The original artwork still in place.
The two bolts in the upper corners will be hidden under the new decal.

The new decal. The colors differ a bit from the original, but not as much as it seems here.

Original front with everything removed. Note the wear from the legs and the lockdown bar.
The holes on each sides of the coindoor will be putted up.

I guess itīs too late for regrets now!
The backbox decals came off by just pulling them, but for the cabinet you have to use other methods.
You can either use a grinding machine for removal of the decals or you can heat them with a hair dryer and then scrape them off bit by bit.

The holes for the coin door bar and other damages are putted up and the bolts at the top are countersunk and putted up as well.

The new decal in place!

The machine is here fully reassembled with a repainted coin door and Pin-Cushin leg protectors.