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The Surfites are an instrumental surf band formed in 2004 by the two Fjellgren brothers of Swedish 90's surf music pioneers Daytonas. The band is a studio group only and decided from the beginning to not do any shows in order to be able to fully concentrate on recordings. Debut album Big Pounder came in 2007 and was followed by Escapades in Space in 2008 and The Surfites & Co. in 2010, all released on U.S. label Double Crown Records. 2010 was also the year that saw the launch of three of the Surfites' side projects: The Excelsiors, The Angry Breed and The Royal Vikings. 2011-2013 featured 7inch single and EP releases from the Surfites and the Angry Breed including splits with The Thunderchiefs and The Hangee V.

Have you ever wondered why music today often sound so dull? It just seems to lack those fundamental ingredients that often make up good music, namely an exciting sound, great songs and loads of fun.

Well, the Surfites are all those things, and more! They take you along through a world of surfing and all kinds of car racing, and even to the ancient Egypt and the Old Wild West! And most importantly, their music is always captivating and exciting, no matter if you're at home, on the beach/strip or at a swingin' party!

And the sound. Yes, their signature sound is very important to the Surfites. It has nothing to do with the predominant sounds of today. This is how music really should sound like: Totally bitchen, natch!

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