This page is about me

"What do you mean you don't give a f**k who I am?!?! Well, you're gonna get some info anyway!!!"
Name? Zig DustŪ
18th of July 1963
Live? Trollhattan Sweden Europe
Occupation? car builder
Read? Stephen King
Drink? yes, whiskey & beer!
Smoke? yes, always too much!
Travel? always to London
Picture? right here!
e-mail me? right here!

Special thanx & credits:
evan torrie,teenage wildlife
stefan westman, bassman's bowie page
chris parker, tigers on vaselin
paul a. kinder, little wonderworld
ruud altenburg, discography
hans-erik, cyberspace oddity
Eiichi Yoshimura, unofficial discography
the dutch david bowie fanclub, the voyeur
christian frifelt, the illustrated bootleg file

Special thanx & hello:
boye (el tonto)
anders & vanja (los tontos!)
to everyone i've forgotten (sorry!)

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