Cop's can't be trusted
Start of January 2005



The first shadow was a long, tan skinned man. He had waist-long auburn hair and looked to be very slender and lean where the blond was muscular and heavy. The other shadow made him blink a bit in surprise. It was a small blond, even shorter than Squall, whit a tattoo along his left cheek.

Otherwise he seemed to be only muscles. Squall guessed that he was even stronger than Seifer, maybe a martial artist? Well, one thing was for sure, he had never seen such cops before. He looked away to glare at the blond.

“Hell no! We said nothing about others,” he growled and the blond smirked that sadistic smirk. He leaned forward and Squall had the urge to back away down into the ground.

“We didn’t say anything about no others either,” he purred and Squall could just stare at him.

The two other men had started to remove the necessary clothing, like belts and jackets. Squall clenched his teeth and pushed up into a sitting position.

“No way. I’m done here,” he hissed. He got to a knee.

Squall yelped when he was dragged back down into Seifer’s lap by a painful grip in his hair. Seifer easily cuffed his hands in front of him again and Squall twisted to break free from the man’s hold. A harder, much harder, tug at his hair made him yelp and still, breathing hard. Seifer’s other hand caressed his nipples and Seifer’s teeth and tongue played with his ear.

“You will shut up and be a good boy,” he murmured and it made Squall twist again. He whimpered in pain when Seifer tugged at his hair and twisted his nipple hard.

“Don’t worry, little one, we’re going to be very nice to you.” Squall hadn’t noticed the longhaired man kneel down in front of them.

He had violet eyes and those spoke the opposite to his words. They raked his body and ate him alive, very much like Seifer did. He squirmed just a little bit.

“No! It’s enough all ready!” he whined when long hands massaged his thighs and spread them just a bit.

Seifer caught his cuffed hands when he tried to fend himself. He gasped when the blond bit down at the area between his neck and shoulder, hard enough to make him whimper in pain and try to squirm away.

“You did so well up until now, don’t disappoint me now,” Almasy murmured against his ear.

“But… I’m too tired,” Squall whined, losing all defence and attitude. It didn’t work on the blond anyway.

His whining earned him a deep suckle at his earlobe before Seifer bite him. He jumped when long fingers dug into his legs and made him spread them as much as he could while sitting on them. He flinched when a hand suddenly stroked through his hair and he meet almost baby blue eyes.

He stared at the very well trained man. The tattooed man’s muscles were like a sculpture. His skin was a golden tone and the two darker nipples had each a ring in them. His hips were smooth and straight and his legs had a complex set of muscles. His cock made Squall just stare. It was swollen and certainly not fully erect, but had the most beautiful of shapes.

The shaft was veined and the head was maybe half a inch bigger than the rest. Clear fluids leaked from it and Squall unconsciously licked his lips. He couldn’t take his eyes from it so he yelped when his cock suddenly was swallowed whole. His still very sensitive flesh made it sparkle behind his eyes and his head lolled back at Seifer’s shoulder. He could faintly hear them chuckle.

“What a babe you found. Does he give good head?” That had to be the lithe blond speaking. Seifer reluctantly let him go.

“Yeah, he loves cock. Take care of my bitch, I need a smoke,” Seifer ordered and rose, Zell taking his place.

Squall had no time to argue with Seifer about being his bitch, because Zell attacked his mouth like a starving man. Their teeth clashed together and their tongues swirled. Squall moaned deep and long when his not-so-tired body responded to their demands. He helplessly rested his hands in long auburn hair as the man started bobbing his head.

Zell broke the kiss, both panting for air. Zell shifted behind him and let him lean over the talented man sucking his cock. The brunet sharply gasped when two fingers were slammed into his hole. He moaned and shuddered when he was finger fucked fast.

“C’mon Irvine. Lets flip him over.” Zell slipped his fingers out.

Squall whined helplessly as he was pushed down onto his back. His legs were spread wide apart and he was yet again engulfed. He arched and cried out silently when the slit was licked and the hole prodded. When he came down again a heavy cock rested at his lips. He had no say in the matter when fingers squeezed his nose and other fingers held his jaw. The erection was pressed into him and he moaned.

Zell moaned and jerked and it caused the head to hit the back of Squall’s throat and make him cough. But it didn’t taste bad, not even the pre-cum that started leaking. He jumped and moaned when a warm hand caressed his nipples. They grew hard and taut and he moaned and arched up into the hand. A “tsk” made him glance up.

Green eyes travelled him up and down together with the hand. Seifer took a deep smoke and meet his eyes.

“Aren’t you the perfect fuck, boy slut?” he grinned and Squall glared half-heartedly at him.

Zell gripped his hair and tilted his head just a bit and started to fuck his mouth. Seifer pinched a taut nipple and Squall moaned and arched in the hand.

“You really love us using you as a fuckhole, don’t you?” Seifer murmured and massaged his throat that worked with the organ in his mouth.

Zell moaned and increased his speed just slightly. The cock was rammed at the back of his throat and drew small slurping noises from him. He moaned and shuddered when Irvine deep-throated him and rasped his teeth lightly over the sensitive flesh. He screamed when two fingers were hastily pushed into his stretched opening.

Squall jerked and moaned and shivered and cried out when the two fingers were changed to three. Three fast became four and he writhed and moaned. He sucked hard on the dick in his mouth and arched up in the hands stroking his throat, nipples and stomach.

“Fuck him fast, he likes that,” Seifer murmured in a husky voice.

Squall wailed and shook when the four fingers slammed in to his abused hole. A light moan came from Irvine. Squall whimpered when his cock was released.

“He’s all wet and sticky, you dog! How many times did you breach him?” Irvine asked and didn’t hide his lust or amusement.

Seifer just chuckled and drew a last breath from the cancer-stick he had in his mouth. Irvine twisted his fingers and Squall’s eyes went wide and he screamed and arched until he was only on his shoulders and the fingers, toes curling.

“Think you found him, Irv,” Seifer drawled in amusement and Irvine licked his lips.

He scratched that oh so sweet spot without mercy even when Squall started to buck and squirm and twist and all sorts of whimpering, whining, moaning sounds came from him. Irvine finger fucked him until it splashed and smacked and Squall didn’t have any coherent thoughts anymore. But the lovely fingers were withdrawn.

Zell had gripped his head with both hands and was fucking him like a hole in the wall. Saliva dripped down his cheeks and jaws and glistened on the dick and his white, thin lips. But he didn’t care. Not even when it felt like it would split his lips and banged the back of his throat. His hips were suddenly gripped and he was lifted a bit before a hard leaking organ rammed him.

His scream drowned in the sloshing of Zell mouth-fucking him. Irvine started to fuck him like there was no tomorrow. When he shifted the slightest and hit home, Squall was in heaven, unreachable to mortal hands. Irvine’s violent, smacking thrusts made his whole body shake on the blanket. Zell suddenly tensed and Squall had barely the coherent mind enough to brace himself before his mouth was flooded with the juices.

Load after hot load shot down his throat and mouth and he swallowed and choked on it even when it leaked out the corners of his mouth. Groaning and grunting, the tattooed cop gripped his hair in one hand and shot the last spurts on his face. Squall licked his messy lips and moaned softly. Irvine had increased his speed and was groaning and moaning constantly.

The big blond suddenly took his lips, hard. Their teeth clashed together a couple of times. He took the blond’s hand and urged it down between his legs where his member cried for attention. A cruel smirk crossed the blond’s lips before he gripped it and sent Squall screaming in pleasure.

“I would almost believe you love us using you like a fuck toy,” the cop purred and stroked him slowly. Squall only screamed and bucked and writhed.

He yelped in pain when a burning sensation bit down on the base of his cock. When he looked down, Zell had circled it with a shoelace. As Irvine shouted and loaded his ass with hot seed, he wailed in dread and let his body jerk and spasm at its own, unable to claim orgasm. In the calm and silence after Irvine’s shuddering release, he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his fists and teeth against the agonising sweet pleasure. He whined just a little when Irvine withdrew from his pumped ass. Oh man, was he going to limp home or what?

“You’ve really found a sweet ass. He’s tight even after you fucked him open,” Irvine purred in a sly voice.

Seifer leaned over him and tugged at his restrained cock. It made Squall whimper and squirm.

“Ya heard that?” he hummed and Squall twisted in his hand.

“Take it off, please,” he all but whispered. Seifer seemed to contemplate it.

“Na. We’re going to have some fun and don’t want you to cum too early,” Seifer decided and Squall whimpered in distress. Seifer let go of him.

“Now, come suck daddy’s cock,” Almasy said haughty and laid back at his arms, legs spread enough to give Squall easy access to the heavy cock.

Slowly Squall succeeded in making his body move. He moaned and had to clench his teeth against the agonising sweetness. His cock was absolutely aching with need and it was angry red. He made a mewling sound when he slowly crawled between Seifer’s legs and took the cock in his mouth.

He stood with knees spread instinctively, giving his poor victimised cock some breathing room. He felt hot sperm trickled down his inner thighs and it made him shiver. Seifer groaned when he started to suck in earnest. A heavy hand landed in his hair and stroked and petted it.

“You know how fucking sexy he looks like that? You should make a pet out of him, he would be lovely in a tail and ears,” Zell laughed and Seifer’s cock twitched in Squall’s mouth.

Chilled hands massaged his buttocks and he recognised them as Irvine’s. The brunet yelped in surprise when a tongue prodded his aching entrance. The tongue swiped around the hole and licked it. It probed it and stabbed inside, making Squall jump and moan. Irvine started to stab the tongue in him and soon had him moaning and shifting for more.

The intense, agonising pleasure made him bobbed his head eagerly and let saliva sully the proud shaft between his jaws. It made Seifer groan and jerk. Irvine stopped tonguing him and set to swallow Zell’s cock. The lithe blond shifted so he could ram a finger inside Squall’s wet cavern. The man hummed a laugh and twisted and shifted the thick finger in him.

“Wet like a fucking cunt,” he appreciated and Seifer fucked Squall’s mouth deeply a couple of times.

“Ya want him on his back or all fours?” Seifer wondered huskily and Irvine released Zell.

“In my lap,” Zell answered murky.

The two men shifted and Squall reluctantly let Seifer’s cock go with a slurping sound. His waist and hands were caught and he didn’t need to do anything except follow. He cried out when he was slammed down to the hilt on Zell. Squall had his eyes squeezed shut and his back and neck arched. Zell moaned against his shoulder.

“So fucking tight!” he breathed and Seifer chuckled.

The big blond lay where he had been, on one hip, one foot in the ground and fisting his cock. Squall tried to breathe through the pain and pleasure that was so immersed together he couldn’t split them. Zell lifted him and slammed him down. He cried out and moaned. Zell started a hard rhythm and grunted softly in Squall’s ear. The cop shifted grip to under his thighs and slammed him down.

Squall shouted and arched, as it had been straight into his prostate. The cop did it again and Squall started to moan and gave up to see or hear anything altogether. Someone gripped his cock and his head lolled back on Zell’s shoulder. White, blinding pleasure waved through him with each thrust of the blond.

Suddenly he was pushed forward to his knees and hands. Zell gripped his hips and started Thrusting. Squall screamed in ecstasy with each thrust as his prostate was slammed and rammed and rubbed. Squall’s jaw was caught and the whisper of lips nibbled at his open mouth.

“You like it?” Seifer whispered. Squall squealed and groaned when his cock was fisted hard and stroked.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! More!” he wailed in the insane pleasure.

Seifer kissed the corners of his lips and the different bite marks at his neck and shoulders. Seifer backed away and the throbbing, red cock of the cop was pressed at his lips. Squall opened up and swallowed the member eagerly. He bobbed his head and sucked eagerly.

Seifer groaned in unison with Zell and thrusted his hips forward as Zell did. Squall screamed around the cock when Irvine decided to play with his cock instead. Suddenly Zell grew stiff before he screamed and hot, hot liquid sprayed the brunet’s insides. Squall arched and for a breath or two it was nothing. Everything was hot whiteness.

He wailed in pleasure and extreme pain from being denied climax. He shook and trembled and spasmodically writhed while Seifer deep-throated his wide-open mouth-tunnel. He didn’t even feel when Zell withdrew his semi-erect cock, so immersed in his own misery. Then Seifer withdrew from the depths of his throat. He mewled and whined and trembled.

So hot! He was so horny and hard it was more than painful! He would go crazy! He tried to reach his straining cock, but was caught around the hands and his head was yanked up to level with Seifer’s green eyes. He saw blurry of the overheated lust.

“You want more?” The big blond murmured huskily.

“Yes! Please, release me, let me come! Please!” he mewled and whimpered.

His head was spinning and he could die of overpowering happiness when the damned cuffs were freed from his wrists and the hateful shoelace from his more than angry red cock. Seifer circled Squall’s arms around his neck and Squall happily engaged in the violent, submission-demanding kiss. Seifer gripped his buttocks and lifted him.

Squall cried out in the mouth when he was rammed to the hilt on the big cock. Not one of them cared. Seifer started to lift him up and slam him down and Squall meet him thrust for thrust. They panted and groaned and moaned and it smacked and sloshed between them when the pace went even faster and harder. Squall clawed down around the blond’s neck and back, riding for his life.

Seifer shifted his grips to circle his waist and squeeze his buttock hard. In one fast move he tipped Squall off Seifer and placed him on his side. Squall panted heavily and didn’t have the time to refocus his lust-hazy eyes before Seifer hoisted his leg up and rammed him. He moaned with every hard thrust.

“Harder!” the brunet screamed and was obliged.

Soon, soon! So close, so hot, so needy. Seifer gripped his cock and punched his prostate in one hard, fast move.

Squall’s world went white and silent and a totally mind-blowing orgasm shot through him. He screamed and bucked when load after load shot out over his stomach and chest. The pleasure would burn his brain and make him insane for life. When the shearing hot fire subsided it was only blackness left.


The throes of orgasm hadn’t even left the iron grip of his mind until the wolf whistles and cheering rose. Seifer looked down at the boy who was still and unconscious.

“Damn Seifer! That was so hot I could fuck that chick even if he’s unconscious,” Irvine chuckled even if he was almost fully dressed.

Seifer withdrew his sore dick from the wonderful body. “You’re such a kink, Kinneas,” he muttered back and Irvine snickered.

“But really Seifer, I’ve never really seen you fuck anyone unconscious. Sure he’s not dead?” Zell asked concerned and buttoned his shirt.

“Of course he’s not!” Seifer sneered back.

He checked the kid’s pulse anyway, not that he was worried, just didn’t want to have a dead body on his consciousness. But the pulse was steady and even, as the breathing. Seifer chuckled and rose to get clothed. When he was clothed he stretched and yawned. He was a bit tired himself but give it an hour or one and a half and he could fuck that boy again.

“It’s his bike, huh?” Zell wondered. Seifer glances at the motorcycle.

“Yeah,” he answered and eyed the energetic blond.

Zell hadn’t just a taste for a good fuck but for beautiful bikes and speed, too. Irvine straightened his jacket and belt.

“You know… you shouldn’t let him drive home,” the longhaired man said in his quiet voice that said: “I’ve been laid! I’m happy!”.

Seifer glanced at the still unmoving Squall. He muttered something under his breath. Here the backside of a good fuck was. If you had any sort of morals, you took care of the victimised other. And believe it or not, Seifer had morals.

“You take his bike,” Seifer grunted and stalked back to the sleeping form.

He swept the blanket around the thin frame and hoisted him up. Squall didn’t as much as flex a muscle, all deadweight in Seifer’s arms. Seifer snorted. Well, maybe Squall hadn’t been lying about being tired. He carried the brunet back to the car and laid him in the backseat. Seifer studied the pale face. Damn pretty. Damn good fuck.

Zell had already mounted the bike and was driving out from the forest. Irvine had picked up Squall’s clothes and threw them into the back with their owner.

On the way out to the road, Seifer lit a cancer-stick again and glanced in the mirror at the sleeping beauty. Well, he knew where the boy lived and if he moved, Seifer knew his name. Just maybe, Squall would get a visit sometime?

“And that they say is that.”

Author's Note:
I’m done! I can’t believe it! I made it! It’s the first time I actually finished a story and that, folks, is all thanks to you!! Without your reviews and enthusiastic comments and patient with the spelling errors and so on this certainly would never have been done!

I think this went so well that when I get inspiration I may do a sequel to this, but I’m not promising anything! But if I do it may come with a bit of plot.

I still appreciate if you tell me if this was good or bad!


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