X-Com / UFO Downloads

These files are all you need to start playing UFO: Enemy Unknown and UFO: Terror from the Deep on your modern Windows XP computer. Unzip, install, add the patches and run.

The games were released under the UFO brand in Europe, but was changed to X-Com for the American market. The games are identical aside from a few language differences. The rights to the series is currently held by Firaxis games, makers of the awesome Alpha Centauri and Civilization III, but the UFO / Xcom games are currently considered "Abandonware", free to download, as they are no longer for sale.

I hope you will like X-Com. They are eternal classics and deserve your attention.


File name Title Size
xcom_gold.zip UFO: Enemy Unknown Gold / Collector's Edition 3,2 MB
ufoeuet_2005_01_02.zip UFO: Enemy Unknown ET, third-party patch 264,6 KB
ufodefman.zip UFO: Enemy Unknown PDF Manual 4,7 MB
xcom2_gold.zip UFO: Terror from the Deep Gold / Collector's Edition 3,4 MB
tftdet_2005_01_02.zip UFO: Terror from the Deep ET, 3rd-party patch 294,7 KB

ET patches by -.max from the Xenocide & xcomufo Forums. Great work!