Cop's can't be trusted
Start of January 2005



"You were going a bit fast there, don't you think?"

Squall took off his helmet and clenched his teeth. He sighed as the policeman stepped up beside his motorcycle and looked down at him. Squall glared up into a stunningly handsome face. The man had blond, very short hair and green eyes. Squall didn't allow himself to look any further. The officer, that couldn't be no more than a couple of years older than Squall, smirked then gestured for him to hand over the driver's licence and so on.

"Squall. Leonhart, aren't you a bit too young to be driving something that heavy and fast?" the man wondered. Squall clenched his fists around his helmet.

"I wasn't driving that fast," Squall muttered and the officer arched an eyebrow.

"I'll be the judge of that, and it's 'Mr. Almasy' to you," the cop stated and went back to his car.

Squall muttered something about policemen with broomsticks up their asses. "Mr. Almasy" returned with a traffic ticket and his driver's licence. Squall's eyes widened when he saw the sum.

"Hell no! I didn't drive more than a couple of miles over the limit!" Squall growled and the blond smirked a smirk that told Squall that this was one of those sadistic bastards that liked writing out monstrously large traffic tickets for kicks.

"Watch your language, young Leonhart. Maybe I should charge you for that too?" Squall stared at the man quaking with anger. It was past midnight and he had worked from dawn to dusk and was bone-tired. All he wanted to do was go home and sleep! What was a couple of miles?

"I can't pay this," he stated lower. The officer shrugged.

"Not my problem kid," Almasy said and went back to his car.

"Wait!" Squall shouted and to his surprise Almasy actually stopped.

"Come on, have a fucking heart! It was just a couple of miles and it's past midnight," Squall almost begged. He hated begging for anything, but just now he was too damned tired to care.

"Well, a couple of miles is enough to break the law," Almasy stated.

"But I can't pay this! It's way too much and you know that!" Squall accused.

"That's a pretty bold accusation, Squall. You don't want to get into deeper shit now, do you?" Squall blinked at the mild threat.

The officer stepped up to him again, raking his eyes over Squall's leather-clad form. Almasy took the traffic ticket and for a second, Squall actually thought that he would change it.

"You can pay this off in more than one way." Squall looked up at that.

Did he mean what Squall thought he meant? Squall flinched when a big hand cupped his face and made him look up. The blond man gave a smile that was not entirely cruel, but wasn't entirely friendly either.

".You could pay it off with this body of yours. You're pretty enough," Almasy purred and Squall twisted away from the other male.

He involuntarily looked the cop over. The officer wasn't wearing a jacket and the shirt was tight enough to show off the built body underneath it. The same with the trousers.

"Follow me." Squall blinked at that statement and watched the cop as he got back inside his car.

Squall looked after the officer a moment before he put on his helmet and followed the squad car. He could escape, but there was the risk that the officer would hunt him down, of course. But seriously, how many cops would follow you just to give you traffic ticket for driving too fast? But Squall couldn't ignore the tingling between his legs. He wasn't new to sex between men or women. He'd had quite a few lovers, but none of them had been a cop and not all of them had been that good looking.

He followed the cop to a side road that led into the forest. It was really narrow and the car had to drive slowly so that it wouldn't bump into a tree or something. In a small clearing, Almasy stopped the car and stepped out of it, leaving the headlights on. Squall took off his helmet and got off his bike as Almasy closed his car door. Squall felt something like nervousness rise as the man came closer. The blond was very tall and Squall found himself tilting his head back just to be able to really look at the man. The smirk on the blond's face unnerved Squall as a big hand caressed his face again.

"It's not the first time for you, is it?" Almasy wondered.

"No," Squall answered lowly and wondered if he should have lied.

"You can call me Seifer, but master is okay, too," he smirked and Squall glared up at the man.

"Do what you want, but don't expect me to play any games," Squall growled.

The hand at his chin moved to his hair and fisted it. Squall couldn't suppress an agitated sound as his head was yanked back and Seifer pressed his mouth over his. The man thrust his tongue inside without much care and thoroughly plundered Squall's mouth. Squall pushed at the broad chest as Seifer captured his tongue and sucked on it.

The other big hand travelled down Squall's back to his ass. The hand squeezed his buttocks and the hard bulge of the cop's cock rubbed against Squall's abdomen. Seifer pressed a strong thigh between Squall's legs and rubbed it against the smaller man's crotch. Squall let go of a moan and slumped against the other man. Seifer eased his hold on Squall's hair and started to fiddle with it instead.

Squall snaked his arms around the man as his hands caressed down a strong back to a nice, firm ass. Their kiss became more violent as Squall tried to take some control. But Seifer would have none of that and showed it by lightly biting Squall's tongue. Squall submitted to the kiss and began to toy with the cop's buttocks. Suddenly, Seifer jerked back, pushing Squall away from him towards the car.

"Strip," Seifer ordered huskily.

Squall looked at the man for a moment before he slowly started to undress. Striking green eyes watched his every move hungrily. The lust in the bigger man's eyes left Squall hard and wanting and the sight of the hard bulge in the dark pants of the officer made his heart start to pound and his blood begin to rush. Even so, Squall took his time undressing.

He threw his jacket at the car and proceeded with his T-shirt. He swayed a bit and ran a hand along his stomach up under the garment and slowly lifted it, showing off a little bit of his upper body at a time. Seifer shifted and crossed his arms as Squall slowly let the T-shirt slip over his head and follow the jacket.

Usually he would be a bit shy to strip like this in front of anybody, even a long known lover, but this man lit something in him. A desire and wish to please him. Slowly, Squall ran his hands over his chest and played with his nipples. They hardened instantly. He pinched them lightly and a shiver of lust racked his body. He gave a low moan and heard something similar from Seifer.

His hands continued their downward trek and soon Squall was playing with his belts. Slowly one after another loosened and he could unbuckle them. Seifer's green, lustful gaze was glued to his crotch and Squall smiled cruelly then turned his back to the man. A groan of distress escaped Seifer's lips, but was replaced with a moan of pleasure when Squall bent over to take off his boots. When all Squall had left to take off was his leather pants, he half turned and blinked innocently at Seifer. Then slowly he squirmed out of them and was rewarded with a heartfelt moan from the blond. Nude, Squall shivered in the slightly cool night air.

Between his legs, his manhood pulsed and cried for attention. His body felt warm and his pulse thrummed in his veins. All because of that intense green gaze that threatened to eat him alive. Squall heard footsteps and turned around to face the now stalking blond. He shivered in excitement and a bit of fear. This was, after all, a total stranger.

Seifer's work wouldn't hinder him from being a violent lover and by the dark almost animalistic gleam of lust in those green depths, Squall thought the man would jump him and fuck him raw right then and there. Still, the thought of it made him rock-hard as Squall gripped his organ and gave a low moan. A feral sound from the fast approaching man, made Squall instinctively back into the rear of the car. Seifer violently pushed away Squall's hand from his cock and took it in his hand. Squall moaned and his eyelids fluttered close.

"I knew you were a little boy slut," Seifer murmured huskily in the brunet's ear before he bit it.

Squall inhaled deeply when a callused and experienced hand grabbed his ass cheek and squeezed it just hard enough for it to tingle at the verge of pain as it shot thrills of pleasure through his body. He gripped Seifer's shirt hard in two fists and jerked in the warm, big hand caressing his manhood. Seifer finished ravishing Squall's ear and continued down towards his neck. He let go of Squall's cock and the smaller man whimpered at the loss.

Seifer grabbed Squall's waist and hoisted him up onto the car. Squall squealed embarrassingly and held on even tighter to the cop's shirt. He flinched when the cold steel of the car's trunk smacked against his ass. Seifer captured his mouth once again as he kneaded Squall's ass and crushed their crotches together. Both moaned in the other's mouth. Squall started to tug at the blond man's clothes.

"Take these off." Squall murmured in a smoky voice full of desire.

He wanted them both naked so they could fuck. He didn't like the vulnerability he felt from him being naked while Seifer was still fully clothed. Seifer toyed with the head of Squall's cock and the beads of moisture that had gathered there. This caused Squall to gasp sharply, arching his back, attempting to get closer to the desired and much sought after friction.

Suddenly Seifer grabbed his hair and slammed him on his back, hard. The air was forced out of his lungs, but Seifer had managed to spare Squall's head. Squall arched in a silent cry as the blond continued to manipulate his manhood.

"A client doesn't need to be fully undressed. As long as the whore is accessible, it's all right, isn't it?" Seifer said and Squall glared up at the man. That was the second time Seifer implied that he was something to buy.

"I'm not a slut, nor am I a whore," Squall hissed looking up at that damned smirk on the blond's face that unnerved him to no end.

Suddenly, two fingers were thrust into Squall's unprepared entrance, making him gasp and arch at the sudden penetration. Seifer forced them in the whole way as Squall bucked in discomfort and pleasure. It had been a while since he had last had anal. He wasn't tight enough for the two digits to cause him pain, not much at least. The fingers had been coated with his pre-cum.

Seifer shifted his grip from Squall's hair to his throat. Squall made a small whimpering sound when Seifer withdrew his fingers, only to suddenly ram them straight back in. When he crooked them and brushed against Squall's prostate, Squall saw stars as he shouted out loud with pleasure.

"You telling me this tight little hole doesn't like to take cock and whore itself?" Seifer chuckled and Squall could only whimper in response as his sweet spot was mercilessly rubbed. He grabbed the strong hand around his throat and bucked wildly.

"You're a little schoolboy whore and you know it. You can't wait to have me filling you up with my hard cock," Squall moaned and writhed on the trunk.

He had said he wasn't into submission and domination, but the way Seifer was handling him aroused him hard. He screamed when the blond rammed three fingers in his tight hole. He bit down on his bottom lip from the slight pain and mewled when Seifer began to massage his throat. The massage continued down to his chest and nipples, with Squall arching up into the hand when his nipples were pinched and stroked. After a moment of pinching nipples and rubbing his prostate, Seifer withdrew as Squall lay there, panting and trembling with pleasure.

A low rumble from the impressive chest in front of him, made Squall look up at the other man. Seifer had his head tilted back and his eyes squeezed shut, his hand fisting an impressive erection. Squall's eyes widened and his cock twitched in response. Seifer's cock was at least ten inches long and two thick. The head leaked fluids and it was an angry shade of red. It looked to be rock-hard and Squall licked his lips at the sight unconsciously. Seifer's sudden chuckle made him look up to meet dark green eyes.

"Come and suck daddy," he murmured and Squall trembled again.

The tone of that voice made his stomach do small flip-flops and his blood to boil even hotter. He leaned forward and stuck out his tongue at the weeping head. A tremor racked Seifer's body as Squall licked off the clear fluids. It was salty and sticky, but good. He opened his mouth and swallowed the head whole, causing Seifer to moan deeply and flex his hips. Squall then took the shaft in his hand and stroked it as he let his tongue toy with the slit. Seifer moaned and shivered as he placed a hand in Squall's hair and began to stroke and tug at it.

Squall swallowed more of the thick cock until it reached his throat. There, he stopped and just sucked it as hard as he could. Seifer's hands moved to stroke his back and shoulders. Squall blinked when the blond grabbed his arms and dragged them gently behind his back. Too late, he started to resist and heard the resounding click of handcuffs being placed around his wrists. He tried to straighten from his leaning position, but Seifer caught his head and pushed his mouth further down on his cock. Squall gagged, coughed and squirmed, but the cop held him firmly in place.

"I think I need to teach you a thing or two. For example, not driving too fast," the blond purred as he pumped into Squall's mouth.

Squall was slowly dragged back up into an upright position. He fiercely glared at the blond who only chuckled at the look. Seifer licked at Squall's resisting lips.

"Take off the cuffs," Squall demanded in a low voice and the blond grinned evilly in response.

"No," Seifer replied making Squall cry out as he suddenly was turned around and slammed down onto his stomach.

He gasped for air as he lay there helplessly while the cop started to spread his legs apart. Squall's head was spinning as he tried to convince himself that things had got a little out of hand. He did not want to be cuffed and dominated like some whore! Still, his erection was harder than ever, his body trembled and he felt dizzy with desire. He was so hard and wanted it so badly that it was painful. But the tricky blond had made him like this beforehand, dammit!

He squirmed and twisted in an attempt to get away, but the man only placed a knee between his legs and pressed his weight against him. Squall snapped his head around when a tube of lube was placed beside him in his line of sight. He screamed when three lube-coated fingers were viciously rammed into his hole. He gasped and moaned involuntarily when his prostate was mercilessly prodded again. Seifer chuckled above him.

"Nasty little boys need to learn some manners," he purred, making Squall twist in frustration.

"Release me! I don't want this!" he demanded, a bit out of breath. He gasped when Seifer landed a hard smack on his ass.

"Don't lie to me. You want this so much you're dripping wet." Squall squealed when a warm, hard hand squeezed his weeping cock lovingly.

He squirmed when four fingers slowly began to press themselves into him. When Seifer started to finger fuck him, he began to whimper and squeezed his eyes shut. It felt so good! When the blond stroked his cock again, he wailed and jerked his hips. He rocked back on Seifer's fingers and thrusted into the blond's hands. His cheek pressed down on the now heated car trunk as his body jerked with pleasure.

He almost sobbed when Seifer let go of his manhood and only rubbed him. It felt too good to stop now! Sobbing in frustration and shame, Squall started to hump the car and try to make Seifer finger fuck him faster by meeting his hand thrust for thrust. Seifer moaned and purred above him.

Squall was soon lost in mindless pleasure as he humped the car harder and fucked himself on Seifer's fingers faster. He moaned and whined and didn't care how he did it as long as he found his release. Suddenly, Seifer withdrew his fingers and placed his body on top of Squall's, ceasing the brunet's movements. Squall almost screamed in frustration. So close! He was so goddamned close!

"No! Please!" he begged almost sobbing.

He writhed and squirmed under the man, trying to rub against the car, anything, to get friction. Seifer leaned over him and licked his ear. Squall moaned.

"You said you didn't want this and I don't do rape," he purred and at the time, Squall didn't know whether to strangle him or fuck him like there was no tomorrow.

"Bastard!" he sobbed and Seifer snickered, licking Squall's neck and thrusting against him.

Squall moaned when he felt the big, hard cock leak between his buttocks. Seifer grunted some and bit Squall's neck while his thrusts increased in speed.

"Fuck!" the blond swore low.

"I will cum from just rubbing off on you, then you can drive home again," Seifer groaned out and Squall's movements stalled for a bit. Then he whined and bucked up against the blond. The blond stopped his thrusts somewhat.

"Or do you want daddy's big cock in your nasty little whore hole?" he murmured, his words making Squall shiver. The cock in question nudged at his entrance and made Squall groan and squirm.

"Tell me how much you want it," he continued and Squall whined in frustration and lust. To hell with pride!

"I want you," Squall whispered, earning himself a bark of laughter from the man. He started to blush furiously. Seifer caught hold of his jaw and licked his chin.

"I bet you can say something better than that, boy slut," Seifer growled and pressed into Squall's entrance, just a bit, before drawing out and just nudging against him. Squall shouted out loud when his cock was stroked hard and fast two times. His body started to quake.

"Please, make it stop. Fuck me, please fuck me," he pleaded.

The words had barely left his mouth before the thick cock pushed its way in. Seifer groaned and Squall whimpered as the head of Seifer's hard organ gained access to his most intimate place. His body clenched and unclenched around the invader. It had been too long since he had last had any cock. Seifer grunted and moaned above him. He withdrew a bit, before he rammed himself inside the smaller man, right up to the base of his cock. Squall arched his neck as his mouth opened in a silent cry of shock and pain.

The scream came with the next breath. It was too much to deal with at once. It hurt so much that his eyes began to water and his body trembled. Seifer groaned and tried to comfort the brunet as he caressed Squall's sides and chest, down to Squall's cock, that hadn't lost a bit of interest even if it felt as if he were impaled on a thick bottle. Soft kisses caressed Squall's neck and shoulders. Seifer continued to stroke him and kiss him until the first moan of real pleasure was drawn from the smaller man.

Then Seifer straightened somewhat and took hold of Squall's hips. He started to fuck him in slow, even thrusts. They moaned and groaned and soon Squall was eagerly meeting Seifer's thrusts.

"You like daddy's cock, little slut? You enjoy me fucking you?" the man grunted and Squall arched in reply.

"Yes, fuck me. Harder," he breathed. Seifer shifted and suddenly he began to hit Squall's sweet spot dead on. Squall screamed and his moans became several octaves higher. He went wild and lost all control.

"Yes! Fuck me! Harder, harder! Please, faster! Fuck me faster!" he wailed between the loud moans and Seifer obliged him, setting a furious pace, listening to the sounds of skin slapping against skin.

Squall met every single one of the furious thrusts and jerked against the car. Between Squall's high-pitched moans and Seifer's deep grunts and groans, the car started to complain. The blond started to lose control and gripped the heavy organ between the smaller man's legs. Squall screamed in delight.

"Harder! Please, fuck me. Fuck me!" Squall screamed, insane with pleasure and lust.

The car rocked from the force of the fucking and Seifer stroking the boy furiously as he increased his speed, yet again. Squall shouted with every thrust into his wanton body. He cried out in ecstasy when an orgasm swiftly overcame him and he was lost to the world. Seifer roared when the tight channel began to clamp down painfully around his swollen member. He spurted his white milk into the writhing body beneath him and slammed himself into Squall again and again during the release.

Seifer collapsed on top of him, but Squall could care less. All he heard was his own furious heartbeat, ragged breathing and blood roaring in his ears. Ever so slowly, his body came down from his orgasmic high and he could've easily fallen asleep right then and there. A small sound in discomfort escaped him when Seifer withdrew his spent member. Squall's anus cramped after the big guest and semen dribbled out of him and ran down his thighs. Seifer grunted and straightened making Squall sigh in relief, when he realized that his arms were aching from Seifer's weight. The warmth of the blond disappeared from him as the cop stepped away, causing Squall to shiver and moved the slightest bit.

"You look good enough to eat, laying like that," Seifer murmured while he licked his hand clean of Squall's load.

Squall tried to straighten up and get off the car trunk, but found that he could hardly move. It had been way too long ago since he had had cock. And that had been nowhere close to Seifer's size. The blond took pity on him and gently helped him down off the trunk and held him for Squall's legs were quivering too much to be trusted as support. They kissed again, but this time, it was deep and lingering. Seifer put two fingers underneath Squall's jaw tilting the head back so that he could look the other man in the eye.

"I didn't wear you out, did I?" Seifer asked teasingly and Squall frowned, blinking and yawning, as he shook his head.

"Good 'cause I could do this again pretty soon," Seifer mumbled against his lips before he caught Squall's bottom lip and suck on it. Squall moaned involuntarily before he found himself and twisted free from the tender assault.

"It was nice and fun but now I want to go home," Squall said wearily.

His ass told him that he was in no condition to be doing anything again in any time soon. He tried to break free from Seifer's hug. The officer chuckled and nipped at his ear. A hand squeezed his ass.

"Well, that's too bad 'cause I'm going to take another round of this sweet ass." Seifer smirked and Squall stared up at him. Then he narrowed his eyes.

"Release me. It was a one time thing, we're finished here," Squall said, but something in his gut told him that this wasn't going to be easy. Seifer only held onto him tighter.

"I didn't say anything about a number of times, did I?" Squall was pushed against the car as Seifer wrapped a hand around his penis, forcing Squall to look down at the sight.

His cock had already started to get a healthy erection once again. Squall swallowed slowly and looked up at the other man whose eyes began to sparkle a sinister green.

"Don't you worry, babe. That sweet ass of yours can take more than you think," Seifer smirked as Squall's breath shortened and his heart began to pound.

An imminent sense of dread began to take root inside of him, while at the same time, an uncontrollable surge of lust began to emerge.

This was going to be some night.


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