Lovers Trust
Start of June 2005



The big blond looked like the thunder himself. Obviously he was oblivious about everyone that jumped out of his way in self-protection. He just charged forth with that look “I’m pissed and I’m not at home.” The man had become better at reining his temper, according to the ones that had lived with him, Irvine wouldn’t know. He still thought the blond had a little too hot a temper.

The sharpshooter sighed and pushed his hat lower on his head before he started walking in the track that would stop in a front collision with the walking thunder. He had always been of the opinion that whatever was wrong with someone always could be solved by talking about it.

Only steps away, Seifer was still oblivious of the coming collision. Not that he needed to worry. Even if they were they almost was the same height, the gunblader had that much more body mass than the gunman. So when they collided it was Irvine that bumped off, even if he had been waiting for it.

“Hey! Watch yourself, dumbass!” Seifer snarled and Irvine tilted his hat back to give the man a grin.

Seifer got that look of recognition, which did not alter his mood one bit. Grumbling something in the lines of “you”, he just walked around Irvine and tried ignoring him.

“Hey, hold up Seifer,” he called and quickly stepped up with the fast blond.

“Ya wanna talk?” he asked calmly and green eyes glared down at him.

Irvine only lazily smiled. Even if Seifer could be scary, Irvine had meet things that made the blond look like a harmless puppy. A furious Squall, for an example. Seifer only continued to walk and Irvine followed him out from B. Garden. Outside in the sun and advancing to the sea, Irvine hoisted Exeter over his shoulder.

“You two been fighting again?” he asked and Seifer muttered something.

“How’d ya know?” he growled and the gunner smiled.

“It’s a difference when you’re angry at just something or at Squall,” he answered and Seifer sighed in defeat.

“I don’t know what I do wrong. I think you choose the wrong guy for this,” Seifer explained and Irvine didn’t even blink.

He and Selphie had matched the two difficulty youths together. Seifer had, at the time, shrugged and told them they had to give him a large (insert foul word) funeral. But the blond had stayed alive for three months now and Irvine thought Squall had improved significantly. It didn’t mean that the ex knight didn’t come whining to Irvine or Selphie or that one of them needed to push him from time to time.

They stopped by the cliff towards the sea. Far out, you could see fishing boats from Balamb and tourist boats taking people out to sea to let them get a closer look at the dolphins living here. The blond sighed heavily and sat down with his legs hanging over the cliff, Irvine joined him.

“I can’t make him stop…” Seifer cut off in the middle.

Irvine didn’t need more. Squall needed to be hurt to be able to feel something. Rinoa and he had broken up because Squall couldn’t feel for her or lead in bed. The girl had had no hard feelings; she had come to Selphie and had a girl-to-girl talk. Irvine and his sunshine had tried, but Squall needed things either Irvine or Selphie was able to give.

“Do you think I… should encourage him instead? Maybe we could go to those special places and… you know, learn more professional bdsm?” Seifer asked very silently, as if he didn’t want to voice his thoughts.

He didn’t answer directly. Irvine had once tried to take Squall to someone professional to talk to. Someone the brunet didn’t know and that he could confine in without being afraid anyone else ever got to know. But the gunblader had given Irvine such a dark stare that the sharpshooter had become completely dry in throat and mouth.

“I hoped you could encourage the opposite but… sometimes, when one is hurt badly, the only way to satisfy them is by hurting them again,” Irvine finally answered lowly.

After D-District prison they had had to search for Squall because he had been taken elsewhere. No one of them had believed that… mess of a human being would be able to go on. Squall hadn’t answered their questions and after two weeks in the nurse at B. Garden, he had refused anymore treatment. Like a wounded animal he had withdrawn to his own corner and licked his wounds before going out in battle again as if he’d become encased in a plate armour that didn’t let anything through.

It wasn’t until after the war things had started to show. The brunet cut himself off from them and Rinoa step by step. He didn’t eat well, or slept well, he trained too much. In the beginning at their threesome, Squall had shown fear before enclosing himself in the need for pain and violence.

“You sure he have been… violated like that?” Seifer asked and Irvine came back from his thoughts. He frowned.

“…well, not really. It’s just guesses. Dr. Kadowaki knows what wounds he really had and she doesn’t tell anything. He hasn’t talked to you?” Irvine already knew the answer to that before Seifer shook his head.

“Have you tried taking him to someone to talk with again?” That too was something he knew the answer to, but you had to hope, right?

The look Seifer gave said Irvine had to be out of his mind.

“You stupid? You want me to be hospitalised? I was lucky I didn’t get more than scratches the last time!” Seifer berated him angrily and the sharpshooter held up his hands to calm.

”All right, all right! My bad, just had to ask, okay?” Seifer said something under his breath before both fell silent.


Immersed deep in his work, the brunet didn’t acknowledge his presence. Seifer sighed and looked at his watch. It was well after midnight. He walked up to the big office table.

“Come on lovely, time for bed,” he said and only got some sound to answer.

He rested his hands at the table, looking at all the papers. Judging by Squall’s taut back and neck, he had been sitting all too long without moving from the position. For a long moment the blond stared as Squall continued his work. He had probably already forgotten what Seifer had said.

“Hey, it’s after midnight already,” he tried again.

In the beginning of this relationship every single thing had been a fight. Seifer had been forced to use violence to get the gunblader down to his dorm for sleep. If he ever wanted contact or sex it became a fight. If he tried making a conversation that revolved around the brunet’s state of mind and body, it ended in a fight. He even had had to force-feed the stubborn prick.

Now, this much fighting could make you assume Seifer just should turn his back and leave the lion alone; he obviously didn’t care for the attention. The first month the ex knight had felt inclined to just stop bothering. He didn’t particularly like scratch and bruises, but then the little thing went and did something out of the ordinary. Like staying to get petted and caressed after hot sex, instead of fleeing. Or came down all on his own in time for them to have lunch. Or said without words that Seifer could stay. Of course, this ignited the blond’s curiosity.

Seifer shifted his stance and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Come on Squall. You need to sleep,” he sighed and this time Squall looked up.

His eyes weren’t more than grey thunder and they stared at each other for a long time. Apparently the little thing had decided to be difficult tonight, when he just the night before had come down on his own and practically crawled into Seifer’s lap.

“If you’re tired, you go to bed,” Squall answered in his oh so chilly voice. Seifer’s glare hardened.

“Don’t be a child. What’s wrong this time, huh? Demons under the bed?” he taunted.

Real anger had often gotten the other youth to “loosen”. It was hard to explain, but he knew when Squall’s annoyance or anger was a façade and when it was real. When it wasn’t real it was very easy to fall in to them fighting, sounding strange? Seifer had started to guess that all their fights since after the war was because when you cornered a frightened lion, it roared.

Squall just narrowed his eyes and then stood up. He walked to the bookshelf and took some binder with more papers and returned. Seifer quickly got in his way. Oh no. Not this time. Squall wasn’t even gonna get close to that chair again. They glared at each other, testing the others determination.

“You want me to carry you down again?” he growled and that really made those beautiful eyes narrow.

“Out of my way,” the smaller youth murmured and Seifer wondered if he did that on purpose.

Half of the time he could almost swear Squall was making him angry just so Seifer would force him. Or hurt him… But not this time!

Seifer towered above the gunblader and he saw how Squall tensed up from foot to head in preparation for the coming fight. He took the white hands holding the folder and kissed those red lips.

Squall was unmoving and unresponsive, probably from chock. Seifer licked the lips, urging them to open and let him in. Like in trance Squall’s eyelashes fluttered close and his mouth became slack. When Seifer stabbed his tongue inside the other moaned and swayed just the slightest. Slowly the blond deepened the kiss. Searching the wet crevice inch by inch, deeper and deeper; touching all the spots he knew Squall liked. Like the gums in his under jaw in front of his tongue, or the side of his tongue, or the roof of his mouth.

Squall moaned again when he roamed those spots. Slowly he succeeded in taking the bind from him and Squall’s arms feel down along his sides. Slowly Seifer took his hands at the gunblader’s waist and circled his thumbs over sharp pelvis bones. Seifer let his fingers whisper along Squall’s ticklish sides and it made the brunet groan and grab at his arms.

The large youth slowly let his hands roam in under the leather jacket and massage the small of the brunet’s back, slowly bringing them closer to each other. Squall moaned and clenched his fists tightly in Seifer’s trench-coat when Seifer succeeded in rubbing his thigh between Squall’s legs. He loved when his lion was a little tired, because it meant he could touch him like this.

Squall whimpered and rubbed against him in such a needy way, it made Seifer’s head spin. The blond had never done it like this. Either the brunet would have turned the whole thing to rougher stuff now, or Seifer would have followed his lion’s trail and started the fight. Not this time.

Squall moaned and whimpered unhappily when Seifer broke the kiss, continuing to rub his thigh against the now very hard bulge. The grey eyes were more a dark lusty blue and his pupils were so large and delayed Seifer wondered if he saw anything at all.

“Seifer…” he whined and stretch after the kiss again, holding tighter and rubbing harder. The ex knight just shifted away from it but held the youth steady.

“In the bedroom,” he murmured and discovered his voice had become very husky. For awhile Squall frowned in thoughts.

Seifer was pretty sure Squall had abandoned all thoughts about work by now, but he still didn’t want to go to the dorm where Seifer likely could coax him into sleep. But soon he nodded once and stepped away.

It felt as if Seifer was walking on clouds. Not a scratch, not a blow, not a bruise and they were going down to the dorms! Sweet victory!

In the elevator he pushed the smaller man against the wall and seized those lips again. Still careful to keep the pace slow and lovingly, but it was hard when something almost like euphoria surged through him. Squall twined his arms around his neck and arched against his touch. Almost purring when he let his fingers stroke the sensitive spine up and down.

Even if Seifer hardly ever got permission to do something like foreplay he had succeeded in finding lots of things Squall liked, more than pain.

But when they arrived at their shared bedroom, Seifer steeled himself. He couldn’t let his own lust take control if he wanted to do it his way. Squall tensed when Seifer stopped his hands from undressing. He wanted to reveal that milky skin.

The brunet stood unmoving and a muscle in his jaw twitched as he silently watched as Seifer discarded garment after garment, taking his time. He could almost hear the gears in the pretty head twist and turn to try and figure out if he liked this or not.

Just to ease him a bit, Seifer yanked down the tight leather trousers. Squall sucked in a hard breath as Seifer griped the swollen member hard through the underwear. He purred as the youth mewled and almost doubled over, most likely from pain. Seifer bit down in his shoulder and kneaded the flesh in his hand, making Squall gasp and shudder and grip his trench-coat again. Seifer helped the trembling youth to step out of his pants and boots.

“Bend over the table,” he murmured darkly and bit Squall’s ear before letting him go.

The lithe man more than willingly bent over the table, spreading his legs and showing his still clothed ass. The sight made Seifer’s cock twitch and he hastily rubbed a hand over it before he unclothed. Slowly he stepped up behind the shivering youth. Squall shuddered and made a sound when Seifer pressed his erection against the clothed ass. The older gunblader may have wanted to make love to the tight ass, but reconsidered it. If he could just for once fuck Squall without hurting him, it would be a victory. A small step in the right direction. No bruises, no blood. That was the goal for tonight.

Seifer leaned down and ran his tongue up along Squall’s spine, which made the brunet shudder and just barely suppress some sound. The blond pressed his member harder against that lovingly ass and soon his lion very silently moaned. He let a hand play with Squall’s ticklish side and slowly make its way to a flat chest. Seifer massaged the nipple before he pinched it. When he didn’t get a response, he twisted it just slightly.

It was enough for Squall to hitch at his breath and curve his back. Seifer gnawed lightly at the white back and continued to pinch and twist the nipple. He shifted his hand to the other nipple and twisted that to. Squall made a distressed sound and squirmed unhappily. He arched up and bucketed, trying to get away but also trying to coax Seifer into a faster pace, and pushed his ass back against the cock. Impatient, impatient. Always impatient his lion. Seifer straightened and Squall almost followed him.

Seifer pushed him down hard and ripped off his underwear. It made Squall gasp and arch.

“Be still,” Seifer growled, knowing that a harsh tone easily made Squall obey.

He took out the almost unused tube of lube he’d gotten after the first times with bloody, raw sex. He’d used it three times so far. Could you imagine? Three times on three months and they had at least been on it five times a week!

“Seifer,” Squall complained and he had started to frown again when he saw the lube.

Seifer glared at him and took his place behind the turning youth. Squall yelped when Seifer landed a blow to his ass.

“Told you to be still,” he growled but Squall just squirm his ass.

Seifer gave him two hard enough blows to make his hand tingle and the youth shout. It made the brunet be still again. He lubricated two fingers and spread Squall’s legs by a kick. He rested a hand at the small of the youth’s back before he rammed the two digits inside. Squall cried out and his anus clamped down hard around the intrusting fingers, his hands clawing at the table. Seifer just forced the fingers into his knuckles, knowing it wouldn’t tear anything apart even if it hurt. It pleased him.

Squall moaned and stuck out his ass to get more. Always the one to be more than willingly to play the slut. Seifer withdrew his fingers and slammed them in a couple of times. The lithe gunblader moaned between the cries and his hands still clawed at the empty table as if searching for something to hold onto. Seifer leaned over the beautiful body and gently licked it in contrast to the harsh finger-fucking.

“You like that, don’t you?” he purred and licked the rim of an ear. Squall only moaned and thrust back at him.

“More, Seifer,” he almost whispered.

“Soon lovely,” Seifer promised and twisted his fingers a couple of times.

Squall was waiting the blunt tip of the thick cock when Seifer pushed four fingers in the twitching hole, making Squall open his mouth in a silent cry of pleasure and a tingling of pain. The more than used hole dissolved around Seifer’s thrusting fingers and was soon open and ready for the penetration. Still no blood.

“Seifer, just fuck me,” Squall panted, writhing and trembling in pleasure on the table.

“Soon I said,” he repeated and the youth made an unhappy noise in his throat. He started to struggle to get up.

“No,” Seifer growled and twisted his hand in the chocolate resembling hair.

He slammed Squall back down, slamming the four fingers punishing hard and fast in the anus. He leaned at his grip in Squall’s hair to easy hold him down. The youth whined in discomfort and his hands twitched at the table.

“You want me to hurt you Squall?” he growled huskily.

Squall moaned but didn’t say anything. It pissed Seifer off that the tight ass never could say straight out what he wanted. In a harsh move he rammed all four fingers and a good bit of his palm in the tight passage. Squall screamed and arched from the table in pain, but started to writher and squirm and moan constantly of pleasure.

“You like that?” Seifer hissed and pushed in his hand a little bit more, starting to nudge with his thumb.

Squall moaned and went up at his toes to oblige Seifer. Trying to take the position of a little bitch in heat.

“You like it? Say it or I just stop,” he growled and his lion made a desperate noise in protest.

“No, more. More. Please more,” he breathed like a mantra and swayed his hips back against Seifer’s hand.

The blond moved the fingers in him and Squall whimpered and cried out silently. He carefully moved his fingers and opened the anus for bigger things. Hyne, this turned him on so hard. How much he even hated making Squall bleed, he still loved the dominance and the sweet submission the brunet could give.

Seifer groaned when his cock twitched and leaked. It was already so wet and dripping it was glistening. He withdrew his fingers and seized both of Squall’s hips. Squall laid panting and moaning with his forehead in the table, waiting for the hard penetration that surely would tear something. Not this time.

Braising himself, Seifer started a slow mounting and moaned deeply when his cock head slowly pushed through the first resistance. Squall moaned lightly and squirmed in distress.

“Harder,” he breathed with a small tone of desperation.

Seifer just gritted his teeth and continued to slowly but surely press into the tight heat. He shuddered and moaned deeply when the tight channel clenched around him. Squall moaned his light moans he always did when Seifer got to a point where Squall’s body had a hard time accommodating him. Seifer held still, trembling, but still as the spasm of the anus continued to harden.

“Move!” Squall whined and shuddered, squirming his ass. Seifer just held harder around the slender hips. The brunet made a sobbing sound.

“Please! Just take me!” he sobbed and whined. Seifer swallowed at the voice.

He’d never heard it before. It sounded so begging, so small and frightened. Seifer let go with one hand and stroked the shivering back.

“It’s okay,” he whispered.

He let his hand roam down between Squall’s legs and circled the painfully hard erection there. His strokes only made Squall’s breathe hitch and made him sob more. At last the tight ass relaxed and Seifer continued to push in, slower this time. Inch by inch he coaxed his cock inside the tight body and they both moaned and trembled when he was sheathed.

He resumed his grip around the white hips and tilted his head back. So tight and hot. Squall was gripping him like a vice. Had always done. Seifer shuddered and his eyes fluttered close, he was swaying from the pleasure of being in the boy. Squall clenched and unclenched around him in soft waves. Like he was pulsing. With a groan, Seifer lay down on top of the sweat covered back. Squall was sobbing silently and trembling, still rock hard.

Seifer groaned and hushed the smaller youth, stroking trembling sides and circling an arm around the lean chest. He nuzzled the soft neck and started to thrust slow and deep. Making them rock on the table. Squall layed limb under him as he started to deeply groan with every deep thrust. Seifer shut his eyes and quickened the pace. With the hand stroking Squall’s side he helped Squall to angle his hips. With the next thrust the brunet silently cried out and shuddered. After that he didn’t know if he was going to sob or moan with every thrust, making a mix of them instead.

Seifer supported himself at his elbows at both side of Squall and started to slam inside of the soft, velvet heat. Their moans and groans mixed in the room together with the slapping of cock in ass. Seifer groaned and a spasm went through him. Hyne it was so good! It always felt like heaven fucking Squall. He groaned and panted and his thrusts became harder and faster, pounding mercilessly in the lovely body.

Squall thrust back against him and cried out when his body cramped up and his orgasm hit him without anyone of them touching his cock. White fuzzy spots danced in front of Seifer’s eyes when the tunnel clamped down around him. He roared when his orgasm overpowered him, shooting load after load into the still writing Squall. Claiming him, marking him. Seifer thrust a couple of hard times in the panting, spent body before his own orgasm leaved him panting and lame.

Still panting and dizzy Seifer withdrew from Squall who whined. Seifer smiled when no traces of wounds could be found. He carefully cradled his lovely lion and hushed when Squall whined in protest. But he was too tired to really fight anything and soon curled up in Seifer’s arms.

Happy and satisfied, Seifer carried the almost sleeping beauty to the bed and soon followed him down in it. Squall made a puppy noise and curled up against him, twining arms and legs around him like a kitten around a yarn. Seifer smile and took an arm around the narrow shoulders.


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