Västerås Nationell  2004-04-24

Jude: David Wong Australia


BH 1 & BOS Bothwell Gladstonegander              Klick here to see photo of Mitch

BH 2 Diamonhill´s Golden Guy 

BH 3 Gentlemen By Nature Mr Trollope

BH 4 Grousemoor´s Flaming Star

BH Reserve Falcsagans Casper

( Giggs The Tempest 1:st Price in Quality No Other Prices. )   Inoficiell Show  Frövi 2004-05-20   Judge Marianne Boberg   BOB & BIG 2


BOB & BIG 5  Best Veteran Valsett Starlite Debutante

9  Entrys

Skara Nationell 2004-05-09

Judge: Nagy Istvan Hungary

HP Giggs The Tempest

2  Entrys One Didn´t Show Up

Vänersborg Nationell 2004-06-12

Judge: Craltjic Slatko Croatia

Best bitch 1 & BOB Giggs Midsummer Night´s Dream

BT 2 & BOB Veteran Valsett Starlite Debutante

BT 3 Jonsängens Gaia

5  Entrys Only Bitches

Borås nationell 2004-07-03

Judge: Paolo Dondina Italy


BH 1 & BOB Bothwell Gladstonegander

BH 2 Gentlemen By Nature Mr Trollope

1:st price in quality Giggs The Tempest " Blues  No CK/HP

Best bitch

BT 1 & BOS best Veteran Valsett Starlite Debutante

9 Entrys one didn´t show up

Västerås Internationell 2004-07-18

Judge: Miklos Lavente Hungary

Only male dogs

3 Entrys Non BOB

Askersund Nationell 2004-08-07

Judge: Martin Johansson Sweden

3 Entrys Non BOB

Nyköping Internationell 2004-06-14

Judge: Rune Fagerström Finland

BOB & BIG 1 and Best Bitch  Rockstro High Fidelity "Mel"

1:st Price in quality Giggs The Tempest "Blues" No CK/HP

3 Entrys  two male dogs one bitch sorry not knowing the name of the 3:d dog

Högbo Internationell 2004-09-04

Judge: Bertil Lundgren Sweden

BOB & Best Veteran Diamonhill´s Golden Guy " Lucas "

2:nd  Best Dog CACIB  Bothwell Gladstonegander " Mitch "

3::rd  Best Dog  R- CACIB  Gentlemen By Nature  Mr Trollope " Trolle "

1:st Price in quality Giggs The Tempest " Blues " No CK/HP

4 Entrys only Dogs

Örebro Mässan  Inofficiell 2005-01-23

Judge: Hans Almgren Sweden

BOB & BIG-R  Grousemoor´s Dream of Gold "Curry" Owner: Kerstin Dolk

2: nd Best Dog HP Giggs The Tempest "Blues"

Blues critique

masculine dog, excellent type, good shoulder, well placing of ears.
strong bite, good length of neck, good topline, very good deep of chest.
good bones, good feet, strong body, rich nice coat, moves well, stylish dog, stylish silhuett from side