Mitch -The Hurricane


Then finnaly he was here, our Finnish

Setterboy. We had wait a long time over a year…


Already after one day we know what a heroic thing

the two girls have done picking him and his two sisters

up in Abo Finland . In Finland they call him Millhouse,

but we understand very fast that we have to change his name.

We give him the name Mitch after the wild hurricane that

did go on in USA at the time.


The first night, I was intended to have him on a thick cover

below my bed. Our other setters lives in their own house right next to

ours, there he would have move in as soon he had start to knowing us.

A bowl with food and a big bowl with water stood right beside his bed,

that would be nice for a tired dog who has travel several days and

presumably miss his dear sisters a lot.


Late in the dark winter night he arrive, jumping  easily out of the

car starting to inspect his new home.

Tired and worn out, He wasn´t .

He looks like a little gangster with his black  patch over the eye, I had

read somewhere that the English setter was a true “Gentlemen By Nature”.

It seems that Mitch obviously had not read that, because there was no

gentlemanlike in his behaviour that night.


He was also interested of Art, because he started to pick down the paintings

from the wall. Then he steal my bra and quick as a flash he drop it in the

water bowl. After that he took a quickly mouthful of the curtains and use

them as a swinger until the curtain rod fall down.



He follow me to the rest room , and when I brusch my  teeth he started to

drink from the  toilet. Do you have any idea how  much toilet paper there is

on one single roll ? I do have ! that’s how our night proceed, sleeping

was not in Mitch mind.




I had enough I took him and went out to the “Setterhouse” 

I open the door and push him in, it could not be worse, it had to carry or burst.


Early next morning I sneak to the window and look in, not with out a bad conscience,

there was Mitch, in the middle of the settergirls sleeping with little Rosa as head- pillow.






By: Inger Ivarsson

Translated by: Siw Lindelöf





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