The following new parts has been installed since I bought the game in 2002:
Flipper Buttons
2 Flipper Coils
2 Flipper Coil Stops
2 Flipper Coil Tubings
2 Flipper Link Assemblies
2 Flipper Bushings
2 Flipper Return Springs
2 Flipper Bats w/ Shaft
3 Bumper Wafers
Decal, "Spell WOW"
Decal, "Jackpot"
Cannon Ball, blue
Neon Transformer
Ringmaster Proximity Sensor Board -modified
One pair of Backbox Scrolls
4 Steel Balls
Cabinet and Backbox Decals from Graphic Dimensions
Pin Cushin´ leg protectors
Ringmaster Spring Assembly


Project: New Cabinet Decals

Fun Facts

Quote Sheet


Cabinet, front

Cabinet, left side

Backbox, right side

Backbox, left side