Lovers Trust
Start of June 2005



He’d put the clock at 6 am just so he could catch Squall before the youth disappeared. Believe it or not, Squall’s room was dark, cold and silent when Seifer got there. After cursing the brunet for being such a hard ass, he tried finding the kitchen, hoping Squall decided to eat breakfast to day. Not that he thought he would have such luck. Why, of all days, would Squall start to eat breakfast when Seifer usually needed to force him to eat?

All quarters in the palace had there own small kitchen and dinning room. Like there had there own bathrooms and so on. It was just a matter of finding the damn thing! Seifer sighed in relief as he found the dinning room and then the kitchen. He froze on the door steps however.

Blue-gray eyes startled shot up at him. Squall had frozen in his move of taking a sip at his morning chocolate or coffee. For a moment Seifer could just star at him. The brunet was curled up at one of the high chairs and he was clothed in a thick sweater and what looked like a pajama bottom. He’d never seen Squall in anything else than his ordinary working clothes. Somehow he now looked so young and vulnerable Seifer got this strange feeling of guilt.

“Hi,” he said low, still not moving from his spot.

“Hi,” Squall answered after a moment. He looked away and took his sip of the hot liquid.

Seifer slowly made his own breakfast. He made Squall’s too when he saw no traces of the youth eating anything else than that mug of chocolate. Squall didn’t say anything as Seifer placed the plate with two sandwiches beside him. He just silently nodded and carefully took one and started to nip at it. Was it strange if Seifer said he got this warm happy feeling by that? No fuss, no bitching, just simple acceptation.

Seifer took a seat at the opposite to his lion. He still wanted to know why his kitten had run away. It had to be something more then Squall just being commander and Seifer just a lower ranking SeeD. It may be one of the causes, but it didn’t explain why Squall avoided him. Should he say something? Should he push for an answer? Or just let it be and have a little more patient?

If Selphie was right it wouldn’t be long before he got some kind of confession, right? And what if she was wrong? Seifer brushed away that irritating little voice.

“Do you have to stay here for long?” he asked in the end. As soft and silent he could. Squall’s eyes flickered to him but nothing more.

“I don’t know.” Seifer nodded and bit his tongue.

What to say now? Hyne! Why was talking so hard all of a sudden? Should he apologies for his behavior? He had been ratter harsh, hadn’t he? This was frustrating.

“About yesterday…”

“You’ve meet Laguna?” Seifer was silent, caught off guard, before he breathed out.

“Yeah…” It was the first time ever Squall had interrupted him. Hyne, he’d never heard Squall interrupt anyone before!

“Did he… ask anything?” Squall was shifting in his seat and didn’t really look at him.

What did he say now? If he didn’t say anything soon it would be obvious Laguna had asked something.

“Sort of,” the blond answered and Squall gave him that look that said “and?” Seifer shrugged.

“Lively guy.” Squall snorted, but didn’t seem pleased. He was restlessly tapping his foot, soundlessly though.

“He doesn’t know anything,” he explained and Seifer got this feeling that his gut had suddenly caved in. Seifer crocked his head.

“You ashamed of yourself?” he asked softly.

Squall inhaled and glared at him, hands whitening around the cup. Oh, this was a touchy question. But Squall didn’t answer though it looked like he wanted to say something.

“You know, I could tell him if you want.”

“No.” Squall glared at him again but soon looked away.

What was this? It was something here he couldn’t grip. It was like having a riddle you couldn’t solve and then having the answer on a paper that was just out of your reach. Squall got up and washed his cup and plate. His whole body language screamed out his tension and annoyance. Oh no. Was his kitten going to run away from him again? Not again. Seifer prepared to stop the walking thunder when Squall turned around. Instead he found his arms filled with a lovely body that totally forced itself on him.

Squall didn’t kiss him, it was more a clasping between starving mouths. Strong but thin arms twirled around his neck as Squall hoisted himself up at Seifer. The lithe brunet twined arms and legs around like a snake and Seifer groaned when sex meet sex in a rough thrust. Squall grinded against him and moaned that deep nostril moan he used to have when he was this heavily aroused. Seifer squeezed the firm buttocks and helped Squall in his grinding motions.

He groaned in the kiss and his head was reeling from the too sudden heat. In a matter of seconds, the blond was rock hard and Squall didn’t seem to be in any better condition. Seifer sneaked a rough hand in Squall’s pants and massaged the cleft between his asscheeks. The brunet arched and cried out in pleasure when Seifer pushed in two fingers in the dry, tight heat. Squall held even harder with arms and legs around him. He moved feverish against Seifer and small mewling noises broke from his lips. The ex-knight moaned in the soft brown hair and rocked with Squall at the chair.

So hot. Hyne, he would burn up! He tore down Squall’s pants just over his buttocks and forced in three fingers in the clenching and unclenching hole. Squall cried out again and moaned before bringing up his knees so high he could, almost touch Seifer’s shoulders.

“Seifer,” he whined and clawed at Seifer’s clothed back.

They shouldn’t do this here. What if someone came in on them? And there wasn’t even a door holding all the noises from the echoing corridor. But the blond couldn’t muster the strength to care when he was so hard the mere thought of Squall’s tight and heat made it dance funny spots in his head. He withdrew his fingers from Squall and the lithe youth whimpered in displeasure.

Even if Seifer wanted to ram that heat, he wasn’t going to do it completely dry. Squall moaned when Seifer forced the three fingers into his mouth. The brunet sucked the digits hard and noisily, still grinding and moving against him. With his other hand, Seifer let out his own weeping organ.

He moaned deep and squeezed shut his eyes. Heavenly fires! He was so hot he couldn’t think straight. Seifer took his now wet fingers and slammed them up Squall’s writhing body. Squall shouted and thrust down on him hard, grinding at his fingers and cock. He made noises that sounded as Seifer’s name. The blond gripped his member and guided it to Squall’s open hole. The other youth suddenly thrust down and took in the whole length.

They both shouted and panted and moaned. Squall moaned those mixes between sobs and moans which meant he was in pain and pleasure. He held so tight around Seifer, the blond was sure he would get bruises. But the constricting heat around his pulsing and swollen cock cut off all thinking and complaining. Seifer half pinned half laid Squall at the table before he dared to move out of that heat. Squall cried out and Seifer moaned with his eyes squeezed shut.

His whole body shock and trembled. Sweat trickled down his back. Seifer bit his lip hard do prevent his release from just moving in the heavenly body. Squall writhed and squirmed under him and small noises that partly were Seifer’s name, partly helpless noises, emitted from that kiss swollen mouth. With a deep groan, he started slamming himself in that heavenly hole. They stopped thinking and just fucked like mad. Squall crying out with every one of the hard thrusts and clawing at Seifer’s back. Seifer ramming the hole so hard and fast he could, every move risking his release. Squall screamed and arched his whole spine, coming all over them. He shock and trembled and his whole body moved spasmodic.

Seifer couldn’t even form a sound or a thought when his own orgasm overwhelmed him. White blaze seared through him in violent pulses, making his head a blank mess. Somewhere in the distance he knew he was slamming himself in Squall’s still body.

When the white and black spots stopped dancing in front of his eyes, they were both panting and trembling. Squall was still deeply impaled at Seifer and was half laying over the table, half sitting in the older youth’s lap. Seifer could only hold his arms around the lean waist and rest his forehead against Squall’s sweaty sweater.

Somewhere in his fussy brain he knew that Squall would break his spine laying like that over the table edge. With a grunt and a hissed whine from Squall, he straightened and embraced his kitten more properly. They were trembling and still harshly breathing. Squall tiredly rested his head against Seifer’s shoulder, weakly embracing him back.

Seifer could fall to sleep right there right now. It felt like ages since he had last fucked Squall this hard and gained such a mind-blowing orgasm.

When coherent thoughts returned, regret surged up. He didn’t regret fucking his lover just how he’d done it. Too harsh, too hard, too fast. The fact that he was still inside of Squall and was probably hurting him made him feel just slightly ill. He felt the trickle of something that wasn’t just sperm and it made him feel defeat. Seifer withdrew as gentle as possible but Squall tensed up and made a muffled sound against Seifer’s shoulder anyway.

The taut shoulders were slightly shaking and Squall’s breath was hitching and withheld. First Seifer just thought it was the last waves of pain but when the trembling and hitched breath just rose he got concerned. Was Squall crying? He wasn’t crying, was he? Seifer stroked a hand through brown hair to make Squall tilt back from Seifer’s shoulder. Squall only clutched harder at him and burrowed his face against his shoulder and neck.

“Squall? You okay?” He murmured while his heart started to slowly pound in his chest. Squall made some sound and nodded against his shoulder.

The stifled sobs were enough to convince Seifer that Squall really was crying. He also decided to not voice any question about it. He only tightened his embrace and started to stroke Squall’s hair and back and slowly rocking him. He wasn’t going to ask why. He could guess.

They sat like that long enough for the sun to start beaming in through the windows. Squall’s breath soon evened out and his body was in short lame and heavy in Seifer’s arms. He mustered a weak smile when he discovered Squall was fast asleep. As carefully as he could he dressed them both again without letting go of his sleeping beauty. He always marvelled at how light Squall was. It was like carrying a overgrown child.

Seifer was surprised Squall hadn’t woken throughout the whole walk back to the rooms. He didn’t wake up even when Seifer carefully put him to bed and laid down beside him. Seifer guessed questions had to wait again.

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