Lovers Trusts
Start of June 2005



The bed was warm, but not suffocating. The light was gentle, but not weak enough to obscure the room. His body was relaxed, not even irritated by a morning hard-on. Just that semi tingling. And, the best of all, his lover was still fast asleep at the crock of his arm.

Seifer smiled softly. Squall was curled up against the blond's side and his leg had a death grip around Seifer's thighs. His lion could really resemble a kitten sometimes. Especially when he was asleep and those grey-blue eyes couldn't turn you to ice or those lined eyebrows couldn't be drawn into a frown. The blond's smile widened when his cock twitched and swelled.

Slowly and gentle, he stroked the waist and hip beside him. He continued slowly and careful down around one lean, muscular thigh that he gently squeezed. He moved up between the legs and stroked a finger over Squall's anus that twitched. It was still sticky and wet between the smaller youth's buttocks. A proof of their activities during the night.

Slowly the gunblader massaged that opening until it clenched and unclenched and started to invite him in. But he ignored the invitation and continued further inside between the pale legs. He lightly pinched the skin between the hole and balls, making Squall move slightly in his sleep. Seifer found the resting cock and stroked it gently. It made it twitch to life and the youth whimpered very silently and moved even closer to Seifer, hooking his leg even harder around his thigh. Careful not to wake the sleeping beauty, he lifted Squall slightly onto himself as he slid onto his back and made so that the brunet's cock rubbed at Seifer's thigh.

He took a hand between Squall's buttocks and pressed him down. The brunet whined and clenched himself onto Seifer and rubbed down on his thigh. The blond smirked and inserted a fingertip in Squall's wet anus, making the beauty groan and move more. Seifer groaned and shifted slightly so he could rub himself against the other.

He pushed a finger between soft lips and Squall unconsciously started sucking on it. But a body could only take that much before waking. Eyelashes fluttered before dark blue eyes tried to focus at him. Squall moaned loudly and arched when Seifer pushed the finger into his anus a bit more. The lithe youth straightened slightly on top of the blond so their cocks rubbed against each other and so he could place his hands at each side of Seifer. He put two fingers in Squall's wet mouth and the brunet moaned and sucked happy. He arched his back and stuck out his ass as Seifer pushed in the finger to his knuckles. They moaned when their cocks rubbed harder against each other.

Saliva spread around Squall's red lips and trickle down his chin and jaw, down along the back of Seifer's hand. He changed to three fingers, making his kitten work with his mouth as he moved them in and out. Squall moaned and thrust down at the finger in his ass. Seifer pushed up two in him and changed fast to three and made his lion moan and whine around the digits in his mouth.

Squall squirmed his ass and thrust back at the fingers, panting and gasping. Seifer released is mouth and made a wet trace down his throat, collarbones and chest to stop by his hard nipple and circle it. Squall moaned and arched his neck as Seifer coated the two hard nubs with saliva and blew at them.

"Seifer," he moaned breathlessly and grinded down at him.

The ex knight groaned and gripped the small hips, making Squall cry out and moan in disappointment. Seifer dragged him forth so he could jerk his leaking cock against that wet, twitching anus. Squall bent down to bite at the older youth's lips. Seifer captured them in a deep kiss instead.

Their tongues fought for the power until Squall moaned and retreated. He let Seifer plunder his mouth however he wanted. The blond nestled his hand in the soft brown hair and held Squall steady as he suckled the luscious bottom lip. Squall's eyelashes fluttered and he moaned while his cock leaked against Seifer's abdomen and his ass squirmed against Seifer's cock. The larger youth groaned and took a bruising hard gripped of the slim hip.

"You want it, slut?" he murmured huskily and Squall moaned soft.

His face was flustered and his eyes were delayed with pleasure.

"Yes," he moaned and writhed on top of Seifer.

Seifer put his feet in the bed and his cock nudged Squall's entrance. With one hard thrust, he sent his pulsing manhood halfway in. Squall screamed shortly and his eyes rolled. Seifer clenched his teeth and groaned. He gripped both of Squall's hips and fought to not come too quickly. Squall barely kept his weight on his hands. His lust dark eyes locked with Seifer's.

"Seifer." he whispered and the blond breathed out slowly.

Taking a new grip he, slammed himself up totally and it made Squall cry out and arch in pain and pleasure. Seifer knew his thick cock caused the brunet not a little pain by taking him so harsh. He knew it was pain and not pleasure that made his lover cry out over and over and made tears streak his cheeks and his smaller hands and arms clutch at him as if he was an anchor. Seifer squeezed his eyes shut and groaned and shuddered in pleasure. The tight channel squeezed him like a vice and made black spots dance in front of his eyes. He embraced Squall and held the shaking and writhing body.

"Move," Squall begged and Seifer had to clench his teeth and groan.

"Not yet love," he murmured against an ear and licked it.

Too soon would only hurt the lithe body further. Squall whined and squirmed in his grip, obviously displeased and not accepting the situation. Seifer growled when the other youth penetrated himself on the cock, crying out in pleasure and pain as he did.

Seifer gripped the hips again and spread his legs somewhat. With that leverage he slammed up in the writhing body. Squall shouted and arched. So hot, so tight. It always made him breathless. This tightness, this heat, he would never get tired of it.

He started to pound himself in that heat and lost himself in the pleasure. Squall cried out with each thrust and buried his fists in the sheets. When Seifer rammed his prostate, the brunet's arms went out under him and he was left lying helpless at Seifer's chest. They moaned and Squall seized a nipple, making the youth jump and shudder.

"Harder. Harder Seifer," Squall moaned as he rocked on top of him.

Seifer groaned and the lean youth shouted when his cock started ramming that hole so fast it smacked between them. Squall gripped his own cock and moaned softly with every hard breath. The blond groaned and closed his eyes. He slammed up with all his might and Squall let go of an ear-piercing scream and started to cum. Seifer yelled when the tight channel clamped down around him with painful strength. He thrust one time in that heavenly grip and white, hot fire surged through his body. He slammed himself in that heat over and over as he filled it with hot cum.

In the aftermath they layed shivering and panting. Squall was limb on top of him, panting against his throat. Their bodies slowly cooled down and Seifer's shrinking member slipped out of the abused anus. Squall whimpered slightly and curled around him tighter. When he felt rested enough he stroked his hand through slightly damp hair.

"You okay?" he murmured.

For a while Squall wasn't moving. Then he sighed deeply and stretched slowly to then slowly sit up.

"Yeah." he answered lowly and Seifer searched those now slightly guarded eyes and that peaceful face.

Squall leaned down for a quick kiss and Seifer got to his elbows as the beauty dismounted him. He looked after him as Squall disappeared into the bathroom. It was no surprise to him that Squall was bloody or that his own cock was. He swallowed and sighed, sitting up at the edge of the bed. He stroked a hand through his hair and hung his head.


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