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On this web site I plan to publish things which I hope will be of interest.

The site is bilingual and if you click on the flag in the upper left corner you will see the corresponding page in swedish. (If there is no flag, that particular page is in one language only).

About the contents


or Stockholm-Roslagens Järnvägar usually nicknamed Roslagsbanan is a narrow guage railway north-east of Stockholm.

At the moment the site focus on the passenger cars.

Wallon iron works

or Vallonbruk in swedish, is the name for iron works in the middle of Sweden founded by Wallon immigrants. Most of the works were founded in 17th century and closed between 1850 and 1930. The remains are usually from 18th century.

I have concentrated on the industrial part, so there are currently no photos on the willages (which often are well worth seeing).