...We play both kinds, analog and digital

Project Studio

Record and Mix your project in a nice, secure and supporting environment.

The recording equipment is a mixture of great analog old school and latest digital high tech. 

My solution for marrying digital and analog is a hybrid of digital with analog summing so that you have a nice choice between traditional analog outboard gear, and / or its counterparts in the digital world, in automation, reverb, delay, compression, gating and equalizing.

So that's why,

...we play both kinds, analog and digital

Lexicon, Urei, Digidesign, Yamaha, Shure, AKG, Steinberger, IKmultimedia, Sennheiser, GoldenAge, Pearl, Drawmer, Orban, Auratone, TSM, SM Pro Audio, Behringer, Art, LA Audio, Waves, Antares and Korg are just some of the manufacturers of the equipment...



Record Mix Produce

It's your choice.

Complete project or parts.

Drop me an email and we can discuss what the options are.