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News: 05-Nov-2003
Ver MP3FIXER 0.4
2 released!
* Updated readme
Download MP3FIXER 0.42 for UNIX (0.40 for windows is also included) here:
BZIP2 compressed

ZIP compressed

News: 03-Nov-2003
Ver MP3FIXER 0.4
1 released!
* MP3Fixer ported to UNIX by Papadomitsos Panagiotis

News: 19-Jan-2002
Ver MP3FIXER 0.4 released!
Glen Ford has made some
great improvements to my original code!
* MP3Fixer can with a small effort be accessed from a right click menu in Windows Explorer!!
* Added wildcards
* Faster
* Smaller
, from 130k to 21k!
Works with Win9x & ME, XP, ME (as far as i know)!
Click here for a description of MP3FIXER
Click here to download MP3FIXER 0.4

News: 6-JUN-2001
Ver 0.2 MP3SLIXER released!
MP3SLIXER slices your mp3s in 5, 10 minutes pieces, or slices the mp3 in 125 pieces! At the same time it does a mp3 check similar to the MP3FIXER.
Fields Marshall has with ver 0.2 greatly improved my MP3SLIXER ver 0.1, regarding MP3 IDv1 tags, Win2k compability, enhanced DOS command line interface, and file handling, which makes the Audiobook slicing a breeze!

Click here to download and a description of the MP3SLIXER 0.2.

News: 22-Jan-2001
Ver MP3FIXER 0.3 released!
* Ver 0.1 was a bit of a memory hog
* Ver 0.1 sometimes wrongly treated the last 1% as MP3data, not ID2 tag
* Various bug fixes
Works with Win9x & ME, not W2k!

MP3FIXER reads and analyses the mp3 files (MPEG 1, Layer III only) bit by bit, and if it finds any faulty frames it creates a copy of the original file with the faulty frames removed.


Home with the flu (18-Jan-2001) , bored i started to write this little program that solve a problem that a lot of users of portable mp3 players experience!
Some of the mp3 that you download from xxx contains errors. These errors are not that severe if you are using a PC mp3 player (read WINAMP), due to its massive processing power, it can handle the errors (though they can certainly be heard!).
Portable mp3 players (i've got the immense Creative Jukebox , nowadays pretty scratched from a close encounter with the sidewalk asphalt, looking pretty cool though :-?) are not that great to handle so called frame errors, and at worst they can crash the player (need to be reseted). But sometimes you don't even notice the error even on a portable.

MP3FIXER does not fix bad sounding mp3, if it sounded bad before it will probably sound bad after as well. MP3FIXER only makes sure that the MPEG VER 1, Layer III data format is correct.
MP3FIXER is not a commercial software (i don't think i will fool anyone:-), it's closer to a small hack (though that sounds almost to much as well). I.e. use it at your own risk!
I have used it on around 50 faulty mp3 this day (not that much?, well a wrote the prog. this day!) without any problem. I used the Peter F. Smith MP3 utility before and after using the MP3FIXER for verification.

I'm am sorry to say that i'm not an software or a mp3 expert, but i was inspired by Peter F. Smith MP3 utility at
and Predrag Supurovic's "MPEG Audio Compression Basics" at:
Please visit these sites for more into depth mp3 volapyk!

A good idea is to use Peter F. Smith MP3 utility together with the MP3FIXER


Other stuff!
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