Snow Wolf
Start of May 2005



The song of Shiva flared in his head, his body, his being. Her cold fingers brushed his cheek and silver laughter sang in the air. She sprang forward through his body and mind like a flower of ice. Their powers and souls melting together. He giving her the power to grow her own and defeat their foe.

The sound of Diamond Dust cracking resounded a thousand times in his head. When he took human form again he could almost taste ice and blood in his mouth. The Blue Dragon lay dead on the ground and Squall sank to his knees. Just a moments rest. That’s all. Just a moment.

But the sound of his hunters forced him to move.

Into the forest. He could lose his hunters there, but the sounds of dogs made him doubt that. He had to try. He could not lose this. He could not get captured. He needed to get back to the civilization and warn the others.

He skidded down a snow-covered hillside and tumbled into a just as snow-covered bush. A low cursing emanated from him. Why by Hyne did he slip on the only hillside miles away and slid in to the only bush on as many mils near? Someone hated him.

He did not wait for someone to answer his question about luck, but continued his foolish try to run. The snow buried him to his knees and heavy tree-branches made nothing to make his path any easier. The cold did not bother him. Shiva’s breath was keeping him warm and her voice whispered encouraging in his mind. Without her powers, he had never attempted something as foolish as to run out in the cold night of Hawkind Plains in Trabia.

He came to a stop by a small river. Not deeper than till his ankles and not stronger than the still flow of just a winter spring. Gingerly he stepped into the flow. The coldness and wetness immediately sloshed his shoes and began to crawl up his legs.

He bit down on the discomfort and started running along the flow.

He ran until he could not feel his feet and began to fear gangrene. Shiva’s whispers soothed him, but he heard the small distress she held. Even her powers could not help him when he lacked the magic he needed. He had not even the tiniest cures or blizzards. Nothing, but her reassuring soul and main powers. Not even his Lionheart bumped against his leg every step he took.

The sounds of barking rang in the air again. Squall swore his luck and began to gingerly run again. He knew he could not hold this up. He needed to find shelter or a hand weapon. A shelter was the priority. Without it and fire to warm himself up he would die from cold, Shiva’s lover or not. But the noises from the dogs began to be a bit too loud.

Suddenly it became way to silent.

Silent enough for him to stop and listen. Not a sound was to be heard. Only his own raging breath and the crack from snow. Then a loud crash made him jump around.

The biggest dog he’d ever seen stood only steps from him. The brown fur stood on end and the high shoulders were raised and the head lowered. Yellow teeth glimmered and the bloodshot eyes were staring madly at him.

Squall dared to take a breathe. This was no naturally monster. It was one of those. The dog’s head reached him easily to chest height and that mouth could certainly grab his thigh and crush it.

“Shiva?” He felt more than heard a response.

Like a blizzard, she rose within him. He felt her gather all her strength and will to aid him. Squall closed his eyes as his body disappeared and he became one with the ice queen. The dog growled and leaped forward.

Diamond Dust hit it in its chest, throwing it back on its all four. He did not even appear in body form before a new attack formed. Willing the damned beast to die, Squall gave all power he could gather to his ice queen. She formed them in her blue hands and smiled her cold smile.

Bursting forth came a raging wolf of ice, snow and blizzard. He saw faintly ice blue fangs shear the dogs brown fur. Blood, red and thick, trickled down frosty jaws. Blue eyes like ice crystals glimmered in satisfaction when the dog finely understood that one of its thick legs was cut from its body. The Snow wolf played with its foe in a way that made Squall nauseating.

From one moment to the next he was suddenly on his all four in the deep snow. The monster dog lay dead in the quickly reddening snow. What was this weakness? He had never felt like this after a summoning before. Everything wavered before his eyes. His body trembled and his gut wanted to shift his stomach. His hard breathing filled his head together with his thundering heart. He had to get up.

Squall staggered to his feet. In a blur he succeeded walking long enough to lose the sight of the dead dog. The cold wind bit his skin and his leather jacked did nothing to keep it out. His body was losing warmth fast in the cooling wind.

: : Shiva? : : No response. Silent as the dead. Was she… gone? How?

The dog had not even touched them. Snow wolf? The whining of a snow racer made him flinch. Squall hit his back against a bare tree. Three of the machines surrounded him. Looking up to the one in the middle he froze.

A gun raised in the hand of the rider. He could almost hear the clicking of the cock. He saw him move the finger to the trigger. What? Not even giving him a chance to explain? To defend himself? It didn’t matter. Really. It didn’t. It was just… annoying. Shoot like a animal in the wood. He had thought his death was to be in the middle of a battle. Forgotten taking a deathblow and left. Or his party did not having the time to drag him back with the blessing song of the Phoenix. Like during the fight against Ultimecia… This was just annoying.

The echo of the gun rang loud in the building blizzard.

Author’s Whining:
I only felt really low. This has been laying in a folder for months. I did this even before I did or posted the first version of “Just another day of training”.

At first I was planning on this being some kind of prologue to something else, but that didn’t turn out good. So I made this to a one shot and saved the ideas for a story ‘till later.


~ Reveiw