Cop's can't be trusted
Start of January 2005



He involuntarily backed away when the blond moved forward. Squall couldn’t determinate if it was raising lust or fear that made his heart pound and his breathe to quicken. The man reached behind Squall and opened the car trunk. Pinned between the opened baggage and the cop, Squall couldn’t do anything, but stand there facing the man. Seifer never broke eye contact as he took out something from the trunk and slowly shut it again.

“I don’t want any more,” Squall stuttered and blushed slightly because of it. It made the bastard smirk and his eyes to gleam in that sadistic way.

“So you say,” Almasy murmured and gave Squall’s swollen cock a stroke with two fingers.

Squall gasped when a strong hand twisted his hair and he was dragged along. The cop stopped in front of the car and spilled out the blanket he had taken from the trunk. Squall swallowed when the disturbing mix of lust and not wanting to made his head spin.

Seifer couldn’t mean that they would do it there? Could he? It was on the fucking ground! He whimpered slightly when the cop used the grip in his hair to make him kneel on the blanket. Still holding him, he jerked off his cock inches from Squall’s face.

“You didn’t get any decent taste before, did you?” the blond smirked and smeared the pre-cum all around Squall’s mouth.

Squall debated if he really should try to stop this, but the strong smell of the man and the pre-cum leaking inside to his mouth made his cock twist and swell.

“I know you want this in your sweet mouth. Don’t be shy.” Squall glared up at that.

“If you don’t stop that I won’t par..!” Seifer rammed his mouth and moaned.

Squall twisted in the grip and panted around the organ in his mouth. Seifer groaned and slowly pushed himself inside of him until Squall gagged and had just a tiny fit of panic. The blond made a murmuring moan and massaged his scalp and neck and stood, shuddering. His ministrations soon draw a moan from Squall.

Damn bastard to have such delicate hands when he wanted to! When the taste of the man started to fill Squall’s mouth, he instinctively licked at the cock. He had always loved the tangy taste of cock. Seifer tasted strong and very much of man, but it wasn’t ugly as it could be.

In no time he was licking the precious liquid that pumped from the head resting at his tongue. Seifer moaned and groaned and his hands had their own life in Squall’s hair. The blond looked down and tugged lightly at his hair to make him meet the green eyes.

“See?” he panted with a dark sex voice. “You only need to stick anything in that sweet mouth and you would suck it,” he chuckled and Squall glared.

He tried futilely to twist away, which only made the cop hold harder and chuckle. The big erection between his teeth pulsed and swelled. Without warning Seifer started to move in his wet crevice. Squall moaned when the head hit the back of his throat and the movement started to make his saliva spread all over.

Seifer held a steady but soft pace and he tilted his head back and groaned. The pace picked up a bit and the saliva soon glistened over the cock and Squall’s lips and made his mouth wet and nice. He moaned when the cock hit the back of his throat and he started to pant as much as Seifer. Said man moaned loudly and looked down at Squall.

“Your mouth is made to be fucked, slut,” the cop murmured and Squall frowned.

He twisted his cuffed hands and made a whimpering sound when the metal bit his skin. He was most certain that the shiver through his body was of pain and not the pleasure that his cock hinted at… Seifer shifted before him and gripped his head steadily between his two calloused hands.

“Open up big and nice, ‘cause I’m going to give you all,” Squall’s eyes widened when the big cock moved down past his mouth and continued down his throat.

He made a muffled sound in protest, but the cop wouldn’t listen and he gagged around the thick cock. Inch by inch, it was forced down his throat. Squall moaned and whined. He shut his eyes in concentration to not gag. Seifer moaned in a whole new tone when most of his cock was down Squall’s throat.

When his nose was buried in dark blond pubic hair and his throat filled with hot, pulsing cock, he could do nothing but pant and gasp. Seifer moaned and whimpered and shuddered. Squall moaned in sympathy and lust. It only earned him a half-hearted chuckle from the strained man.

“Look at yourself. You really love having daddy all the way down,” Almasy said huskily and Squall jumped when the blond nudged his weeping organ with his foot.

Unable to flee the touch, he whimpered when skilled toes played with him. He mewled and whimpered when the torture of his exited member continued. Pre-cum leaked down his throat and saliva leaked out of the corner of his mouth and ran down his chin. He moaned again and his body had started to tremble in rising pleasure.

Seifer withdrew his teasing and Squall whimpered. The cop slowly moved up from his throat to the verge of his mouth. With more haste he drew down again and Squall gagged slightly. His slight discomfort didn’t bug the blond that started to fuck his mouth and throat until he groaned loudly and Squall whined and made muffled noises.

All too soon, the man froze and cried out silently. Squall gagged when his throat was splashed with hot sperm. Seifer withdrew to his mouth and filled it with the white cum. Squall swallowed and swallowed, but it still managed to leak a tiny bit and trickle down his jaw. The semen tasted strong, but good and he licked and suckled the spurted cock. Seifer shuddered and trembled and made small moaning sounds. The manhood grew semi-hard before Seifer withdrew from his mouth.

Squall sunk back on his own legs and licked his lips. The cop’s face was unreadable as the eyes were only slits of green. Squall almost groaned under the gaze. His dripping member twitched between his legs and drew the man’s attention. That cruel and friendly smirk marked his lips. Seifer unbuttoned his shirt and unhooked his belt with pistol and baton.

Squall stared unashamed at the cop as he undressed. After shoes it was the pants. Underneath he showed two strong legs with lean muscle from lots of running. He kept the shirt on unbuttoned. When he was finished, the blond crooked his head and Squall almost blushed at the intense stare at his crotch.

“Well, that seems to be a problem, don’t you think?” Almasy purred and Squall looked away.

Seifer kneeled in front of him at the blanket. Squall shouted and arched his neck and back when that warm, lovingly hand wrapped itself around his manhood. Seifer stroked him in hard slow strokes that made him shout and his body jerk spasmodically. How could this man light these intense fires in his body with a single touch?

Seifer offered, or rather demanded, him to support his head at the cop’s shoulder. His free hand played down at Squall’s back. Stroked his spine and made him arch, massaged his buttocks and made him moan and spasm heavily against the man’s shoulder. Squall mewled and was lost to that intense, mindless pleasure again. But Seifer’s hard, slow strokes didn’t get him anyway near his orgasm, only held him just at the brink.

He gasped when the cop bit his ear and continued down to his neck and shoulder. It was hard bites that would leave marks come the morning, but the pain only made his pleasure sweeter. Squall almost screamed, but caught it in a high whine when Seifer let go of him. He was roughly pushed at his back and cuffed hands, legs spread with the man between. He couldn’t believe it! Was the blond going to torture him to death? Seifer hastily jerked a few times at his own cock.

“I would make a fortune with no more than ten pictures of you right now,” Seifer growled and Squall didn’t know if he should scream or laugh or moan.

Seifer petted Squall’s cock as you would a cat and Squall moaned deep and heavy and arched up until his shoulders and ass was the only thing in the ground. He fell back when the touch withdrew. Seifer chuckled.

Squall squealed in surprise when Seifer harshly turned him around onto his stomach. With a rough grip his legs were spread until they could not spread anymore. He cried out when two fingers rammed his hole. He shouted and squirmed when Seifer found his spot right away and started to mercilessly rub it. Squall screamed in pleasure when three fingers rammed him and made his whole body spasm and jerk and his cock to leak at the blanket and his stomach.

Seifer’s sperm leaked out of his hole and was smeared around it. Seifer leaned over him and caught his hair. Squall could only gasp and groan when he was arched and his ear roughly ravished. He mewled, gasped and shuddered with every soft rub inside of him.

Seifer suckled at an earlier bite mark. Squall screamed when the three fingers were slammed into him, hard. He screamed again when they again were slammed into his prostate. Again and again, fast and hard so that it smacked and sloshed.

He was rubbing down in the blanket with each hit into him and he moaned non-stop. Squall stopped thinking in the mind-blowing pleasure. He could taste his release. It was like the glimpse of a hallucination behind the next desert hill. Then Seifer withdrew and let him go, just keeping a hand in the middle of his back.

“No!” the brunet screamed and felt the tears of frustration grace his cheeks. He bucked and wriggled his ass to get more.

“Please, don’t do this! Don’t torture me!” he sobbed and whined.

“Hush, I’m just giving you something bigger,” Seifer murmured and Squall almost groaned in expectation.

Oh, yes. The blond’s cock would feel even better in his hot hole. Expecting the cop’s thick, warm cock, he almost jumped three feet when something harder and colder pressed through the first tight ring of muscle. He still shuddered and cried out.

“What… what are you doing? Ahh!” he gasped when the alien thing was shoved inside of him.

He squirmed and writhed and pressed down on the blanket. Seifer chuckled lowly and twisted the thing inside of him.

“I’ve always wondered how it would feel to fuck someone with my baton,” he murmured and Squall arced his neck and moaned deep in his throat.

The baton? He had a baton up his ass? The mere thought about it made him growl a moan and ache in his whole body. God! He was so hot! He writhed and gasped when Seifer pressed more of the thing inside of him and then slowly withdrew a bit. Seifer groaned above him.

“You’re so wet I didn’t even need lube. You really got a tight little cunt down here, little boy whore,” he growled and Squall couldn’t answer him.

He cried out in a high tone when Seifer slammed the baton deep inside of him. It was twisted and it wrenched high shouts from him. He started to moan non-stop in that high-pitched voice when Seifer set to fuck him as hard and fast with the baton as he had with his fingers.

Too tired to hold up his head, his cheek was rubbed at the blanket with every rock hard hit at his prostate. Seifer leaned over him and licked his neck and slowed his pace momentarily. A strong hand held his left shoulder as if to hold him in place.

“Rub that cock of yours in the ground like a sex slave riding her master’s thigh.” Squall stalled and blinked in incomprehension. Seifer licked the rim of his ear.

“W…what?” he wondered roughly, his voice thick with lust. Seifer twisted the baton every so gentle.

“Hump the fucking ground and moan like the whore you are,” the cop growled and slammed the baton even deeper.

Squall cried out almost in pain. He had no time to recover as Seifer rammed his ass harder and deeper every time. He started to almost scream as he had moaned and his body racked with spasms and jerked. Every hard thrust made it sparkle in front of his eyes and his mind race.

He let go of dignity and shame and began rubbing and humping down in the ground to get friction. Harder and faster and spasmodically, he moved. Seifer leaned over him and bit down hard in his white shoulder.

“Ya want daddy’s hard cock, huh? Ya want me to fuck your brain out?” he hissed in Squall’s ear. Squall groaned loudly.

“Yes, give me your cock. Hard, fast, give it to me,” he pleaded wantonly.

The baton was hastily removed and his arms were uncuffed. Squall hadn’t the thinking ability or time to more than register this before he was turned onto his back. Hard, bruising hands spread his legs and lifted his hips.

He groaned and moaned when the thick, weeping lenght was pressed inside of him. Squall arched his back when Seifer tortured them both by pressing slowly in a bit and out a bit in him. Squall clawed at the man’s arms and shirt.

“Just fucking take me!” he shouted.

He didn’t see the smirk on the blond and he was rammed to the hilt. He screamed and arched and saw stars. The pain was hardly anything to notice and most of it disappeared in the lust that made his blood boil and heart pound so fast he feared it would crack a hole in his ribcage. Seifer roared and thrust a couple of times in him. When his ass had stopped try to push the intruder out, Seifer laid down at him and ravished his mouth.

The quick bruising kiss followed by the first hard thrust that had Squall gasping. Seifer gripped his shoulders and started a hard, fast and deep pace that had his world rocking. Squall cried out in the high tone and hooked his legs around the rutting man. He clawed down at the strong back for his dear life when he was taken harder, faster and rougher than he had ever been.

Their deep groans and high moans mixed as the smacking and sloshing began. The cool night air didn’t stop their bodies to start to sweat in their rutting. Squall shifted his hips to meet the violent thrusts and stars danced even brighter in front of his eyes when Seifer got to really fuck his ass and sweet, sweet spot.

Squall was thrown down in the mindless swirl of ecstasy then - screaming and moaning and clutching at the cop’s waist and shirt as if his life depended on it.

When Seifer gripped his cock, he arched and shouted one last time as he spurted the white, hot liquid. His orgasm racked his body and made his world white and numb with pleasure and he could only think that this was heaven.

When he came to, he was still pinned under Seifer, hooking his waist and clutching his shirt. Seifer still held his shoulders, but otherwise he lay limb, panting in his ear. Squall’s legs fell open and his arms fell down, only his hands rested at Seifer’s sides. He whimpered tiredly when the blond withdrew harshly, too tired to make it careful.

They lay still and heard each other’s body calm down until they both could fall asleep if it wasn’t for the chill when their bodies dried. The blond supported himself and took the brunet’s mouth so suddenly that Squall couldn’t resist. And even if he was able to, he hadn’t wanted to. He had discovered that when Seifer wanted to, his hands could make gold and his mouth could kiss you into oblivion.

They laid kissing and cuddling long enough for Squall to feel the complaining of his ass. How come it always felt wonderful doing it, no pain or blood or anything, but when you cooled down it would always hurt just the tiniest bit? Well, right now it hurt more than a tiny bit, like after his first time. Could have something with it being so long ago and the cop being so big.

A light chuckle made them both freeze. By the car they saw a shadow, concealed by the cars headlights. Seifer narrowed his eyes and Squall couldn’t breath. If they had had a public… Oh, man, he would die! Another shadow appeared at the other side of the car, also in the shadow of the headlights. The first chuckled again.

“Well, well, well, Almasy. Could have figured you were banging someone brainless,” said shadow purred and a devilish smirk appeared at the blond’s face.

He untangled himself from Squall and stood at his knees between the white legs.

“Took you long enough. This mare needs some riding and though I’m the stallion for the job I think she needs more,” Almasy purred back and Squall’s eyes went wide.

He stared at Seifer and then at the shadows that moved. His breathing came heavily through his nostrils. When Seifer looked down at him the green eyes sparkled in new energy. Squall slowly shook his head and mouthed “no”, but Seifer only chuckled.

“It’s your lucky night, boy. Three cocks should satisfy you, shouldn’t it?” he purred and Squall darted his eyes to the two shadows that stepped out in the light.


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