guys. The Surf Piranhas wrote: Spectacular....! Wow... You guys rock...! Hot friggen reverb action to the max! Reluctant Aquanauts wrote: This is great! Fleabag sounds like the Astronauts!! Chongolio wrote: Oh man that reverb is so wet and heavy I needed a towel after listening. Dig your tunes, pack your amps and boards and bring it all over to America! Redneck Zombie wrote: Greetings from France, hope to see ya play here soon, although we have not many beach down there... I'm half the man I used to be wrote: Surf rock never die! Great tunes guys.... Escaton wrote: Nice tunes! Hope to see you surf sometime in Bavaria! The Scaramangas wrote: The Scaramangas love your stuff. Los Kahunas wrote: Great reverb sound! Wish to see you some day in Argentina! Botan wrote: Your band is absolutely ROCKING!!! The Sound Explosion wrote: What a great ultra reverbed surf sound you have!!! GREAT STUFF!!! It's nice to see you have an organ/piano in your line-up. Few surf bands have today and it makes your sound pure and original! Allan Graves wrote: Very very nice music!! Pigi Hangeev wrote: I look forward to having your new album! Fuzz Daddy wrote: Take it easy and keep the waves coming. It sounds great! Rude Rory wrote: You guys rock. Just Mike wrote: Yep. I'm gonna shit reverb for a week, and i love it! The Jet Set wrote: Yes! I've been soaked with reverb! Great tunes... The Tormentos wrote: You sound really cool!!!! Charles wrote: Your music is great, one of the best myspace music sites i've come across. Pheck wrote: Great sound!!! East Coast Tremors wrote: Sounds great.. reverb to the max!! Creighton wrote: Creighton like The Surfites. They play the kind of Old Country rock n' roll that Creighton dig. Creighton like The Surfites. Medusa wrote: Looking forward to your debut album!! Claudia Cowabunga wrote: Great sound! Any chance you're coming to Holland? Kreepsville Industries wrote: We really dig your sound! Mexico wrote: you guys r awesome! Laura wrote: Your sound is so beautiful!! Little Wolf wrote: Yes! This is what surf music is supposed to sound like! Mr. Bonz One Man Band wrote: Yes very authentik 60t'z sound i hope to see you soon here in france !!!!!!! The Hangee V wrote: What a great sound you got!!!!! Caitlin Scott wrote: surfites = perfection. ahhh come to america Erik wrote: the surfites sounds GREAT!!! The Swiss Family Skiers wrote: I dig the Daytonas, and Now I dig youse Surfites! I just can't get enough of that electric piano. You guys also nailed the Astronaut's tone! I can't wait to get my grubby hands on some of yer wax. The Staggers wrote: Great sound guys!!!! Satan's Pilgrims wrote: Y'all are doin' it right! Backwoods Beachparty wrote: New songs sound great! The Freakouts wrote: Wow.. you guys kick ass!