Just another day of training
Start of May 2005



If anyone noticed him walking a bit strange or moving slower and more rigid than before, no one said anything about it. He himself tried not to think at all. The confusion in him didn’t want to ease and if he tried to think he would just end up with a spinning head and nauseating lurching in his stomach.

Why had they done it? He still hadn’t gotten an answer to that question. He had only heard hints about sex between males, as he had between girl and boy. Was it like this for a girl to? Did it hurt that much for them? He shivered. Again he wondered why anyone wanted to be the receiver.

That irritating voice in the back of his mind told him that he had liked it. But, it was just his body! And it hadn’t been nice more than those last few minutes and he had hated himself afterward. Just remembering his submission and weakness made him so shameful he wanted to sink through the earth and never come up again.

“Yes? You wanted something Squall?” Instructor Trepe fixated her blue eyes at him like it was a matter of death or life. He swallowed and for the first time in his young life, he felt unsure to ask anything.

“Could I change tent?” he wondered and Quistis sighed like, “Not this again.”

“No, I’m sorry, but no. It’s just one more night and with Raijin sent home I need you there,” Quistis explained.

A, of course. The self-proclaimed bodyguard had taken a fatal hit to save Seifer from it. The youth was fine after a phoenix down and some potions, but the rules said he needed to return home and get a real examination. So, Squall and Seifer was left alone in their little, little tent.

“Why me? We don’t work well together,” he said, trying not to whine. Quistis only arch a brow.

“I think you both have made a good progress these two days. And you two are the only ones strong enough to be in only a pair. If I should have followed the rules, you two, too, should be home by now, but both I and Instructor Erat think you can handle yourselves,” she explained and Squall silently cursed her. He rather be home in his shared dorm room than out here in the “dragons dent”.

There wasn’t more to say so he was sent on his way back to his tent. She hadn’t asked why he all of a sudden wanted to change tent. And he hadn’t explained anything… Shame and worry made his stomach clench up.

Was he supposed to say something to anyone about this? No, he had already said to himself he should shut up. But… shouldn’t he try and do something so the same thing didn’t happen to someone else? He slumped down on a fallen tree and hung his head, playing with the tip of the Revolver in the ground.

He didn’t want to go to the tent. He could sleep outside this night. The logic part of him said he couldn’t. It was already chilly outside and Seifer would go searching for him or report him missing if he didn’t get back. That were the rules. He was sick of the word “rules”. He sighed.

Maybe Seifer wouldn’t do anything because Raijin wasn’t there? Hoping he was right, he got up and headed back.

Seifer was polishing Hyperion in front of the fire. Green eyes racked him before going back to the work at hand. Squall didn’t say anything. He had managed to keep quiet the whole day. He headed for the tent.

“Not going to eat?” he almost flinched by the dark voice. Seifer hadn’t even looked up at him.

“No,” he answered lamely and continued on his way.

The mere thought about food made him ill. He had to leave shoes and Revolver in the front tent. When he crawled in he froze in something of a mix of chock and surprise. The two sleeping bags had been changed to one giant. One serving as under quilt and the other as covering. The breath caught in his throat and he scrambled backward, right into a solid warm body.

“What’s the rush? Wasn’t you going to bed?” Seifer purred and Squall almost jumped forward, but Seifer circled his arms around his and pressed him into a bear hug.

“Let go!” he shouted and started to trash immediately this time. Not again! Not ever again! Seifer just shifted his grip and held him tighter.

“Ho. That you say every time and yet again you like it in the end. Your such a hypocrite Squall,” Seifer murmured in amusement.

Even if he were kicking and trashing, Seifer got them both into the tent and could somehow hold Squall with one arm and close the tent with the other. Squall stopped wasting breath on arguing and concentrated on getting lose instead. Which was a losing battle.

He didn’t understand how he could be this weak and Seifer this strong. He was training every day and still it felt like he wasn’t more than a kitten in Seifer’s hands! Maybe he was? Seifer was almost two heads higher and had quite a bit more pounds of weight on his side. That shouldn’t matter! Something screamed in the back of his mind.

“Hey! Stop wriggling, you’ll just makes this harder,” Seifer said impatiently.

It only gave Squall more fuel to fight. He succeeded to hit an elbow somewhere in the middle of Seifer’s stomach and the other elbow up at his jaw. The moves made the youth groan and let him lose. Squall charged forward with the desperation of a animal. Of course, he couldn’t jump through the tent side.

Instead he crawled up against it ready to kick if the blonde dared to come any closer. Green eyes almost flashed in anger. Squall knew from before that hitting or hurting the blonde whatsoever, always made him raging. Squall just glared back. He was not going to let this happen again! He rather fight the whole night!

“I’ll get you back for those,” Seifer promised and advanced slowly.

He had already discarded his clothes down to his trousers. Squall was sure that if it had been anyone else, he could have glared them away. But Seifer knew how to get what he wanted and he knew Squall’s all glares and sneers. So when he slowly crawled forward like a hunting panther, Squall swallowed and felt his stomach clamp up again. For a moment they just stared at each other, every move, every breath calculated and slow. Hunter and prey.

With one fast move he scrambled away, charging for the safety of the tent flap. Squall screamed in a mix of anger and frustration when Seifer was over him, pinning him to the ground and catching his wrists. The blond placed himself on top of Squall’s back and it was enough with his weight to hold Squall there.

He could twist and squirm and trash all what he wanted, he didn’t get anywhere anyway. Squall swallowed and wanted to cry of frustration. His breath hitched in his throat when Seifer grind down on him and the very hard erection rubbed between his buttocks.

“Look how hard you get me,” Seifer breathed in his ear and slowly rubbed harder and harder.

Squall squirmed again but froze the instant Seifer moaned. The blonde licked his neck before biting down, hard. Squall couldn’t hold the whimper and felt how his defences slowly evaporated. Seifer shifted so he held Squall’s wrists in one hand, far enough from his mouth, and let the free hand stroke down his side.

Squall jumped at the ticklish touch and swallowed again. He shut his eyes when that broad hand sneaked in under them and opened his trousers. No. Not again. He didn’t want it! He was a breath from begging the blonde, but quickly shut his mouth. If he ever wanted to be able to look another person in the eye he would NOT beg!

He yelp embarrassingly when Seifer circled his dick. Seifer chuckled in his ear. He shut his eyes again when Seifer started to stroke him. He was being more careful than before. Stroking in even, just hard enough motions. Squall squirmed again when the heat rose. Seifer nuzzled his neck and soon found a ear he bit.

Squall involuntarily moaned. Seifer finished ravishing his ear and started to lick his neck again. Squall whimpered very quietly when Seifer let go of his cock and stroked up over his abdomen, poking his belly button. Squall tried to control his breathing as the warm, calloused hand continued up.

He shut his eyes and whined when his nipple was pinched hard. Seifer grunted above him and twisted the tender nipple. Squall screamed short when the nipple was twisted hard and held. He shuddered and moaned in pain and tried to shied away from the touch. Of course he couldn’t. Seifer nuzzled his ear again.

“You’re going to be a good boy, Squall?” he murmured and Squall swallowed hard, but didn’t say anything.

Seifer let go of his abused nipple and the move made Squall curios. Even more so when the blonde massaged the tender area gently. Until he again seized the flesh and twisted it very hard. Squall screamed. The nipple was already so sensitive that the assault was worse.

Squall squirmed and trembled and held back his whining and whimpers, but the grip didn’t lessen.

“You’re going to be good?” Seifer asked again, his voice husky and strained.

This time Squall slowly nodded. He almost sighed of relief when Seifer let his nipple go. Slowly his hands were freed and Seifer straddled his thighs.

“Turn around,” The blonde ordered and Squall froze.

He’d thought he wouldn’t need to look at the bastard. He yelped when his hair was twisted and his neck bend backwards.

“Turn. Around,” Seifer hissed and let him go.

Trembling Squall slowly rolled around under the youth. When he was in desired position Seifer sat down to lock him in place.

Green eyes racked lustfully over his body and Squall looked away. This was so embarrassing. The blonde started to tug of Squall’s shirt and then his trousers. In short he lay naked except for his ring.

He jumped when a calloused thumb stroked his abused nipple. He clenched his fists when the other nipple was stroked, too. They became hard, small nubs. Each stroke over them made him shiver and sent goose bumps along his arms. Hyne! He wasn’t answering to this, was he?

Seifer leaned down and licked the nipple he hadn’t twisted. Squall shivered and almost moaned of the sensation of the wet, soft tongue against that spot. He arched and screamed when Seifer suddenly bit down hard.

He continued to squirm and arch and whimper in pain as Seifer grinded his teeth with the victimised nipple between them. Instinctively Squall gripped at the broad shoulders, but didn’t dare try to push him off. He almost moaned in relief when Seifer let go. Squall clenched his teeth when the nipple started to throb and swell.

Seifer seemed very amused about it. He leaned down again and Squall braced himself for the pain. When the tip of the wet tongue gently played with it instead he arched in a silent cry and electric currents went through his body. When the blonde retreated, Squall fell down in a heap of shivering muscles and an oddly swirling brain. The other gunblader chuckled.

“Like that, did you?” he purred and Squall shook his head.
“No? This seem to say something else.”

Seifer gripped Squall’s hard-on and it sent the next electric current through him. Shouting Squall arched through his whole spine and clawed wildly to find something, anything to hold onto. Seifer continued to stroke his member in languid strokes and wave after wave of confusing pleasure surged through Squall. One moment leaving him limb and panting, to in the next moment having his whole body taut and arched and moaning.

“My, aren’t we sensitive to night?” Seifer mused and licked his jaw.

He steadied Squall’s head with a hand in his hair before he plunged his tongue inside of Squall’s mouth. Seifer conquered his crevice as easy as he had conquered his writhing body.

He panted for air long before Seifer did, but even so he didn’t want to break the kiss. Even if it was demanding, even forceful, it was nice. Squall whined unhappily when his cock was released and his kiss swollen lips abandoned. Seifer moved away from him.

“Move. Head there,” he ordered short and dark, pointing to the head of the “bed” where their pillows laid beside each other.

“On your stomach,” Seifer continued a little less dark, but the more husky.

Slowly Squall obeyed and in that moment he couldn’t explain why he so easily obeyed. He was free. He could probably back kick the blonde and be out of the tent in less than two seconds. Naked but…

He laid down and cuddled his pillow, hoping it would somehow give him strength for the comings. Even if he was prepared, he still jumped when a warm hand squeezed his thigh. The hand was followed with the other hand caressing his buttocks. Squall lay frozen and clutched tighter at his pillow.

“On your knees, head down,” Seifer ordered and he more lifted Squall himself than Squall moved.

He burrowed his face in the pillow and thanked the gods that he didn’t need to see Seifer. This was just humiliating. The blonde strangely continued to massage his lower back and squeeze his buttocks.

Squall jumped and yelped of the sudden hit. The next made him yelp again and struggle to get away. He cried out when Seifer twisted his hair and forced him down, the other hand resting at his burning asscheek.

“Now, now Squall. You don’t want me to use those cuffs again, do you?” he purred sickly sweet.

Squall struggled to get his mouth out of the pillow to speak, but Seifer probably held him there purposefully. He started to massage Squall’s butt again.

“I said I would get you back for that stunt you did before, did I not?” he purred and his hand left Squall’s buttocks.

He was waiting for the spank this time and succeeded in keeping quiet. The hand started to come down in a even pace with the blows landing randomly at his ass. Squall couldn’t remember him ever being spanked before. This was just utterly humiliating!

The humiliation didn’t hinder the blows from getting harder and his ass from getting sorer by the blow. He made a strangled nostril noise when the pain became to much. Squall started to wriggle but it didn’t help. The blows just seemed to get harder. So he buried his hands in the pillow and squeezed his eyes shut.

Pain! Would he never stop? Squall couldn’t suppress the noises of pain anymore. Tears started to streak his cheeks and the pain was just to much! He couldn’t hold the tears or the sobs. That was when Seifer stopped. His surely warm and stinging palm caressed Squall’s red buttocks and Squall cringed. Slowly the blonde let him up in a sitting position, even if it hurt. He caught Squall’s jaw and held him as he licked the salty tears.

“Those were for you disobeying. You will get more if you disobey again, understand?” he wondered in an almost passionate murmuring voice. More tears fell as Squall nodded.

“Good. Now face down again,” He ordered and let Squall go. Still sobbing and trembling Squall did as ordered. Just one night, that was all, one night.

He clutched his pillow again. He jumped slightly as Seifer gripped both buttocks and bend them open. Squall whined of surprise when Seifer licked him. Without much prep he stabbed the tongue inside and Squall shuddered. Oh, that was very much nice. Even if his asscheeks were throbbing, his cock liked the idée of the tongue doing those naughty things it did.

Squall moaned in the pillow as a finger helped the tongue inside deeper. Squall moaned again when he was tongue-fucked rapidly to then be rammed by a finger. He arched when that finger was changed to two. He cried out when those was changed to three. Squall whined and whimpered as he was finger-fucked hard and deep.

Darker moans mixed with his whining. Squall cried out when his cock was seized and yanked at. In a shudder and a moan he thrust in the hand and back at the fingers. Even if his body more than screamed for this, he was still afraid. It would hurt. Seifer withdrew his fingers and let go of Squall’s cock and Squall buried his face deeper in the pillow. Seifer leaned over him and licked his spine, his cock nudging Squall’s hole.

Squall’s muffled scream mixed with Seifers deep groan as the cock breached his body. Holding bruising hard around Squall’s hips, Seifer pushed himself inside the whole way in one move. Squall squeezed his eyes shut and clenched so hard in the pillow his knuckles went white.

His unhealed body tried to push the invading intruder out, which only made the intruders owner moan and shudder and grip harder. Squall felt ill from his stomach muscles working so much in its try to relive him of the cock. Seifer moaned and sort of fell down over him. One hand still at his hip as the other found support by Squall’s head.

“You know how fucking tight you are?” Seifer panted and groaned, moving the slightest in him.

“Thought Raijin would have made you loosen up a bit,” he chuckled.

Squall didn’t even try to comment. He bit together when Seifer moved and withdrew a bit. He screamed when the cock was rammed straight back. After merely two thrusts Seifer was fucking him in a fast, hard pace. Rocking his body and making their flesh slap together. Squall yelped when his cock suddenly was squeezed and then stroked as fast as he was filled with rock hard cock.

Squall arched out of the pillow and cried out with each thrust. Seifer left his support and stroked Squalls arched throat, panting deep in his ear. This was the part Squall liked. When his head started to spin and it started to get nice. Suddenly Seifer withdrew completely from him so harsh, he shouted. He was shoved to his side in a harsh push.

Squall whimpered when his ankles were seized and he was dragged back at his back. He stared up and his heart froze somewhere in the middle of his throat. Seifer had only freed his cock from his pants and his skin was covered by a light sheen of sweat. It made it look like his golden tan really was golden. The green eyes were dark and so lust filled he resembled an animal.

Squall instinctively closed up as the gunblader grabbed his legs to spread them. Seifer slapped him across the face and Squall blinked.

“Spread those whore legs for me.” He growled and Squall let him pull them open.

His knees were bent before Seifer placed himself between Squall’s white legs. Keeping himself somewhat at his knees Seifer thrust into him again. He thrust again and this time Squall’s brain shattered into thousand pieces. Seifer gripped his shoulder-blades and started fucking him like a beast.

He hit that spot over and over again. Mercilessly ramming it and rubbing it until Squall moaned screaming and twined his body around the bigger youth. Arms around Seifer’s neck, legs around Seifer’s back. Black spots started dancing in front of his eyes, his blood roared in his ears, his breath was so fast he thought his head would explode.

Squall arched and cried out silently when his whole body clamped up. He screamed as his orgasm hit him and sent him into heaven. Hot fluids spreading between their stomachs. Seifer roared when Squall clamped down around him and he flooded the tight channel. He rammed into Squall again and again while emptying.

Panting, heaving, gasping and softly moaning they came down from the highs. Squall swirled somewhere between dream and consciousness, body limb and unfeeling. Again, exhausted mentally and physically. Seifer chuckled as he had withdrawn from Squall’s body. Squall blinked unintelligible at the blond.

“Sheesh, what a girl-virgin you are,” he murmured and licked at tears Squall hadn’t noticed was flowing.

Seifer grunted as he came off Squall and draped the cover over them. Squall didn’t fight it when he was trapped in the determinate arm of Seifer. He more than willingly sailed away into the oblivion of sleep.

Author's Note:
Finito my precious readers. For now that is.

The next time you’ll see these two is back at Balamb.
If anyone want me to try and make something more out of it.
But, then I’m quite sure it’ll only be SxS and just maybe some lucky guy Seifer can think of sharing his toy with from time to time! *evil grin*

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