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TIN Press Release - 6 March 2000 - TIN News Revie


A World Bank project under scrutiny, one of the largest protests in Tibet for a decade, and the highly publicised escape of a 14-year old lama were just some of the headlines in an extraordinary year of news from Tibet.

Tibet Information Network's "News Review: Reports from Tibet 1999", published today (6 March 2000), comprehensively documents a year of significant political anniversaries and security crackdowns in Tibet in the context of religious and social repression. It includes the story, broken by TIN, of a controversial project to relocate nearly 60,000 mostly Han Chinese farmers into a Tibetan area of Qinghai. The proposed participation of the World Bank in funding this project caused an international furore and became another sensitive issue in US-China relations.

Along with a selection of the news reports published by TIN throughout the year, the News Review contains previously unpublished source material, including documents and interviews with Tibetans who recently left Tibet.

The News Review also includes new information on key development and environmental issues. Official reports translated from the Chinese press (on issues ranging from the economic development of Tibet to the poaching of the Tibetan antelope) are contrasted with first-hand accounts by Tibetans on how such policies affect their lives.

"News Review: Reports from Tibet 1999" is available from Tibet Information Network (price 10.00/US$16, plus postage and packing).

6 March 2000

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