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Java Chess Program

I have written a java chess program. Go here to play or download the program.

Stockfish Chess Program for Android Platform

I have ported the stockfish chess engine to the Android platform. The program is called DroidFish.

HP48/49 programs and links


Here is the latest version of my chess program for the HP48/49. Read the documentation for more information or see the changelog to find out what's new.

HP48/HP49 program + documentation + source code: mlchess-1.14.zip


Simplex solves linear programming (LP) problems. It works on HP49 calculators and can use exact arithmetic to avoid rounding errors. Read the documentation for more information or download the code and test it yourself. The current version is 1.05. Read the ChangeLog to see what is new.

Links to other HP48 stuff


Emacs-P4 integration package

P4 is a very good configuration management system running on a variety of platforms, including Linux. The p4.el Emacs Lisp library integrates the P4 commands into emacs. p4.el works with both GNU Emacs and XEmacs. p4.el is released under the GNU GPL license, but P4 itself is a commercial product. (But you don't need a license file for personal use.)

The home page for p4.el has been moved to sourceforge.

I have started a collection of high-level helper functions for p4.el. It is called p4extra.el and must be loaded after the p4.el package. It currently contains two functions:

I have also written a p4merge script that can be used as a $P4MERGE program for the "p4 resolve" command. This script relies on the simplemerge.el major mode for emacs. The simplemerge major mode should be generic enough to be used for resolving conflicts with CVS and perhaps other revision control systems too.

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