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061409 - I’m so, so sorry for the gap in time. I’ve been on vacation and then AFF is up and running so most posts is done there.
To be honest, it’s because it’s easier for you readers to leave a comment there ;)

But I will truly try and make this site a living one. That is, update more often and so on. It’s not a promise, because I’m quite adamant about keeping promises and I’m not sure if I could keep such a promise.

Anyway, I’ve updated the site with another chapter of "Lovers Trust" and I’ve tried to fix a few errors on the link page.

062006 - Alright! AFF is up again! Wohooooooo!
I’ve updated Lovers Trust both there and here. In the Link section I have put some new links and this funny thing:
Chomp...(click it!)

I’m a sucker for reviews, so if you read Lovers Trust on AFF, be sure to leave a little comment! :) Livejournal

050206 - Next chapter of Lovers Trust. As you’ve certainly noticed, it’s a very slooow progress…

I’m still starving for feedback. Especially those of you who has never read the story, please leave a coment :)
I’ve changed the “review” link in the chapters so that you’ll come to my Livejournal instead. It’s easier to write a coment that way ;)
--> Livejournal

041906 - And so I’ve started posting “Lovers Trusts”. Because AFF.net is down, I thought it best to start posting it. If anyone who read it before finds her/his way here, they can read the end…

When I’ve gotten there…

041306 - I’ve added “Snow wolf” and “Forest Daytrip” to my fictions. Now only that monster “Lovers Trust” remains…

When that one is up I may start thinking about publishing fictions I haven’t in AFF.net, but that’s a later question.

I’ve also contemplated posting some sort of review site for those who haven’t read the stories yet so they can get a little more feeling for what to expect…
What you think about that?

030806 - Nothing particularly new. Only added a little links and a few chapters. I've not added AFF.net because they're still fixing their site.

Read more in my --> Livejournal

030306 - Hiya! Who ever reads this, welcome to my newly opened site; Whirling Script! Here mine, which would be "Shehanitan", fictions will be. I will also chare my favourite links and so on. And if it comes to that, I will open a gallery too. That is, if I get/find anything to show.

So far, I only have my most popular fictions up. I’m really just in the testing stage so far and we’ll see if I could get any traffic to this site. There’s a few links under “Links”, more to come. Tell me if you have any link you like and maybe I will put a link to it.

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