Who is Statos?

Well, I always been an mystery. Some say that I'm is crazy scientist who meditate to much in Himalaya mountains. I fell in love with Hip-Hop in 91 and in 96 I made my first beat! It was crappy, but that day changed my entire life. All my adult life I have been dedicated to this art, even to this day.

Now I have a pretty decent studio, that I make beats in whenever I feel like it. Life hasen't been easy for me, because everything in life has always been a struggle. Now I do all from boombap, r n 'b to electronic and trap beats. I can also offer scratch chours on your beats. To an affordable price. Contact me for more information. Paypal is accepted.


Contact me futher, if you want an exclusive.

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Feel free to email me, to provide some feedback on my beats, give me some suggestions for new beats ideas or to just say yoo!