HOWTO Start MySQL Navigator

By Jan Pihlgren <> (2002-07-18) (Jan Pihlgren hompage)

The program is made by Shi Bok Jang <>

I have only tried to do a small instruction howto start the navigator because I get som trubble when I tried to start it. And I get a lot of help from Shi Bok Jang (very fast respons) so most of the facts is comming from Shi Bok Jang.

Thanks Shi Bok Jang.

    1. Start MySQL

    2. ex)
      cd /usr/local/mysql
      bin/safe_mysqld &

    3. find mysql.sock

    4. ex)
      # find /-name mysql.sock
      You may find it in /tmp directory.

      I have been reported that in Debian 3.x and MySQL 3.23.51 you may find it in /var/run/mysqld/ and it is called mysqld.sock

    5. if you find mysqlsock in /tmp directory link it to /tmp/kde-mysql/ksycoca

    6. ex)
      # ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /tmp/kde-mysql/ksycoca

    7. Start MySQL Navigator

change to directory /usr/local/mysqlnavigator-1.3.11.binary
with Konqueror
click on mysqlnavigator-static
with terminalwindow
# mysqlnavigator-static &
You will get a window like this:

Click att Fila and choose New and you will get the following window:

You have to fill in the following as shown on this picture:

If you don't enter port number, the default value will be used (3306)
In the Socket field you have to enter /tmp/mysql.sock (The path you find earlier).
After you have entered all data, hit Save
When you look in the /root/.mysqlnavigator.rc you will find a part that will look something like this:

After hitting Save you will get the following:

Close Server

Now you are prepared to work with MySQL Navigator.

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