The Misfits Songbook
 Lyrics and Chords or Tabs for Guitar and Bass to all songs recorded by the Misfits between 1977 and 1983 

Doyle Welcome to The Misfits Songbook. Within this site you will find the lyrics to all songs the Misfits recorded between 1977 and 1983 that are available on CD, with chords or tabs for guitar and bass. You'll also find sound clips in Real Audio format of every song. This site has no other ambitions but to be a resource of guitar tabs, chords and lyrics to all Misfits songs, along with instructions on how to play them. If you came looking for flashy graphics, discographies or biographies, then you came to the wrong place. If that is the case, you should check out the links page instead.

Help If you're new to the guitar, to playing chords or reading tablature notation, you should go to the Help section. You'll also get tips on how the songs should be played here.

Disclaimer The tabs and lyrics in this site are unfortunately not flawless. Find out what may be wrong and how you are allowed to use these tabs by reading the Disclaimer.

Credits The chords and tabs for the songs in found in this site were not transcribed by me, I have merely "put the chords in the right position". Check out the Credits to find out who transcribed which song and who helped this site in other ways. This is where you'll get listed if you help me correct the tabs.

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Links I've also compiled a few Links to other great Misfits related resources. If you link to me, there's a place for your site here.

Feedback I'm constantly improving this page and the files in it. To be able to do that I rely on your Feedback. Go to this section to find out how you get in touch with The Misfits Songbook. This is also the place where you sign the Guestbook and access the Message Board.

About... In the About... section, you'll find out what's been updated since your last visit to this site. You'll also find some background info and technical data of the site here.

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