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...a very short...




When I was 6 years old, my father gave me

an accordion and showed me how to play it.


A few years later I discovered the Rock music

and bought myself a guitar.


I started to play full time in pop bands during the sixties,

when the Beatles and English pop were role models.

With my group "14" I made an LP and a number

of singles, one of wich was made in London,

with original music.

We also made "videos" and appeared on the only

existing TV channel and on radio.


During the seventies I moved to Stockholm

to study music.

Me and my new friends started

a band called "Vildkaktus",

We toured Sweden and made five LPs

and a number of singles.

1982 I returned to Norrköping and

worked as a music teacher. In 1988 I made a

Beatles musical together with the Beatles

tribute band "Liverpool". This was such a

success that I continued to play with

"Liverpool" full time.

In 1994, I won "Sikta Mot Stjärnorna"

("Stars in their Eyes") on TV4, performing

as John Lennon singing "Imagine".


During 1995 I made a solo Album,

consisting of my own material.


For the present I am touring Sweden and

other countries full time, both with "Liverpool"

and in other projects.


And life goes on...


Kind regards

Olle Nilsson