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Elliot at his baptism, Liv at her baptism.


Wilma is cute. Sofia and Iris at Iris 91 year party.

Anita and Elliot. Elliot and Gunilla.

Anders and Kaj are looking sharp. 

Elliot with his parents.

Elliot and Kristian has been in the mushroom forest.

Elliot and Wilma. Sundets Kavaljerer is tasting bourbon.

Iris and Elliot.

In Grand Rapids, MI, USA. August, Joel, Annika and Elliot.

At the island Rökna in Vättern. Elliot, Joel and the boat Malaja.

Peter is cool and looks cool. We love him!

Elliot and Bo. 

Göran is demonstrating real stuff. It rocks...

Gunilla and Örjan at V-vik. 

Albert, Gustav, Elliot and Johan.

Johan and Christina, Johan and Isak. Same shirt....

Panoramic view over Stångån river from kadetten. 

Panoramic view of kadetten.

Karin is having a speech on her big birthday party.

Malins birthday at Sundet.

Malin is lovely!

Look at dynamite Harry as a kid....

Roland is enjoying life.

Visiting Tobbe, Anna and Isak in Stockholm.

Viktor at Sundet fishing perch. The big one was 800 g.

Eating perch. What a supper...

Viktor and Elliot. Viktor is Elliots personal trainer.

Viktor and Reimar. The fishing team.

Viktor and Staffan.

Viktor and Lars.

Monika, Elliot and Tom.

Thats all!