Isaiah Edwards
Mr. Edwards is definately a character it is easy to like. Knowing the Ingalls family from way back, he runs into Charles and decides to accompany him to Walnut Grove. Laura is very fond of Mr. Edwards, and it seems Carrie likes him a lot too.
Mr. Edwards is a great character, always good for a laugh and a drink, but it is nice to see he has a deeper side to him as well. He had a tendancy to be a bit stubborn, and it took quite a while before he and Grace Snyder found out what they really felt for eachother. But once they were together, everything worked out great. The way they took in the Sanderson kids - John Jr., Carl and Alicia - was wonderful! I particularly enjoy seeing Mr. Edwards with Alicia, you can clearly see they love eachother very much! It's great to see Mr. Edwards, who tragically lost his first family, finally getting a new one! Unfortunately, the eldest son, John Jr., dies in a tragic accident while attending the University.
The Edwards family left Walnut Grove, and when we next see them, it's a family in crisis. Mr. Edwards is drinking a lot, and Grace is not happy with him. He leaves her and the children to go to Walnut Grove - temporarily, he thinks - but Grace takes out a divorce.

Lars Hanson
Lars Hanson is in fact the founder of Walnut Grove, and a wonderful man with his heart in the right place.
Mr. Hanson ownes the mill in Walnut Grove, where Charles works from time to time. I must say it was awful to see Mr. Hanson after he had gotten a stroke! Walnut Grove was practically dying, almost all of its inhabitants had left, and it really looked like Mr. Hanson was going to die with it! When Charles and Jonathan returned from the city, Mr. Hanson was in a terrible state, but it was wonderful to see him when the town started coming back to life again. Mr. Hanson's walk to the church must be one of the most memorable events in the history of Walnut Grove!

Eva Beadle
Miss Beadle is the teacher of Walnut Grove. She is a very kind lady, but she sometimes has trouble dealing with the older boys. She was replaced once, but was asked back when the school boeard realised the alternative was so much worse!
I love to watch the relationship between Miss Beadle and Laura early in the series. Laura adores Miss Beadle, in the classic way young children often do, but it's clear that Miss Beadle loves Laura a lot as well!
After some time, Miss Beadle met Adam Sims, the single father of one of her students. They started taking an interest in eachother, and later on they got married! They had a son together, but than left Walnut Grove when Adam felt he no longer could make a living on his farm.









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