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  Home brew 500W

144MHz Amplifier

SM7UYJ                                  HF            IC-746 & TS-850, Windom

Roger Clementz                    VHF         IC-746, IC-275H & TS-850 + Transverter, 12el. K1FO

QTH                                           UHF         TS-850 + transverter, 2 x 13el. DK7ZB

Staffanstorp                           PA’s        CME50-12, 2SC2897, MRF275G


I have been a licensed ham scince 1993 and have been active on all bands from 160m up to 70cm.

My major interest is weak signal VHF comunications and building equipment for this purpose.

On this page I will present some of my projects.



I produce smal quantitys of the amplifiers and equipment described on these pages for sale as a hobby

(144MHz 500W amplifier excluded!)

If you are interested, send me an email for price and delivery information !


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Updated 2007-03-29