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Are we followers of "" Sick??? Some people get lost on the Internet every once in a while and end up in a.b.p.g.. They check it out and declare us as Sociopats, Sickos, Idiots and what not. (which btw reveals them, they ARE doctors!!!)

Or sometimes they reveal THE BIG spoiler of our lives, "YOU´RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!". After that we shockingly try to accept the fact and then we continue to read the next post. BUT, sometimes some of us come up with a funny answer to that "Spoiler" post and send it back.

That´s what This page is about.
Funny posts... Again, but without the pictures. Just extremely sarcastic (GOTTA LOVE´EM!!! :-)) replies to narrow-minded (Please, let ME be the Judge of that...:-)) people.

From now on, 990715, this page will include all sorts of "Funny" posts (without pictures) that have appeared on a.b.p.g.

Here we go, Classic Verbal Insults...


Antagonist: Newone222
Title: "YOU SICK MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Posted: 1999-06-18

Uh, oh. This AOL customer doesn't like me. Now my feelings are hurt. Maybe if I never post any more pictures he'll like me. Will you be my friend, Newone222? I promise not to post any more pictures and I'll give you a dollar. No, really, I want you to like me!

"lou parsons":
Unlike some of the other people here, I don't want you as my friend. Not even if you pay me the dollar. I post, even if only once, I actually learn something here; the tragedy of some peoples existence, the inhumanity we can show one another and a number of other minor details. If you have not got the strength of your convictions, meaning you are too chicken shit to slag people while using your own name, fuck off! I even find things I cant stand. Poor cats and dogs all messed up. :(

Make it two dollars and he'll even speak to you in public places!

"Drew P. Droz":
Maybe for three bucks he'll "speak through the tube" in pubic places?

Wow. If I'd known it only cost a dollar to buy a friend, I'd have bought more friends ages ago. Damn.

"Drew P.Droz":
Awww - I'll be your friend, Laura - all my other ones deserted me when they found out I read abpg postings.

your comments have made me teary eyed.
please be my friend.

"Charles Manson":
What is your problem you stupid Man Child - get real or simply fuck off
- we don't have time for kiddies like you who have a morbid curiosity
but as soon as their feeble minds are tweaked ...they blame others
everyone else has said - Grow up.

he ones to fear are the ones who say & do nothing ...just like the guy
watching your parents place as we talk....

Night night Newone222 - when we come for you will know.

Antagonist: getalife
Title: "what the hell is wrong with this picture??"
Posted: 1999-06-18
Comment: jesus christ!!!!!!you people are fucking sick. you need HELP bad. what in the world would make you want to look at stuff like this???? man's inhumanity to man is bad enough, but to know that some sick bastards like you enjoy it is just to much. why don't you take pictures of your mother or father or kids all fucked up or laid out on a slab. post that on the net and tell others how proud you are of it! it is because of sick pukes like you that we need gun control. and you should know that gun control is the ability to hit your target. maybe someday you will be mine and i can post your blown away ass on the net. till then i hope you have a fucked-up day!!! sweet dreams sick-o......bang

"Anne Lundy":
I have one question....what are you doing in this newsgroup if it disgusts you?

"Eurasmus B. Black":
Hey fuknutz - if that bang was you committing suicide, send us a pic to wank over, OK?

"Scott Wilcox":
Don't go away mad dude.... just go away!

and your point is??

I got three questions for you:
1. what part of grotesque do you not understand?
2. what does gun control have anything to do with people dying in an automobile accident, plane crash, natural causes. etc.?
3. what if we beat you to it and post your picture first?

oh by the way, here is a pic just for you!

"Drew P. Droz":
OOOH! OOOH! Kiddy Porn - MORE!! Or maybe this was the headless horseman's birthday?

Antagonist: ../~blu~\\..
Title: "Finally reached the bottom of the pile ....."
Posted: 1999-07-10
Comment: Well I've come across some sad, sick people in Usenet but I think at last I've found the lowest of the low .....
I feel so sorry for you lot, I really, really do.

"Billy the Kid":
I always thought of myself as a happy type person in perfect health. But thanks anyway!

Thanks for your compassion. Hope you are enjoying the photos you have been looking at.

well blu, we appreciate the pity. we here at abpg are only looking for emotional support from caring people such as yourself. lo the times that we spend viewing and posting these pictures in the hopes that a good samaritan will swoop down from cyber space and free are lost and broken souls from the grim reality of our ways. i understand your underlying wishes of what you are saying and i will obey. i only hope that by killing myself, i will gain entry onto your GOOD Usenet people list. but... hummm... would i be out of line if i offed myself online so the rest of the group could enjoy it too?? crut
"mind if i stick a shovel through yer skull??"

Well, I'm glad SOMEONE cares about my unhappy childhood! Hell, you're even more sympathetic than my psychiatrist!

Yes & boy do you need one !!!!! Why don't you take your friends along too???

I just think you people would be a lot better off coming to MY favorite news group I just love little girls!

"Billy the Kid":
Little girls huh? I figured you to be a type of person. Anyway, if you don't like our news group, well, you can suck Llorta's dick!

Not only are you sick in the head, Billy, but you also forge email addresses.
If you want to hold onto your ISP I suggest you stop doing this. I notice, as usual, that there hasn't been much in the way of intelligent responses about just why you people need to look at these pathetic pictures -- just the usual smart ass messages .........

Thanks, Billy, but I'm not THAT desperate at the moment. Besides, you can tell by his name that "blew" would enjoy it too much.

"Billy the Kid":
Your right. He is defiantly showing the tendencies of a man with "blew balls"

"Billy the Kid":
My uncle and the president of my ISP have an agreement. He promises to leave me alone and ignore this group and I promise not to tell anyone we are related. By the way, do you like gladiator movies?

"crut" in response to "../~blu~\\..":
now i'm afraid you are asking for it.
in short, ( cuz there's all ready been more than enough time spent on you ) what fucking business is it of yours anyway why we look at this shit. what is it that you expect in response? insight? get real. who cares. we like it plain and simple. your question is idiotic cuz it don't make a lick of difference if you understand us or not. stop wasting your time here. we are not here to answer your questions. if you are genuinely interested in a certain post, that's fine. no problem. there's ways to get the story. but if you come here to analyze us? ... good luck.

"neff" in response to "../~blu~\\..":
I notice, as usual, that there hasn't been much in the way of intelligent responses about just why you people need to look at these pathetic pictures -- just the usual smart ass messages ......... the real blu

Hmmmm. I see you have spent a bit of time here then. You must need some help.

"Titan2" in response to "../~blu~\\..":
Bite it & leave us alone.

"Quik Fred":
Actually /~blu~\ tried to harass the pre-teen group and got his butt kicked, he's here just trying to build his self-esteem back up.

"../~blu~\\.." in response to "Quik Fred":
Perhaps you could remind me who kicked my butt ???? It certainly wasn't you........ So you stick your snout in this garbage pile as well do you ? Actually this place makes ABPEPT seem fairly healthy. Very bad vibes down here -- some very sick people. I am leaving now and NOT returning .............

blu so sorry for you .....

Say hello to alt.folklore.urban for me.

"crut" in response to "../~blu~\\..":
oh please don't go!! i somehow feel responsible for your hurting feelings. i won't say bad things anymore i promise. except maybe...

"mind if i stick a shovel through yer skull??"

Well thank God for small favors.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

I get real tired of self-righteous hypocrites like that. If he is so damned good, what the hell was he doing looking in this NG in the first place? The name of the NG is a dead (ha!) giveaway that you aren't going to see Disney cartoons here.

Well, thank christ for that. We don't need pedophiles here ruining the good name of ABPG. Very sick indeed.

Poster: topper
Title: "Anybody got any "new dead women Files??"
Posted: 1999-10-25
Comment: Looking for some new meat.

Sure. Women are killed every day just for your viewing pleasure.

"Billy the Kid":
Thank god!!!!

"Lisa Ruby":
No. Thank men.

Clueless: Movie
Title: "The Pizza Guy"
Posted: 2000-05-13
Comment: Does anyone know if the pizza guy was killed? And anymore postings of actual mpegs would be appreciated. Thanks

"Billy the Kid":
No, they re-built him. Made him better than before. He can now deliver pizza's at sixty miles an hour on foot

"the paisley buddha":

shut up billy

Name: Homer J. Simpson
Title: "princess di crash photos???"
Posted: 2000-10-07
Comment: princess di crash photos???

No problem, here you go:

"Homer J. Simpson": did not work mikey...

Damn, sorry 'bout that. It was just working yesterday.
There was even an interview with Diana, taken at the hospital the night of
the accident. She was saying something about having a really bad headache,
but she thought she'd be OK. Then the next thing ya know, poof, she was
gone, just like that.

Wong url. Try this one

Found a new one:

Antagonist: Jessica Whitaker
Title: "Please unsubcribe"
Posted: 2000-12-02
Comment: Unsucribe me from your newgroup.

"Hoodah Thunkit":
This is sorta like the Mafia, Jessica - once you're in,
there's only one way out, but if you're cute we just
might make you a special deal. Do you know what
'gang bang' means?

you related to BTK ,

This is fun! Boy, am I glad that this ng don't come with an unsubscribe
option, *Getting in line and dropping pants* just bend over, Jessie. We'll
be gentle - later..

Anybody else getting e-mail from this dumb gutter whore Jessica? I got two

Then she had the nerve to call me an idiot after I wrote back and told her
it wasn't a mailing list. Ttttttt

"Billy the Kid":
I got an email from her. She is a really cute and sweet girl. Not like
Spider at all! Itold her what the prob. was. So Leave the little slut

Lmao you almost sounded caring........ till the last 3 words were written :)

"Janne" (To Jessica):
I wish I could. Let's face it, you are stuck with abpg and I won't let you
free. If you are nice and behave I might let you go - in a few years time.
In the meantime - find some gory pics and post them.

Lmao looks like you have a new toy to play with :)

"Russ Smith":
[A year or two ago this used to be an images group, minimal
chit-chat, and that chit-chat was pretty reader-friendly (if not
somewhat, uh, grotesque.) Bummer things have changed...]

Enough fun, folks.


This is a USENET newsgroup, not a mailing list. Somehow
you "subscribed" to this newsgroup by clicking on the
appropriate feature in your own browser (Netscape on a Mac?).

To unsubscribe, find that part of YOUR browser that has
anything to do with newsgroups, then find the list of groups,
and the name of this one in particular, and unsubscribe.

If you haven't the faintest idea what I'm typing about, find
someone who can sit down at your computer and do it
for you.

The folks here are having fun with you because they know

"Hoodah Thunkit":
I'll bet that Russ Smith is the same kid who was
lurking in a doorway when my second grade
class was going home, stopping everyone,
including me, saying "Hey kid, dere ain't no
Santy Claus. It's your mudder and your fadder."


Clueless: Jessica Whitaker
Title: "Re: Freaks freak2.jpg"
Posted: 2000-12-03

No way baby......and u know.....u can scream as much as u
cyberspace no one can hear u....MUHAHAAHHAHAAAA

Jessie, Jessie, there's nothing to scream about.. Come to papa and sit here
on my lap. Want some candy?

Are you going to pretend like you're driving down a long bumpy road?

Ah, you've been there and done that, haven't you?

I just don't like what happens at the end of the ride.

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