af Chapman II

af Chapman II was an up-date to the non-foiling af Chapman design. Little but the basic hull was kept. af Chapman II may be seen as an inverted sea-plane: all foils and the propeller are in the water and the hull is in the air. It had all the flight control surfaces of an aircraft including flaps controlled by the rear-facing second crew member.

The design was optimised for speed and manoeuvrability sacrificing such things as bollard-pull and accelerating from a stand-still. With the limited out-put of the 'power plant' there is very little room for error in the design. Early on she was quite hard to fly with the crew struggling with sub-optimal RPM.

Based on data gathered during 1989 tests the revised design was quite a success in 1990. The race photos are from a regatta open to teams from universities. Teams came from all over Europe to Stora Kåsjön east of Gothenburg, Sweden. Being the first foiler to participate in these yearly regattas, af Chapman II became the centre of some considerable interest.