Just another day of training
Start of May 2005



"Wake up. Breakfast."

Squall started out of his heavy sleep and blinked at the shadow above him. Seifer turned around out of the tent when he was sure Squall wouldn't turn back to sleep. Seconds passed when he didn't know where he was or why. It took even longer for him to remember why his body felt like shit and why his head was so heavy with the deep sleep of an exhausted.

When he remembered his breath caught in his throat and the shame and humiliation from the night made him want to hide and die. He curled up slowly to a ball and almost whimpered when his body violently protested. He had been fucked. Of two other male youths. It had been the first time for him. Squall lay shivering and tried to swallow in his dry throat and tried to make sense of his tumbling brain.

It had been the first time. He hadn't even thought about sex before. Hyne! He hadn't even known how it worked! And now, when he knew, he couldn't understand how anyone wanted to do it. If you weren't in Seifer's or Raijin's position, of course. Slightly trembling he got his senses under control and slowly started to get up. Hyne, it hurt to move! His whole bottom was one sore piece and his throat and mouth felt raw. And the taste in it.

Feeling nauseating, he got to his knees so he could button up the jeans. He's head had started to spin and memory and shame made him so guilty and humiliated he just wanted to stay under a rock for the rest of his life. Why had they done it? Why had he liked it that little he had? Well, his body had. What did he do now? He sat still in the tent, trying to come with some good solution.

"You've grown stuck in there or what?" Seifer shouted and Squall flinched.

He was glad no one had seen that. He swallowed and clenched his teeth before moving out. The light of day hit him in the eyes and made him blink rapidly. Someone of them had been to the "base" for the breakfast for the days to come so they could make it with their own kitchen. Had they let him sleep because of what they had done? Raijin and Seifer were already eating, dressed and ready. Squall slowly hooked his Revolver to his belt and started towards the forest. He needed to be alone. He couldn't think here. Of course Seifer wasn't going to let him.

"Where you going?" he wondered with a soft, but unmistakable demanding voice. Squall didn't answer, the bastard didn't deserve to know.

"You stop there, Leonhart, or I'll make you," Seifer threatened.

Squall didn't head the warning, but tensed. He heard the blond swear and rose and he twirled around, the Revolver drawn before his brain fully comprehended what he did.

"You. touch me again and I'll kill you." He growled, his voice so icy and dark it didn't sound like his.

It had to have impressed both, because Seifer sneered and Raijin stopped eating to blink between them.

"Fine. I won't try to cower your back if your not back 'till Quistis wants us," Seifer sneered and sat down again.

Squall could care less. He disappeared in the forest without really knowing where to go, just that he wanted away.

Should he tell someone? He should report both, shouldn't he? But to whom? Quistis? Or wait until they got home and speak with the Headmaster? Or the police? All he got was confused. As much as he didn't know anything about sex or the simplest things as masturbation, he didn't know what to do by a violation. Not even if it had been a girl and a "normal" case, he would have known.

Somewhere he sat down with a heavy head and sighed. No. He should shut up. What kind of man would he be if he couldn't even defend himself from. something like that? What would others think if they found out? He wouldn't be able to stay at the Garden, and then what? The mere though of hitting the street with nowhere to go made him terrified. He shivered involuntarily and hugged himself. No. He wouldn't say anything and wouldn't even give this. matter a second thought again.

It surely wouldn't happen again, so why bother?


The day had been hellish. Hot and with a stinging sun that gave you a heavy headache if you didn't protect your eyes and drank lots of water. But he had something that kept his mood up. He hadn't been able to shrug of the fuck last night like any other one-nightstand. He still felt the euphoric taste of orgasm that fuck had given him.

It had felt good beyond reality fucking Squall. Partly because he had always been unable to get any response from the other gunblader. Squall hadn't shown him fear as Chicken-wuss and others or appreciation as some. He had just ignored him and still not fully ignored him in that way only Squall could. But now. Now he had truly made that tight-ass react. This he couldn't ignore!

Seifer flipped open the tent, but it was empty. He wrinkled his nose in displeasure. He had hoped to catch him there. The brunet hadn't seemed that traumatised the rest of the day. They had even worked rather well as a team. So he'd kind of hoped to get a taste of that mouth around his throbbing cock. He sighed and rose and stretched sore muscles. Aw, whatever.

"Ya going bathing?" Raijin asked when he came out on the campsite.

"Yeah," Seifer nodded and picked up Hyperion again.

He never left her anywhere. Only at the Garden he left her in his room when he had classes to attend. Raijin disappeared in the tent when he walked to the water flow. He wasn't going to sulk about Squall not being near for now. Squall wasn't going to sleep out in the open so Seifer would sooner or later have that nice ass and creamy skin in his hands again. He smirked at the thought and stopped dead in his track before going out in the clearing around the creek. Squall was already in the water. Seifer's smile widened while he roamed that body.

Squall had already washed himself so his skin was white and clean in the dropping sun. Seifer crooked his head as he studied the body. It wasn't more than little more than a year between them, but as Seifer almost looked like an adult, Squall still looked like a boy.

His body had the right proportions, even if he seemed to consist only of long legs and arms. His body was that of the well trained but skinny teen. He hadn't much body hair, almost no pubic hair at all. His hips were too shapely for a boy becoming a man and his face features. Well, Seifer had already mistaken him for a girl when they both were much younger. By then Seifer had only teased the smaller and shy boy because of it, now his teen body wanted to do naughty things to the other, partly because of that face.

Squall massaged his shoulders and rolled his head in lazy circles. The white, delicate neck transfixed Seifer and he licked his lips unconsciously. He jumped when the broad figure of Raijin suddenly came up by him. The black man showed of his whole set of white teeth at the sight of the beauty in the water.

"Ya just going to stand there? Not that I can't take care of that one myself." he teased, which he only did in this kind of situations. Seifer made a pressed growling noise and stepped out determined to have Squall right there and now.

He only had the time to spin around at the sound of someone walking in the water. Then he was captured in strong, naked arms and a mouth was pressed over his. His brain didn't want to work with him and a far more experienced tongue penetrated his mouth. Seifer pressed their bodies together and rubbed himself against Squall.

He whimpered ever so slightly when a strong hand squeezed his buttock and the kiss became more intensive, more demanding from Seifer. His breath caught in his throat and he pressed pathetically weakly at the sweat-covered chest. The big youth groaned and twisted the other hand in his hair. Squall panted and gasped after lost air when Seifer let his mouth go. Before his brain had stopped spinning from the loss of oxygen, he was dragged along up of the water.

"Seifer!" he succeeded to shout when he at last got his senses back.

The other youth angled his head back to be able to stare down in his eyes. Squall swallowed hard. The green eyes had. something, something deep and dark in them. It was like it wasn't Seifer looking at him, it was some lust filled animal, and it scared him. Seifer smirked.

"What? You going to bitch again?" Seifer leered amused.

"Let go," he said with just a little wavering at the tone.

His arms were suddenly caught and Seifer took his legs. He yelped when he was lifted up and then down at his back, partly in Raijin's knee as Seifer took place between his legs. He started to twist and kick and sweep out at Raijin that was holding him. But like before they knew what to do. Raijin easily covered both of his wrists in one hand and Seifer only spread his legs and placed himself so close to Squall he couldn't get in a kick.

Squall continued to twist and struggle, but it started to lack strength. Certainly because his heartbeats were so hard, he heard them in his head and his breathing was so rough black spots danced in his eyes. He yelped and jumped when his member was gripped and a finger penetrated him. He snivelled in discomfort and twisted away from the intruding digit.

"No! Stop it!" Which the blond didn't, but increased the stroking of his member and fucking in his sore ass. He started to struggle and kick with refined energy.

"Get off of me! Stop!" he shouted and two thick fingers breached his mouth and efficiently shut him up.

"Don't be such a whiny. You like this, you know it. Its just 'cause it's me making you feel good you don't want it. And that. kind of hurts, Squall," Seifer explained in a very soft and very dark voice Squall hadn't heard until yesterday or night.

He whimpered when two fingers were pushed inside of him and searched around. He shut his eyes when Seifer found that good spot in him and rubbed it. He was helpless in the skilled hands as Seifer stroked his cock and rubbed that place in him, making him feel so good. Three fingers were slammed inside of him and he sobbed and flinched. Hyne, please, he didn't want this! It was scary. It hurt and it felt good. He didn't want this. Make it stop.

"Told you so. See? You're all wet, here to," Seifer purred low and made some pointedly thrusts in his hole, still moistened from water.

He whined and jerked when a calloused thumb stroked the head of his cock. Raijin moved his fingers in his mouth in and out. He played with his tongue and explored his crevice. Seifer bend over him and he shuddered when his nipple was licked. He squeezed his eyes even more when the strange heat rose in him. He didn't feel any pain from the fingers in his ass anymore as his cock pulsed and twitched in Seifer's sure hand.

He moaned when the blond bit his nipple rather hard and then licked it. His heart was pounding in his chest. Groaning Seifer leaned away and released him. Squall saw in dread as the blond petted his own cock and spread the pre-cum over the head. He wrenched back a sob when his hips were gripped and his ass lifted. He stared blindly at something as the cock nudged his opening.

Squall screamed more in fear than pain as Seifer pulled inside of him. Seifer groaned and clenched and unclenched at his hips. Squall clenched his fists hard and held the shameful sobs back. His body trembled, penetrated at the organ. It hurt, not as much as the first time because Seifer was being more careful.

Said blond moaned and moved back a little to then slowly push further inside of him. Squall shut his eyes again as the youth worked his way in to the base of his cock. Well sheathed, he panted and groaned and shivered above Squall.

"He's so fucking tight!" Seifer breathed and Squall whimpered when the grip around his hips became almost crushing.

Seifer groaned again before he let go with one hand to stroke Squall's still semi-erect cock. Squall whimpered and jerked in the hand, moving at the cock up his ass. Raijin started to finger-fuck his mouth again. Seifer chuckled as Squall's body jerked again and the inward heat started to give him a deep blush.

"I think you really love cock in your tight ass. Look at yourself." Seifer choose the moment to start thrusting in him in time with the strokes.

Squall sort of squealed and flinched when the swollen organ almost left him just to be slammed back in. He moaned involuntarily as Seifer found that magical spot with his second thrust. Seifer hit it again and squeezed his cock hard. Squall moaned and arched through his whole spine. Hyne, what was happening to him? How could his body like this when he didn't want it? Was he so weak as to not to be able to control his own body?

Seifer chuckled again when his thrusts and hand forced an reaction out of Squall's heated body.

"Make him suck more," Seifer breathed huskily.

Raijin pressed three fingers in his mouth and angled his head back so he could finger-fuck his mouth better. Squall whined when the fingers rubbed his tongue and lips. Saliva trickled down his chin and jaws. Seifer let go of him and started to eagerly thrust in his now very willingly body.

Squall stopped thinking and let go of control. It was a losing battle anyway. Raijin let go of his mouth to circle the wet fingers around his nipples. Squall moaned and arched when the air made them chilled and made them to two taut and hard knots.

The heavy organ of the dark skinned man rubbed in his back. He made a mixed sound of a scream and a moan when Seifer accelerated and slammed mercilessly in him. So hard and fast and deep it felt like he was going to split and get the hard cock up his stomach. It wasn't nice. It hurt and made him come down to his senses.

Raijin gripped his swollen member and Squall whimpered and moaned. Seifer rammed that spot in him and he cried out and arched. He writhed in Raijin's knee uncontrollably and spread his legs like a wanton whore. Hyne! It hurt and it felt good and he was scared out of his life. How could it feel good when he didn't want it? How could his body still enjoy it when it hurt?

Seifer threw his head back and slammed into him one last time before the hot spurt hit his insides and made Squall whimper. Seifer groaned and shuddered during his release. He griped so hard around Squall's hips he was afraid he would get seriously injured. If he wasn't already?

His insides burned and hurt in a whole new way than yesterday. He didn't know Seifer was so strong. He hadn't gotten a taste of that strength before. Because he had been behind his Revolver every time he met the other gunblader. He whined when Raijin let go of his throbbing cock.

Seifer moaned loudly and panted when his orgasm was over and done. Seifer shakily let go of him and slid out of him. Squall felt dizzy from the arousal of his cock and the lust in his body. He was so hot and needy it was scary. But it had hurt. It did hurt! Why was he like this? Seifer poked his hole and stroked his cock, Squall moaned and arched. Seifer chuckled.

"You're one wanton piece of ass, you know that?"

He didn't dare meet the green eyes, but looked away when the blush intensified. He was roughly pushed forward and Seifer gripped his neck hard. He had the time to take support at the broad chest before Seifer invaded his mouth. The skilled tongue plundered him without care. He yelp in the kiss when Raijin rammed two thick fingers in his abused hole. Seifer found his cock and together they made him moan and his muscles start to shiver.

"Ya think he can take it?" Raijin murmured and Squall could almost feel the air vibrate from the powerful base voice. His breath caught in his throat. Seifer withdrew from his mouth.

"Of course he can," he answered casually and Raijin backed away from him.

Squall couldn't breath, couldn't think. No. No way. They couldn't mean it! Didn't they know how fucking huge Raijin was?! Seifer stroked a finger along his cheek.

"Don't worry. We'll take really good care of you," he smirked and Squall felt himself shake his head.

Seifer rose and grabbed his arms hard, dragging him along. Raijin had laid back on his back and the monster cock was standing straight up. Squall planted his heels in the ground.

"No! I can't! Let go!" he sounded like a little kid pleading with his father not to whip him.

Somehow he was forced down to straddle Raijin's abdomen. Seifer placed himself behind him to be able to hold him. He moaned and sobbed when Raijin stroked his throbbing cock. Seifer hushed and stroked his hair.

"Now just relax," he murmured in his ear.

Squall cried out sharply as the blunt tip of Raijin forced itself past the first constricting muscle. He wailed and trashed to get off. Seifer crossed his arms in front of him and held him in an embrace while he snuggled Squall's ear and licked it.

Raijin groaned and grabbed his thighs hard, but laid still. Squall howled when the head of the thing was inside of him. His body tried to eject the thing and his stomach clamped up of the strain.

With sounds mixed with sobs and moans, he trashed weakly and tried breaking free from the embrace. He cried out when Raijin jerked up in him, making all of his body's hard work futile. Tears trickled down his face as the monster cock easily pressed through his resisting body.

He stopped fighting. He was too tired and in too much pain and confusing pleasure. Squall resented to just sobbing softly and shiver in the grips of the men. Seifer stroked his hair and bit his neck.

"That's it Squall. You just let us take care of your sultry body and you'll be fine," Seifer smirked huskily in his ear.

Slowly they started to impale him on the organ. Squall surrendered and slumped back at Seifer's shoulder, crying out with his breathes. It hurt! Goddamnit! But he hadn't strength to more than cry and shudder in Seifer's arms. Inch by painfully inch, Raijin penetrated him.

"Good boy. Look how beautiful you are," Seifer murmured and petted his flaccid cock.

"This just need a little attention, no?" he continued and Squall sobbed as his cock quickly answered to the attention.

His breath caught in his throat when Raijin's cock came deeper than Squall ever felt. He screamed and tried to desperately free himself. Raijin quickly held his thighs hard and Seifer had him in a secure embrace within seconds.

"No! No! Stop! I'll die!" he screamed, sobbed, trashed. All Seifer did was hush him and stroke head against head in a shooting manner. At least he didn't sink lower at the huge cock. Raijin groaned and shivered under Squall.

"You'll be just fine Squall. Be good and relax." Seifer started stroking his cock again.

Squall moaned and sniffed and clenched his teeth hard. His body shivered in strain and his thighs was killing him as the monster up his ass. Squall's cock didn't give a damn. It swelled in the blonde's hand and started to soon leaking clear fluids. Squall moaned and shuddered. If he was really still at the big cock he almost didn't feel it anymore.

Moaning he shuddered harder and squirmed in Seifer's hand. Raijin moved his grip from Squall's thigh to his hips and buttocks. Squall shouted and his head lolled back on Seifer's shoulder when Raijin slowly moved in his tight passage. Slowly he was pushed forward and he found support with his shaking hands and arms against Raijin's broad chest.

He moaned and shuddered when the dark cock slowly moved in him and Seifer squeezed his cock hard. The blond pinched his nipple and bite his neck. Squall whined and squirmed. Hyne, he was hot!

The lust rushed in him and made him see black and white spots. Sweat trickled down his back and chest. Raijin shifted grip slightly to get better control of Squall's shaking hips. Squall shouted and arched when the black man rammed up in him. His brain became a incoherent mess as Raijin started to pound up in him and Seifer stroked his hard cock with the thrusts.

He screamed with a mixed moan when Raijin rammed that special spot in him. With the next thrust his shaking arms couldn't hold the rocking, but collapsed under him. He shut his eyes hard and could only lay trembling and moaning at Raijin as the pace quickened.

Seifer groaned above him and murmured things to him that Squall had no chance in hell to understand. He clenched his teeth hard. So close. It felt like his mind was starting to rip apart of the pleasure.

The big cock filled him so good and it was so nice. He could only moan and clutch at the big youth pounding into him. Squall cried out when Seifer leaned over him and bite him hard in the area between neck and shoulder. Seifer gave him a last hard stroke and licked the wounded area.

Squall screamed and arched when his body clamped up and the orgasm flooded his system. White, hot, burning sensations overwhelmed him. Dark spots flashed in his sight and for a moment it felt like his body would explode. He didn't feel anything, didn't hear, didn't see.

Then he came back and collapsed on Raijin. The big youth groaned and moaned under him and Squall felt semen trickled down his thighs. Seifer was groaning above him and hot dots at his back made him guess the blonde had cum on Squall. He didn't care. He could fall asleep right there, sticky and still penetrated. Raijin lay limb and panting under him and Seifer rested his hands at his waist and panted.

After a while Seifer leaned down to bite and suckle Squall's ear. Squall whimpered slightly. Why he didn't know. The ministration didn't really hurt and it didn't wake any lust in his exhausted body. Seifer chuckled softly and circled his arms around Squall's waist.

Squall whimpered again, but in pain when he carefully was helped to unmount Raijin. Too tired both mentally and bodily, he let Seifer cradle him and could soon fall asleep right there. He heard the both youths speak silent in the distance. He couldn't care less. Slowly he was rocked into sleep.

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