Results from Esa of Sweden Club Show  

3  month old puppy of  excellent type,

vary beatiful head & expression, good body.

Good skeleton, well angled , move as a puppy.


Jude by: Kickie Boman from Åland Kennel Rose Reflections


BOB & BIS Puppy

bispuppy.jpg (93294 byte)  bluesesa02.jpg (93487 byte)


This evening was a bad evening, I played so tuff

with my mom and I fell so stupid on my own hind leg.

We had to wisit the pet hospital far away to check my leg. I cry a lot because it hirt so much, now I have a plaster around it. Mom was so worry she nearly throw up, she was glad that she had her friends Berit & katarina to ask for help. Now we have to wait until

my leg will heal.   


hirt.jpg (44343 byte)


Result from my first inofficiell Dog show

Exellent type, good size for this age, exellent skeleton.

Promising dog, exellent expression, good angulation, nice temperament.


Hp & BOB Puppy


Judge: Richard Stenkvist




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