The first thing to do is emptying the backbox. All the connectors has to be marked and removed from the boards before you can remove the boards themselves.


The original artwork. Note the damage at the lower right side.
Those bolts arenīt a pretty sight either, but they will be hidden underneth the new decals.

The new decal.


Old decal removed. Next step will be to grind away the glue and get an even and smooth surface.

The head of the bolts are grinded down so the bolts doesnīt have to be countersunk that far into the wood.

The holes for the bolts and other dents are putted up. The entire surface is grinded with a fine sandpaper (240).

The decal is now in place, all that remains is to grind away the edges. Grinding is prefered because it gives straighter edges than cutting.
Use a black felt pen to cover up the white edges of the decal.

The final results!