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Pelargonium associations

Pelargonium Society - The Swedish club for pelargonium enthusiast >>
Swedish Pelargonium Society

Danish Pelargonium Society - The Danish club for pelargonium enthusiast >>
Danish Pelargonium Society

Norwegian Pelargonium Society - The Norwegian club for pelargonium enthusiast >>
Norwegian Pelargonium Society

The British Pelargonium & Geranium Society's home page - A British pelargonium club >>

B.E.G.S - The British and European Geranium Society - A British pelargonium club >>

INTERNATIONAL GERANIUM SOCIETY, INC. (IGS) - International Geranium Society for hobbyist >>

Pelargonium Palette - The Geranium and Pelargonium Society of Sydney >>

Buy pelargoniums online from England or USA

Fibrex Nurseries - ENG
1066 Country Plants - ENG
The Vernon Geranium Nursery - ENG

Geraniaceae.com - USA
Fischer - USA
Holt geraniums - USA
Papagenos (Scented geranium's) - USA
Shady Hill Gardens - USA