The MKers Guide to the MKverse


Sunday - February 4th 2007

OK - so that issue must be... hmmm.. maybe he means it - nah... Technically? Hmmm...

And as a bonus - scroll down to bottom of page =D [Doh! Not the veggie wielding one I use - the one above :-p]
Technically Really I Honestly Accused... all pretty words eh?

Saturday - February 3rd 2007

Big ships and small transports...
y1 shows us why he thinks 3 battleships doesn't fit on a transport...

Big transports and small ships...
I found the explanation Skyven decided to have it that way...

Sunday - Januari 1st 2006

Tricky map?
I sometimes took screenshots of maps to get better overview when they were wrappers.
This is the pod that is split by the wrap on the map Blizzard.

...its just a game :-P

Style ;)
Surrender the Darko-way =D
Some tourney a looong time ago that never finished. Map Nesteggs.
This is done with style - a 'FUCK U TEO' msg is just childish :-P

Darko is white on radar in case you wonder =D

Peace please
Guess that was all he had...

I just offered to help them if they wanted advice/hints...
Was me and Mgd (Jynx?) under Unregulator flag out wrecking havoc =D

DK was cool about it though - we got along well later on.
But this msg earned me the teasing-rights =D

We were pretty dominant and was just offering help... =D

Tricky moves...
...made easy! One reason for my simple-project.
Very helpful when planning moves like here.
An unchained cargo with no dozer or attackunits - just needed to keep him from getting a foothold on island.
[just to clarify - one soldier on it and nothing else]

If you count the moves - he will end up one move short to delivier the infantry-unit (to a city that is).

Friday - December 30th 2005

Total Dominance
A stroll down memory lane...
A good alliance - and Billz restarted it after a break. Nice to see it live on =)
Sig we made for the first one as well as info on one game I found.
And if you wonder - Jynx will soon be dead :-P

Did mention something about some gfx made to tease on flame.
Here is one =D
I did stop calling him Ms Genie though - he got a lot of attention from MKers who believed it was true...
MKers can't get laid eh?
So am not unreasonable - he asked kindly and I stoped - this doesn't count of course - this is historical documentation =D

"I ain't no nice guy..."
Heh - very old screenshot of a msg - sent to me by Ras a looong time ago =)
Tsk tsk - what a nice guy eh?

Is the above a fake/edit? I don't know...
Even if I personally have a rather good idea - you have to make up your own mind (no matter the condition of it). :-p

Don't take things too seriously - It is just a War GAME ! =D