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If linking, please link to:"http://hem.bredband.net/maugul/whirling_script/"

Links I like Wonderful FF8 fictions with mainly SxS Wonderful FF8 fictions with SxS
Bishonen Works The Homepage to P.L.Nunn's fictions and art
A little more refined that AFF.net A large archive with a lot of good fiction in different fandoms
A pay site, but very good original fictions A pay site, but there's some free views and if you find anything interesting it's worth paying for a month;)
A interesting site with a various of different yaoi things They have both fictions and different art objects and contests. They also have links to good scanlation sites.
AdultFanFiction.net The wonderful site where I first posted my fiction. By this link you get to their "News page" and from there you can get to the whole site.
AFF.net ~ Shehanitan This is a direct link to my account there where you can read and easily leave reviews of all my posted stories.