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Sunday - February 4th 2007

Tessa flexes...
...her muscles and redirects some of the hotheads to flame forum.
Come on - you CAN express pretty much everything/anything without crossing the line on what is allowed and not on main...
While some get their magnifying glass to get a better view of the actual muscles that were flexed...
[You have seen the pic of her haven't you? :-P]

Tourney or not Tourney
Lots of whining and more or less stupid post on subject.
Lets try and sum it up:
Anyone organizing a tourney doesn't have to let anyone at all in period
(unless officially sponsored by Skyven/God who demands it)
A bit boring with no participants maybe - even if technically you do have a very easy task as organizer.
So as organizer you might decide to let anyone above recruit in, or anyone whose nick starts with a d or p - but none else.
None have any RIGHT to be a particpant in ANY tourney...
(unless officially sponsored by Skyven/God who demands it)
And as the organizer you can quit at any time or tailor groups, maps and placement order to suit yourself or whatever...
...and we have seen both happend before.
Organizer presents his offer - players accept it and joins... or doesn't...
Personally find it more offensive to block out lower ranked people than for instance:
people who technically have been convicted of cheating...
people who technically having admitted to cheating...
people who technically is disliked by a lot of players...
But lets face it. A certain min rank req to enter probably just improves the tourney.
Other limitations used? Up to organizer initially and then players to accept or not.
[yikes - horrible attempt at summarizing that topic :-P But live with it... or DON'T]
Don't get me wrong - anyone taking the time to do anything like a tourney (no matter what limitations used or not) deserves some credit.
Lp3 did good before and if he does another or even fails at attmpting to get another running it is all good.
He did try at least.

Exclusion lists
Covering a turn or stepping in to take a peek is no God [ie Skyven in this specific case] given right.
The one thing Skyven did grant was The Exclusion List - no matter what excuse you use - that one is an official part of the rules.
Accept it or become a has-been who skulks the dungeons under the BBS like so many before. [Like you? :-p]

...I never made up anything that I put on these pages or posted on the forums.
Technically you have to make you own mind up...

Saturday - February 3rd 2007

Dve released from prison...
... of the MKC that is.
New group who will be dealing with whiners and others are:
Lp3, Toto, Blitz, Countessa and Drongoman.

Barak the Saint
Not me who made that nick up at least :-p
In his own words:
[Yes, I admit it]- I have technically cheated before.
Competative and young age good excuses for cheating or not?
I find that insulting to both young people and those who actually are competative.
The cheaters I have seen have been on average not so young to a bit on the older side of MK community.
And how can you be so stupid you manage to fool yourself into believing you have done well getting there cheating?
Bullys - gang up on the little kid at school - preferrably 3 to 1 and beat him. "Yeah we were really tough beating that little kid!" 6 to 1 in lbs and 1 to 1 IQ...
Somethings never change...

Black holes and new words
Personally stopped tracking the new word thread before first page was full...
Some keep those threads going though. [Edit: Look whos talking! Writer would have been one of the "some" back before senility hit him...]

Ethics and ghosts
A familiar ghost from the MK-past pops up in the MKC elec result thread.
If I state I will cheat in any games I play does that make it ok?
As I did WARN everyone I would...
If you have no clue about what the meaning of that is - it is about exclusion lists and how to circumvent them without getting any stains on your halo.

Sunday - January 28th 2007

Oops - already been another year ?!?
I know I know - not supposed to be back typing here until December...
Kinda been my regular schedule - every other year in December...

The Raider sighting
Got an e-mail from him and later (last fall :-p) saw him posting about a Europe-trip with bro Stalker.
Anyone know how all that turned out?
And did him/they ever get back in the game again?
Installed MK again today myself...
Then saw the nominations for MKC *shrugs* and was instantly cured of any MK-itch.
But it is all good - both MK and me probably are better off separated...

Sunday - January 22nd 2006

Changes to MK ?
Skyven has been seen posting and we will probably see some changes to MK in the near future.
Buzz is in charge of the playerside of the new projects - tweaks for MK and wishlist for MK II.
Luhar was also seen again. And projects like this is just what he loves the most - expect some major involvement from his side ;)
Jynx' original thread seems to have been forgotten - the thing that got all of this started.
And looking at the suggestions for tweaks I am not too excited myself.
Most seem to work against the double turn advantage issue or belong in the MK II wishlist thread instead.
But who knows - maybe I will share my views with you all in the tweaks thread as well.
Would probably be pretty much what I posted in Jynx' thread though.
Aside from last idea I had and worked a bit on with Genie the other nite.
A random cash bonus feature to each game.

Total Dominance
Anyone remember the thread we had a few weeks back talking a little about TD?
Appears that current TD is take 3.
Found a little file Sentinel wrote back in the days when I teamed up with them.
An interesting part of MK history for those involved (and maybe others)...

Old and grumpy
Another old MKer posting recently was Raskolnikov.
One of the first friends I made in MK - doesn't appear to be very active in game though.

Future of this site?
Not sure actually.
Few readers, new job starting tomorrow, reactivated my old Anarchy Online account...
And almost no feedback :-P
So a lot of things speaking against me keeping this up - but it is kinda fun even if just my own personal log of MK events so who knows...
Nothing definite decided yet though - but you can always talk me into keeping it up (or at least try)...
And don't threaten me with sending ruler over if I cancel project - it has already been done :-P

My games?
Finished my last game on KS yday - second game I had on 4on4 map.
Kinda boring openings - and a pretty darn rich map.
Seems the 4 oil-spots are good - all the major players late in those 2 games have started there.
And combination of corner spot with one or two neighbours without porcs on turn 4 also seems to be a req for good position in endgame.
Could possibly be a fun map with 4 players - all starting in the corners though. Would be no turn 4 kills and a little time for battle before first kills.
With that game gone my only other games are the 3 ET games.
Aside from rather sloppy/unplanned openings not much to say about them yet.
Dve is also working on the layout of tourney site though - minor tweaks but improving anyway :-P
As can be seen several groups are already more or less over. Will be interesting to see who makes it to round 2 of the rest of groups.

Trust me...
But suggestion on flame board is you don't trust Spinflip.
Apparently breaking his word and taking surrenders in a game sent off to timeout.

Trust them...
Ice and Zordrac posting here and there on topics like ethics, cheating and being unbaised...
Are they really the ones who should speak of these matters? ;-P

Saturday - January(?) 7th 2006

Me Myself and I...
Can now be found in this corner...
After being part of this mess...
Maybe even old dogs can be taught new tricks =D

Dicks trying to reclaim territory?
McGoo have now been joined by markg in an attempt to retake the Flame board...
But they are just old has-beens and no threat to the Flame-mob currently running around in a beheaded-chicken style.

More WC material =D
Next installment in the WC-saga will be another trip down memory lane - graphical flame style.
But holding off on it for a few more days... Giving at least one more a chance to score a few points.
KIWI managed to put himself in a comfy lead with minimal effort.
Being the only one in the race is a sure way to win :-P

First win *does a little dance* :-P
Fog's skillful placement and/or ghosting of his unis was giving me a lotta trouble.
Due to porcless turn 4 neighbour and playing early most following turns I was in a good financial position.
His fac close to my base (as well as a double opportunity) would be a problem if I didn't kill him that turn.
Spying/taking everything close to his base and getting no unis I was about to porc up and attempt to wear him down the hard way.
Doh! Just in time I remembered Predators can fly pretty far... Especially if hitching a ride with a herc for 13 spaces first =D
[Edit: had artillery uni in range to fire at base but not act as surround]
Money was no prob so 3 hercs later 14 Predators were acting as the last 140% surround and game was soon over.
As it was so long since I last played I remember things like that in every game so far. Combining noob misstakes with more complex moves/strategies.
But it is all fun - as long as I have fun I don't mind the losses =D

Still looking for feedback
I'll eventually get bored with this rambling to myself I am doing at the moment.
Feedback would be nice - good to know what you like/dislike so I can try and humour you for a few weeks/months (or longer?!) before get bored again :-P

Flame Game 35 in slow-mo
20+ turns now and only 5/10 dead...
Toto: Stop playing with the dead - finish 'em off already :-P

Anyoe about to finish one of those games?
Could you do me a favour and look at the timer-thingie and turn number before you end it and after?
Then mail/msg me telling me if turn flips and so... Forgotten if those games act like classics when game is ended...

*forages for some naval fluff*
Umm - sorry - no more for ya so far today...
ta ta

[Edit: actually forgot one thing I think is worth mentioning - Ice positng some rather nice pics for a change]

Thursday - Januari 5th 2006

Vonkin's days are over? a nomad that is - looking for an alliance on flame.

Genie bursts into ...
Tears? =D Nah - just a bit upset over the semi-correct MK entry in Wikipedia.

No more work for Fire
If he gets what he wants that is - a working MK connection at work =D

Still not a single e-mail! :-P
Now I have sent 3 ppl directly here - so know 3 have read part of this crap at least :-P
Nice to know I do my part in dumbiefying the world =D

MK-Gossip World Championship
First competition: E-mail me :-P (ICQ msgs will also be acceptable).
Up to 10 points to earn depending how fast you do it (and content).
Need your MK nick (and for bonus points: gossip, gfx submissions and general feedback)

MK-Gossip WC: Competition 2
Looking at this video reminded me of a certain MKer...
Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Who did it remind me of? (Hints: non-human featured and human counterparts [portrayed] mental abilities)
Too not hurt the feelings of that MKer in question - no correct answer will be given at end of competion.
But those who are/guess right will be awarded 5 or 2 points (higher score for fastest person/persons).

Sunday - Januari 1st 2006

Elite! (Moi?)
Dve is getting ready to kick off next tourney - so get ready - less than a week left...
Most missplaced sad excuse for an MKer?
Yours truly :-P
Others have more faith in my abilities than I do *lol*
Thread here:
Site here:

Ironfist and Lp3 makes a nice pair...
...of house rules games that is =D
Thread titles self-explanatory - just visit the flame forum.

McGoo swoops by
Just long enough to explain the satisfacton derived from helping the computer-knowledge-challanged persons =D
Ohh - almost forgot - he is also looking for someone wanting to play boyfriend #2.
Contact information left here:
(Or could it be the game [BF2] he is talking about?!)

Saturday - December 31st 2005

Maybe now...
...I'll get some feedback :-P
After several weeks of mindless rambling in the dark - I decided to add link to the MKverse in my forum sig.
I mean - can't expect me to make up new stuff all by MYSELF do ya?
(hint: mail or msg me :-P)
So what next? Realized I need to get a links page done... And mebbe dig up some more gfx of various sort =D
Requests for content accepted as well - I promise to only ignore those I think deserves to be....

Signs of life?
The BBS slowing down considerable x-mas/new year week.
Looks like other MKers actually have a life - unlike me :-P

Down to 1
Just one game running atm.
But more will come as I did agree to sign up as cannon fodder in Dve's tourney :-P

Friday - December 30th 2005

You don't mind getting crowded and doubled in duels?
Play Pornostar on his fav map hellsx-something and place first =D

5 more days :-P
And still not a single e-mail =/
Ahh well - good thing I don't actually need readers to keep on rambling =D

Archive up
As said before - put all the old files I could find up.
Do you spell it Archaive or Archive or maybe both ways are wrong?!
Dates on the old gossips? Unsure but think they are from 2000.
And then additional comments added late 2001 and 2003.
So this Dec 2005 comeback was just on schedule - and once I go missing again - look for more Dec 2007 :-P
Not bothered to kill the dead links in there - they are historical now :-P

Billz filled in the blanks about Total Dominance fate and return.
I was curious about the alliance as I once played in the first one.
Anyway - digging around my files I found an old pic we had done for TD.
Also found a few more so decided to add a gallery here. All gfx will be displayed there.
So TD pic, a 'tease' and an old screenshot sent to me by Ras - first items to be on display =D
I'll dig around and see what else I can find in my chaotic file structure... Someday :-P
Unless ppl give me some new stuff and/or encouragment that is =D

Sunday - December 25th 2005

20 days...
...since last update. And just 1(!) who asked me about it :-P
If you got some gossip, rumours, praise and/or complaints just drop me an e-mail.
And if not - but still like me to keep this page running - drop me a line and let me know.
Curious if anyone reads it besides the one asking about my updates :-P

MKC election results
Ariman - Dve - Ricko - Spinal Meltdown - Toto
Any complaints about their job performance?
Suck it up :-P We got the ones voted for - live with it =D

Cheats 'n stuff
Finally starting to die down about Metalbaby - quite boring reading...
Rulerbaby/Icebaby saga continues - so nothing new there either...

Best of the rest...
Hmm - not much good stuff.
Not wasting any time on reading posts by the bush-fan
too long - tooo boring - toooo much of the same old crap...
Neither wasting any time on reading the gazillion follow-ups in the threads by/about
the dork who think dead babies deserved it...
MK BBS - the place to gather if ya have no life and/or brain...
Yeah - I go there - so what?! :-P

FCT - Leimus blocks Barak outta tourney game :-P
Might be good to remember - if you play tourney games - don't block ppl out =D
Ppl you don't want to play in a tourney? Suck it up - or quit.
Ariman and Juggernaut stomps on - Burin, Samurai and Arabian flattened.
Genie lets us know King Lugenkar is about to test the skills of willing MKers again...
Well - he is considering it at least...

First batch...
...of games is more or less over.
Making lots of funny misstakes :-P
But having fun and experimenting a lot.
Am sure I eventually will get the hang of things again and get a win...
...or get lucky and get a win! Either way will be fine ;-P

Monday - December 5th 2005

MKC spanks away
Well deserved spankings delivered to Vanilla and Zorrdro =D
Read all about it in the appropriate forum ;)
MKC might be a paper tiger...
...but paper cuts can be a pain too :-P

Flame Game XXXV
Vanilla boy huddles in a corner with potato stuck in his nose and a pigeon up his...
...armpit :-P
'Tessa and Aragorn bin Laden are warming up to tango.
Sorry - all I could get this time - value of nudie pics have dropped drastically I noticed...

Return game #1
Ups - it was a wreck game :-P My bad.
And I forgot I had to collect the mill production as well to get things flowing...
Well - didn't forget really - just made a few goof ups.
Will continue to share the info from this game with y'all until I am dead :-P

Return game #2
First missed turn =D 36 mins too late...
Too bad that puts me in the easy kill/cannon fodder slot =/
But on the good side it also means there ARE things more important that I had too do.

Vanilla/whomever topogame lockout
Long thread with lots of waste of space. Vanillababy should be penalized somehow though.
Skyven/MKC shouldn't have to do what his parents failed to do though - drop his pants and put him on their knees and...
So some ingame dicipline would be more suiting - to make sure that his vigilante argument actions is not condoned.
Same for the other sorry guy (playing topo :-P *shrug*) - missuse of exclusion list or something.
And when you see rulerbaby (easumning yup acn dezipheer is typeeing anf inetionss) typing (or attempts thereof) and what appears to be his view on a good rep MKC (one without Genie and 'Tessa) you start to wonder...
... if he REALLY thinks they are bad representatives? If so it is sad.

Gossip Archive
Did locate part of the old material so still a possibility I'll get this done...
Remember - you enter here as well into any future archive at own risk :-P

FG 35 update
These just cost me 2 Sylvia Saint clips!
Downside is I think he started watch them immidiatly - so info was comming in onehandedishly...

Aragorn bin Ladens prediction of Genies early retirement is looking rather wrong atm.
His three front war eats up his territory - not expanding it.
(and not counting the upcomming tango with 'Tessa)

Besides sulking in the corner Vanilla is getting hit on by Darth who is not satisfied with Aragorn alone.
With Tototanks running around unrestricted all over the place - Buzz have a harder time to keep up the apperance of actually playing the game.
Insults, pigeons and potatoes are the only things allowed to be airborn in this game - possibly why Vanilla is studying the latter two so carefully - to improve the quality of his airborn of the first category.

Stunning news!

Genie and 'Tessa will NOT lend us a helping hand from inside the MKC tomb of horrors...
Some evil rumours circulating about honeymoons and pacific islands - but I know those are not true...

Leaving us with a mixed group of one-eyed barmaids and veggie wielding cowards:
Spinal Meltdown

Also two who can't decide on what path to pick...
...honeymoon or torture chamber (with the other barmaids and cowards) of the tomb.
(to see if they will pass test and allowed into the backroom of MKC tomb - where the inflatable dolls are stashed):

One wildcard is rumored to be introduced
this persons nick does NOT start with an S and have slipped past nominations by the secret 5th rule of the MKC reelection procedure.

Thursday - December 1st 2005

Nite of the living dead
w00t !?!
YES - I'm back (at least for the moment :-p)
My returns have not proven to be too reliable or lasting in the past...

Deretirement a fact?
Slim pickings when I browsed KS for a game but joined one at random anyway.
Not much ranks (an odd soldier/lieutenant or two and rest cadets)
But did see an old friend - Guthrum. Picked on by many in the old days I remember.
He does have my respect though (even if I never been impressed with actual playing skill) unlike a lot of others I still see on boards at least.

Game #2
DVE twisted my arm and made me join a forced doubles game vs Herk.
He wanted to make sure I did get a nice pounding to be tender once the Elite tourney starts I guess.
Appears I have been signed up for that one somehow - so a pre-tourney forced game was needed. My first I think.
All in all both games look ok.
I make misstakes every turn but starting to remember bits and pieces here and there so will not die turn 4 at least (I hope)

Same old same old...

Strat brags about his comfy rich life (sounds like he thinks/does at least)

Ice101 cheats and admits it:
i did it to piss him off.

Burning Shrub have a few spam sessions with same old same old.

I'll see if I can actually dig up some more entertaining stuff another day.

And nope - can't give any inside info on the F...lame Game (X-V)(V+II)
But might find an informant willing to part with some info for a couple of nudie pics from my archives...
(STRICTLY bartering material! I promise...)

A few running starting ending etc... Will see if I can gather some inside info on those things as well.

First we cut the wires to the ...

Oooops - wrong plans :-P

Finding a few more or less interesting things to share with y'all (if anyone ever finds this site :-P)
Digging up the old pages for an archive thingie sorta. Like Tino asked for once to the last edition.