The Story of Mental Crypt

The band, Mental Crypt, was formed in spring -93 by:

Kjelle - Drums
Blappan - Bass
Jason - Guitars
Fritte - Guitars

In winter -93, their first demo
was recorded with Blappan on vocals, Black Hole, which contains 6 songs.
The band received very good response from local newspapers and from fans.
Summer -94, Hugo joined the band as a singer and 6 months later, their second demo
was recorded, Aimless, which contains 4 songs.
At the same time, the band recorded 2 songs in another studio for the
comp-CD ´frykenrock which contains only local bands from Sweden.
It turned out very well and they started to practice and write new songs for a new demo.
In June -96, they went to studio Abyss to record their third demo, Sects of Doom.
This was the first time the band entered a "big" studio and for the first time, they
were pleased with the sound, heavy and brutal. "Several reviews praised the sound."
This time, instead of sending the demo only to record labels,
they sent the demo to zines and mags all around the world.
They received many good reviews from Singapore, France,
Germany, Belgium, USA a.s.o. They also received several inquiries
about compilation-CD´s and one was from Black Mark.
From the demo ´Sects of Doom` they took the song Genocide and
Black Mark´s comp-CD ´Out of the Box` was a fact.
Mental Crypt was one of the bands which received best response
around the world so in November -97, the band went to a studio
to record their first CD, on label Black Mark.
The record ´Extreme Unction` contains 8 songs and has received
very good response so far.
Until now, they have also participated on 2 other comp-CD´s:
Black Mark Attack II   and  A Black Mark Tribute II

At this moment, Mental Crypt, have left Black Mark Production.
They have recorded a CD promo, Ground Zero, at their own studio,
HairyBones Studio. It contains 3 new songs.
With this CD promo, they want to find a new record label.

Mental Crypt is a live band and wants to play live as much as they can
but to have the chance to hit the road, they need a record company behind them.
The band has Sound Swing behind them, a booking company and so far they have
been playing in Sweden with bands like:
Morgana Lefay, LOK, Vomitory, Gehenna, Godgory, Human rage, Dawn of Decay