DroidFish - Strong chess program for the Android platform

About the program

DroidFish is a port of the very strong Stockfish chess engine to the Android platform, combined with a feature-rich graphical user interface.

DroidFish should work on Android 4.1 and newer devices.


User manual (pdf)

Latest development APK


Source code: github.com

Old versions are available from Google Drive and Google Code.

Opening books

The program supports the polyglot opening book format. I have found good opening books at RWBC web site, but you can of course use any polyglot books you want.

The program also supports the CTG opening book format.

For information about how to install opening books, read the about/help text inside the program.

Engine server

To use the DroidFish network engine function you need to run a compatible server program on a desktop computer. EngineServer is such a server program implemented in Java.

If your desktop computer runs Linux and you prefer a command line solution, the mini-inetd program from the tcputils package can be used instead. Run it like this:

mini-inetd tcpPort /path/to/chess/engine

Software components

This program contains the following parts:


Speed results for many different devices are available in this thread on the TalkChess.com forum.

Screen shots

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot3 screenshot5 screenshot6