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Pelargonium pictures - Updated 9 March 2009 with new pelargoniums
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to my pelargonium page...

This page contains one of my big hobbies - collecting different pelargoniums! A big part of my days(working hours)includes hardware and software development and due to this it is nice to relax in my leisure time with more down-to-earth stuff. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to collect to many pelargoniums of each sort due to lack of space in my apartment. And I am sorry to say that don't have the ability to trade with cuttings or plants.

My balcony 2004

On the picture page you will find some of the flowers I have collected.

You do know that if you give a pelargonium as a gift, it means:
"I would be glad to have you as a friend" :-D

Some info about pelargoniums:

The name pelargonium was introduced by Johannes Burman, year 1738. It orgins from the Greek "pelargos" (stork), because part of the flower looks like a stork's beak.

Pelargoniums are sorted in several groups:
Species, Species hybrids, Scented-Leaved, Ivy-Leaved, Unique, Regal, Angel and Zonal. The Zonal group is subdivided further as follows:
Rosebud, Stellar, Fancy-Leaved, Tulip Flowered, Cactus Flowered and Straight zonal among others.
The flowers are single(5 petals), Semi-double(6-10 petals) och double(more than 10 petals). This classification differs through the internet but i have chosen to use British and European Geranium Society's definition on my pages.
For more information go to one of the Pelargonium Society home pages or see my link page for more interesting pelargonium links.

Swedish Pelargonium Society - The Swedish pelargonium club (only in Swedish)
Swedish Pelargonium Society

The British Pelargonium & Geranium Society's home page
- The British pelargonium club

The British Pelargonium & Geranium Society

Pages updated:
9 Mars 2009 with:

New group 'Stellar' added and some more pelargoniums...see the picture side ->

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